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Vol. 4 Is. 4 Winter Solstice 2004


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By Sanders, Tony


Fall 2004 has been revolutionary for two reasons.  First the Hospitals & Asylums Manuscript (HAM) is complete and the pages shall be numbered by Christmas.  Second the website makes documents accessible all hours of the day and night.  On Saturday 18 December 2004 Simon and Schuster publishing company offered $20,000 plus royalties.  In pursuit of an open, fair and free market publishing companies are encouraged to express their interest to Sanders Clause.         


I. Balanced Budget Balancing the Budget requires the US to purchase the $420 billion of the $520 billion deficit- SSA is requested to pay $275 billion and the President $145 billion this 2004.  For a balanced budget the Social Security Administration (SSA) is restrained to $420 billion a year and the Department of Defense to $300 billion annually. 


II. Chapter One: Humanitarian Missions of the Military Department provisional measure asking the International Court of Justice 10 questions regarding the evolutionary development of the US Military Department (MD).  The first chapter explains the VeteranŐs Administration and makes peace between the US and foreign countries in tribute to democracy without repealing outstanding statute.


III. Chapter Five: Hearing AID Act of 2005 The International Trust (IT) is founded within the IMF to improve multilateral investment in developing countries.  USAID is found to have collected $33 billion in private donations that have not yet been publicly disbursed.  SSA is requested to invest $10 billion to secure sufficient investment in Africa and Afghanistan pursuant to Hospitals & Asylums Treaties (HAT).


IV. Chapter Six: Correction Conviction with +/- 2.1 million prisoners the US has 24% of the 8,964,620 global prison population and 4.5% of the general population.


V. Application of Article 118 of the Third Geneva Convention release and repatriation of Prisoners of War (PoW).


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