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Will of the WHO Director General Lee Jong-wook HA-22-5-06

World Health Organization Director-General Lee Jong-wook died in Geneva on Monday May 22, 2006 at 7:43 pm after undergoing emergency surgery for a blood clot, subdural hematoma, in his brain. Lee, a native of South Korea, was 61 and received a medical doctor's degree from SNU and a master's degree in public health from the University of Hawaii. He worked for 19 years at the agency before becoming elected as the head of the U.N.'s health agency in May 2003. His term was to last five years. Lee became ill on Saturday before the annual World Health Assembly meeting 22-27 May and was rushed to Cantonal Hospital after complaining of a severe headache, according to an official present at the time (Yonhap English News, 5/22).  Lee is survived by his wife Reiko Karabuki and a son.  Anders Nordstrom of Sweden, Lee's deputy, will serve as acting head of WHO until the agency organizes elections for a new director-general.   


We had high hopes for the 59th World Health Assembly WHA.  The WHO Executive Board Meeting 29 May – 1 June 2006 and the Health Assembly 22-27 May, are advertised in the mission statement of Hospitals & Asylums (HA) Chapter 9: Public Health Department (PHD) where Director General Lee Jong-wook, is quoted at the Conference of African Health Ministers on 28 June 2005, saying, “Our common goal is universal access to safe, affordable and effective medical care”. 


There are three legal issues regarding UN reform that I had hoped the Director General would bring up with the World Health Assembly because I was too busy drafting a Military Department (MD).  The issues relevant to the disposition of the effects of the deceased with a will under 24USC(10)§420 are:


1. codify the Health Assembly Resolutions HA/60/0 rather than WHA, whereas “laughter is the best medicine” so that we could "laugh in the face of death" rather than sound surprised, and


2. for the WHO to seize the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB) and take responsibility for the regulation of narcotic drugs from the UN Office of Drugs and Crime that could change their name to just the UN Office of Crime.


3. overthrow the 6th Committee (Legal Committee) of the UN General Assembly  by changing its name to the 6th Committee (Health and Science Committee), 7th Committee (Religious Committee) and 8th Committee (Legal Committee).  This would held to make international law holy and to honor the work of Lee Jong-wook in the General Assembly.


In Review of the World Health Report 2006: Working Together for Health HA-14-4-06, the longest and most comprehensive WHO report yet, it is safe to assume that Lee “wooked” himself to death.


Thank you,


Tony Sanders