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August 2006


Mid-Session Review HA-7-8-06


The Office of Management and Budget reported for the 15 July Mid-Session Review that Strong Economic Growth and Fiscal Discipline would Help Reduce Budget Deficit. The new report estimates this year’s deficit to be $296 billion or 2.3 percent of GDP. Projections now show the deficit will fall to $188 billion in 2008, or 1.3 percent of GDP, surpassing President Bush’s original goal of cutting the deficit in half by FY2009 from its FY2004 projected peak of $521 billion, or 4.5 percent of GDP.  The sudden reduction in economic growth to 2.3% and widespread lay-offs at the end of July after the crisis in the Holy Land, have seriously changed the economic projections whereas they were entirely reliant upon the private sector.  Without creative economics that address the serious ethical lapses that precipitated this collapse the World Economic Social Survey predicts that GDP growth will not revive this year.  To come up with a projection regarding the budget deficit with two quarter at 5.6% and two quarters at 2.3% we can estimate a budget deficit greater than $350 billion.  


Hospitals & Asylums Day Wish HA-11-8-06


It is Hospitals & Asylums Day for the first time this year. I am happy to welcome the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve to the list of the Secretary although I am not prepared to declare the $2 million needed for a registered foreign development banking corporation and am saying goodbye to the spy recommended Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) whereas they have ceased to serve and that Ohio District One Congressional Candidate who had his name hacked off because he forfeited his independent campaign.  In the heading of this declaration I am hoping to bring the information officers of the Armed Forces Retirement Home and President of what is now called Gallaudet University, into the fold of Hospitals & Asylums Membership - newsletters and scholarly essay are accepted but are now relegated to a status inferior to slave for political organizations, because it is indeed cash, money, in annual amounts greater than $24 that are now required to be on the top of the list for people other than individual scholars.


Tony Sanders