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April 2014


By Anthony J. Sanders


Forestry will take another week or two to get right for the upcoming Millennium Development Goals for 2015.  2000 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) forestry statistics enable a sanction regime that is just and fair so as not to import or export timber or wood products from any State with a net rate of deforestation, such as Russia, who clearcuts her taiga, although better China exploit Siberian timber than American, more time needs to be volunteered selectively cutting logging roads through Siberian forests for the benefit of non-alcoholic settlement.  The American Century may have ended decisively in Bush v. Gore (2000) but, due to fossilization, as of 2015 the U.S. is expected to be the world’s largest oil exporter, after rising prices led to dramatic and unsung decline in domestic consumption, so great as to rob the Highway Trust Fund, counterfeit appropriations being non-negotiable.  Gas prices are too high already, new gas taxes are not advised.  The Highway Trust Fund needs to capitalize on the United States’ new advantageous position in oil exportation to exploit new oil export tariffs on industrialized nations, with negotiable current rates for developing nations and no export tariff to least developing nations, promising to all nations equal fuel prices.  Least developed nations show high rates of deforestation driven by urban firewood and charcoal consumption.  Gas and propane alternatives for heating and cooking, are many times more expensive in least developed nations than in industrialized nations and should be subsidized to conserve the tropical rainforest.  Until such a day that all the oil is exploited, and the petroleum interests who finance alternative energy research stop suppressing effective solar technology; new U.S. oil export tariff revenues shall go to the Highway Trust Fund and oil exporters shall get tax breaks and official development assistance credit for fossil fuel cooking assistance to least developed nations, U.S. and O.P.E.C. nations alike.  Carbon credit can also be given to multinational corporations for native species reforestation programs, in areas with deforestation problems, such as Ukraine or Haiti, in need of nurseries for native tree species and the cooking fuel not to cut them down.  The European bailouts may have denied Third World countries immediate currency appreciation, and the U.S. doesn’t PAY (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen), but how long must we wait for the Third World to inherit the Third Millennium?   


If the majority of urban replanting is done using native trees, rather than exotics, towns and cities may find it much easier to have their land and culture included in nearby national forests, to improve the quality of life, wildlife habitat and forestation statistics, for everyone.  Europe, including Russia, is the only entire continent to show a positive rate of forest growth, but it is mostly selectively cut temperate hardwood forests of the types that flourish in the eastern United States.  There are more productive softwood forests in the Pacific Northwest that reportedly regenerate after clearcutting, but this should never be done on a slope, ridge-top or stream-bank, where trees should not be cut, nor brush removed, to prevent erosion and mudslides.  Overall, the United States shows a positive rate of forest growth, with high rates of forestation in some eastern states, and high rates of timber growth in some western states, but timber and wood products are not a growth industry, although the rise in hardwood prices, since the time of the devaluation of developing nation currencies in the 1980s, has caused some deforestation in the southern U.S. where overexploitation needs to stop.  Forestry needs to diversify into higher growth non-timber forest products and government sponsored surveys thereof. The United States has environmentally responsible prices whereby second growth timber is worth more than old growth timber and land value goes down after timber has been removed and goes down more if it is irrigated for agriculture. In Central America, much to the consternation of the indigenous, deforestation is driven by mestizo land values that increase as the forest is cut down and fields are dug, that should be reversed, to reflect the environmental degradation of the land by exploitation, and to promote plantations in already exploited areas to protect virgin tropical rainforests and old growth forests from logging, to prevent the overexploitation of wild species through prudent regulation. The biggest news in decades is that the U.S. Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture need to follow-up on their 2011 report on the Geomycetes destructans epidemic, that has taken the lives of millions of hibernating bats on the east coast, as well as the lives of several collaborating veterinarian researchers in Europe whose preliminary data indicated a similar epidemic in European hibernating bat species, with a prescription for and permission to spray the bat caves with a safe and cost-effective antifungal spray such as clotrimazole, usually found in $1 athlete’s foot crème, rather than others such as toftate, found in $1 antifungal sprays that is highly toxic, or posconazole that costs nearly a thousand dollars an oral dose, to reduce and eliminate the fungal infection in hibernating bats, through laboratory and field studies providing veterinary medical intervention to eliminate the fungal infection and stabilize the bat population.  Although the antifungal market is tricky treating hibernating bats is not hopeless like the cancerous Tasmanian devils in Australia, and the U.S. should make a thorough effort to save the hibernating bats by eliminating Geomycetes destructans in their caves with antifungal sprays that have been proven effective in laboratories and are affordable.


