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Anthony J. Sanders
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Application for Writer/Editor position at the VA Medical Center in Cincinnati Vacancy Id No. VX205288 
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Dear VA Medical Center:


Hospitals & Asylums (HA), as title 24 of the United States Code, can attribute its foundation to the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811 that established what is now the oldest veterans retirement home, located in Gulfport Mississippi, USA.  The statutory entitlement to relief was tried in US v. Fillebrown Wash. 32 US 28 (1833) 7 Pet.44 I. Ed. 596; as cited in Minis v. US 40 U.S. 423 (1841) where the court upheld the principle of support for programs of a moral nature.  Since then Congress has written and repealed only 10 chapters of HA however the knowledge imparted by devoted study of the statute (that in its original form is less than 50 pages long) covers only veteran's affairs, mental health and funeral direction.  In hopes that I could one day make the whole world laugh, and questioning whether or not laughter is indeed the best medicine and why Congress would neglect such an ideally philosophical title of statute, I have devoted my life since its formal discovery in 2000 to the furtherance of the moral interest of the code and the repair of the 10 chapters of statute by means of the dedicated publication of the quarterly journal of litigation and legislation every equinox and solstice.  At the end of November 2004 a social security reimbursement enabled me to purchase a web site at and on December 24, 2004 Christmas Eve, I released a Hospitals & Asylums Manuscript (HAM) exactly 500 pages in length that can be found on the homepage of the web site.


Although there is still some work to do writing summaries most of the work is done on the first edition and with the encouragement of the Department of Labor have decided that it is high time to look for a job.  Due to the long relationship between HA and the VA it is logical that we could work together harmoniously.  I conveniently, as I don't have a car, live in Clifton within walking distance of the VA facility.  The career of Writer/Editor for the VA seems like an ideal career for several reasons.  First, my work could be considered in the common interest of the VA and I might be able to present it to the community scholars.  Second, a recent application to ECOSOC HA-21-5-05 brought to light that HA needs to develop its membership of scholars and financial donors to progress as an NGO.  Third, I have two years before I could begin attending the United Nations University  Phd Programme of Economic and Technical Change in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2007 as requested HA-26-5-05. Fourth, this year of 2005 is devoted to writing the first draft of Chapter 9: Public Health Department (PHD) to expand upon the education imparted in Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Returned from Foreign Countries.  Reviewing and publishing the work of MDs and PHDs in the field of public health would ensure that the Chapter hits on the contemporary issues in the first draft.


Let me then explain how I imagine the performance of my job as writer/editor for the VA.  The first thing that I would do is open a page titled Public Health Documents (PHD) that can be reached from both the top of the home page and the news desk.  Then I could review the document with a short summary in htm, edit and publish the submissions of .doc documents if I did not feel that the work should be remanded to the author for further research before it was ready for publication.  The PHD page could serve under the doctrine of the fair use of copyrighted works as a clearinghouse for medical journals and publishing companies.  Writers would be free to revise their work and resubmit it after it had already been published.  Therefore scholars could enjoy the benefits of Internet publication while they attempt to persuade more established publishing companies to promote their work. I would of course be at the service of the author and their wishes would guide me.  Whereas my understanding of intellectual property law is rudimentary I would undertake to study Burgunder, Lee B. Legal Aspects of Managing Technology. South Western College Publishing. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1995.  To guide our relationship I would draft a Constitution that would serve as the foundation for the Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Education (CHANGE).  


I conceive of the job of writer/editor as a consultative relationship whereby writers would submit their work for editing and preliminary publishing and a presentation schedule would permit researchers to lecture to the community on their thesis.  I would do most of my work from home however live so close to the VA that I could be called or emailed to attend a conference or to discuss technical issues with a researcher.  Due to the dial up Internet that I must inform you that if my phone is busy that I am probably on the Internet and will read your email within minutes.  Email is the preferred method of communication.  I have high hopes that this job for the VA would enable me to present my work to a community of scholars who would appreciate HA.  As a writer I am supportive of the academic freedom of others and seek to collaborate with them in order to overcome the intellectual isolation of scholarship.  This merger between HA and the VA seems like a marvelous political development that would provide me with gainful employment that furthers the interests of HA and would extend the intellectual property protection of the HA web site to numerous scholars at the VA while greatly improving the chances of publishing my own manuscript.  I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.


Anthony J. Sanders  


Applicable Work:


Chapter One: Humanitarian Missions of the Military Department 


Chapter Three: Health and Welfare 


Chapter Four: State Mental Institution Library Education


Independent Drug Enforcement Agency (Oregon)


Please take the time to peruse the web site at


A Public Health Document page would seemingly complete the study of Hospitals & Asylums so that readers from the World Health Organization would not redirect me to the human rights section because I adequately address issues of health.