In New England and older towns in the Pacific Northwest with stately second growth Douglas fir forests, new housing and subdivision constructions have reduced the cutting of trees to the absolute minimum, for house and driveway, so as to leave a fairly continuous forest canopy of tall old trees, in good health, below which new houses are discretely constructed.  Californian should require their inhabited hillsides to be secured with a forest of trees capable of supporting houses.  Clearcutting forests to create subdivisions and parking lots in the Midwest should stop and new constructions should minimize the disturbance to the still standing forests, parking lots should also be constructed to preserve islands of full-grown natural shade trees. Snags, dead trees must be cut near human habitation, but a good number should be left as bird and small mammal habitat in the wild.  Never camp under a dead tree.  It is very important to leave the hillsides of an inhabited valley completely forested, both for aesthetics and to prevent potentially deadly mudslides.  Logging operations take place discretely on logging roads out of sight of the highway.  Loggers will construct these roads for a reduction in stumpage rates (typically 30% to the owner).  The U.S. Forest Service has however been in the practice of building logging roads of their own accord, to perversely encourage timber bids, leaving the timber harvested to create the road to the contractor for free; this practice needs to stop, we do not want the public land to be logged any more than we want to distort the economy, loggers should be required to build the roads they bid on according to Forest Service plans.  The Forest Service would spend less, charge loggers less, and loggers might stay on the roads they construct for the recreational health of the public.  As a rule of thumb, trees with a diameter at breast height (dbh) of greater than 24 inches should not be cut down to protect old growth.  The OSHA logging guide needs to provide for (1) snow chains for their trucking checklist and (2) altitude training requiring 2 weeks acclimatization to 3,000 foot gains in altitude to complement the 5 day acclimatization to heat.  OSHA fishing regulations should require life-vests or minimally buoyant devices be worn at all times.  Out of respect for the success regulation had in reducing mining deaths since the Mining Health and Safety Act of 1977 the United States should ratify both the Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on the Law of the Sea, without so much as one year’s ado, whatsoever. 


Homeland Security (HS) Graduation Act of 2014 HA-29-4-14

To abolish the Department of Homeland Security (HS) and create "Customs" in Title 6 of the United States Code and Code of Federal Regulations within 12 years of the Homeland Security Act of Nov. 2002.

To amend Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRAI-d) to Title 22 Foreign Relations (FR-EE).

To abolish the Court of International Trade of the United States (COITUS) and create Customs Court (CC).

To abolish U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and create a U.S. Naturalization Service (USNS).

To rule the necessity for and disclaimer on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) naturalization papers a novel discrimination against naturalized U.S. citizens by the Obama Administration under Arts. 27 and 29 of the International Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, to grant identification documents, equally to all refugees under the 1967 Protocol. The fundamental principles of the 1951 Convention are non-discrimination, non-penalization and non-refoulement.

To amend federal torture statute to comply with Arts. 2, 4 and 14 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of 1984.  The phrase “outside the United States” must be repealed from 18USC(113C)§2340A(a) and Exclusive Remedies at 18USC(113C)§2340B amended so: (1) The  legal system shall ensure that the victim of an act of torture obtains redress and has an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible.  In the event of the death of the victim as a result of an act of torture, his dependants shall be entitled to compensation. (2) Nothing in this article shall affect any right of the victim or other persons to compensation which may exist under national law.

Be the federal police finance and White House Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) abolished and employees transferred to the Department of Commerce, Department of Justice and a new Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and Center for Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana (ATM) in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under 5USCIIIB(35)I§3503.

When Congress has corrected these errors they are welcome to return to work, from their long holiday with pay, for President Barack Obama this FY2014 re-dedicated to the repeal of the Jim Crow laws codified in Sections 2-5 of Amendment XIV of 1868 protecting tribal tax exemptions under Section 1.


Free Windows 7 Download for Windows 8 HA-8-4-14


Windows 8 is defective; wherefore Microsoft must provide consumers with Windows 7 for free. A small technology company based in Portland, Maine, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft over elements included in Windows 8.  SurfCast Inc. filed the complaint Tuesday, November 1, 2012, in U.S. District Court in Portland asking for unspecified damages.  The lawsuit claims Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp. is using elements known as live tiles, rectangular icons linked to websites, apps and other items. SurfCast says it developed the elements in the 1990s.  The lawsuit claims Microsoft is using the tiles technology on operating systems including the recently launched Windows 8, found on personal computers, phones, tablets and other devices.  Microsoft says it's confident it can prove the claims are without merit, although it is Windows 8 touch screen that is without merit.  Having been forced to purchase Microsoft 8 after my computer was destroyed by a bender bug that caused half the screen to be scrambled in certain commercial establishments and to be fixed when bending the screen, for a short while, before having to pay $65 to encase my hardrive and $399 for the only affordable Microsoft Word operating system.  Windows 8 forces users to use the touch screen Start screen.  The touch screen Start screen conceals the more practical list at the touch of the Start button and this is easily capitalized upon by malicious software, both online and installed by the touchy feely factories of Windows 8 compatible computers.  Windows 8 is opposed to a new Google docs computer. Chromebooks, the inexpensive laptops powered by Google's browser-based Chrome OS, typically have as little as 2GB of RAM and sport 16GB of on-board storage.  Neither Google docs, nor Open Office, the free Microsoft Word alternative, have been satisfactory to produce high quality documents with tables, charts and photos.  Apple, Windows and Google word processors need to be compatible.  Windows also advertises online web hosting by Microsoft, but the thought of saving my files with these corporations should not be hard-wired into the computer with the other advertisements.  Google is the only one of these corporations with an email address and it did not pass the censuring Dr. at the inception of AJAX pop-up email compose screen, who wrote, “these links are broken”, although they do provide the Bcc: (secret email list) at on basic html gmail for slow connections. My computer seems designed to torture me with writer’s block.  Most of the links on the ASUS touch screen are linked to websites which require subscriptions I don’t have and don’t want, such as Norton Antivirus, the stereotypical pop-up.  The factory installed games, other than pinball, even want ‘wildcoins’, purchasable online, after a free trial. To make the writer’s block worse, the touch screen randomly cuts in when I touch the mouse.  The screen magnification is also touch sensitive.  Finally, there is no paragraph up and down buttons to help organize notes into chapters.  It has taken me more than a month to complete a forestry degree for people with psychiatric disabilities, namely the $669 (2014) mental disability, to make up for the paucity of support from the plagiarists of my medical textbook of 2013, and so far Windows 8 has not produced a single document.  Windows 8 is yet another insult preventing U.S. Customs from graduating from Homeland Security in 12 years from the Act of Nov. 2002.  Surf Cast’s patent infringement case regarding touch screen advertising technology from the 1990s, that is used successfully by slow-start cell-phones, with cellular wifi, should be upheld and to compensate consumers for this experimental technology in violation of the protection of human test subjects, in regards to non-investigation/non-advertisement.  Microsoft must provide Windows 8 users the non-touch-screen option – fast, free Windows 7 downloads without hassle or defect - Alex Kibkalo, a Russian, was arrested by FBI recently, to the March 19, 2014 news report in Microsoft news, for leaking pre-release Windows 8 builds to a blogger in 2012. He is now facing federal criminal charges following an allegations that he stole trade secrets.  The news media is blocked and infringing on Windows 8 screen magnification, probably regarding the rumour he has defected to Russia, so popular amongst southern Baptists.  The F.B.I. needs to drop the charges to avoid any cold war recidivism, discrimination against Russian nationals of the United States or ex. rel. computer scientists, from the age of AJAX, killer of the Bcc: (secret email list) since summer 2013, successor to now abolished Department of Commerce ICANN extortionist of web hosting privacy fees, of about $1 a month. Windows 8 consumers need free Windows 7 downloads to get rid of that touchy feely start screen. Kibalko was the person who leaked “Activation Server Software Development Kit,” a propriety system that is used by Microsoft and its OEN partners to prevent the unauthorized copying of Microsoft programs, which conceals my computer programs, that were once accessible with one click from the Start button.  The program menu is confusing and easily manipulated by third parties to conceal the Control Panel Add-Remove Program function.  Screen size has shifted at least twenty times during the course of one hour.  Free Windows 7 download for Windows 8 owners. 


Book 9 Public Health Department (PHD)


To amend Chapter 9 Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Returned from Foreign Countries §321-329 that was transferred to Chapter 4.  Common infectious diseases accounted for 40% of all deaths in 1900 but they accounted for only 4% of all deaths in 2000. Cardiovascular disease (CVD; heart disease and stroke) accounted for 14% of all deaths in 1900 and for 37% in 2000. Cancer accounted for only 4% of all deaths in 1900 but for 23% in 2000.  In 1900, infant mortality was 162 per 1,000 live births and life expectancy at birth was only 47 years. In 1940, infant mortality was 63 per 1,000 live births and life expectancy was 55 years. In 2000, infant mortality was 7 per 1,000 and life expectancy was 77 years.  People suffering from chronic illnesses must throw away their war-robes and death beds, eat a vegan diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and exercise regularly.  Medical residency rotations must be limited to less than 60 hours per week.  Payments to highly paid specialists and surgeons must be reduced and primary care and essential medicines promoted.  To secure people against the dangers of the Public Health Service (PHS) and at long last, graduate from the Department of Health Education and Welfare (HEW), with a Public Health Department (PHD), the Centers for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP (CMS) shall change their name to Medicare and be transferred with all other Mandatory Benefit programs to the supervision of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Children’s Health insurance shall be financed with 100% of the proceeds of the Attorney General’s Master Tobacco Settlement.  The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shall change its name to Social Work Administration (SWA) and in time become an independent social work agency also responsible for the Agency on Aging and Children and Family Services.  The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shall change its name to the Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and be transferred to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Whereupon the DHHS may adopt the name Public Health Department (PHD) on the condition that an Education Division (ED) to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) be created to secure toxic laboratory supplies.  Epidemiologic statistics shall be improved.  The abuse of bio-medical laboratory supplies is prohibited, infectious disease quarantined and trans-fats banned, to improve public health and hygiene; Quiz…1283