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September 2021


By Anthony J. Sanders


Anthony J. Sanders v. Antony J. Blinken HA-24-9-21

Dear National Disability Institute and DC Center for Independent Living:  I need emergency financial assistance.  Netspend has stolen my life savings. has been hijacked by cell phone, bank fraud and camping gear thief from Rapid City, South Dakota.  On hold with google.  Temporary or probably permanent email, this is the second time the State Department FBI mole has destroyed my  The situation deteriorates everytime I call them and their phone refuses to recognize my social security number.  Yesterday I panhandled enough to buy a Netspend card like they said in their email, but they refused to let me access my funds because I didn't answer a security question they refused to ask.  Now my online account is locked and it is not an easy matter to close my account.  They do have email address, and I can only complain that my email account at was destroyed on the same 24 September 2021 my life savings were stolen, nor does my phone work after talking to them during the course of fraud related activity.  Nor, due to the locking of my online account, can I transfer my funds to an ABLE account online, without assistance.  Before getting to the Uniform Commercial Code let me vent. Communicating with them causes the corruption to spread to other devices, ie. prepaid phone card, temporary hacking of the document above that makes the federal case for the repeal of the diplomatic immunity corrupting FBI Iron Curtain representation on exchange committee 28CFR0.87 as evidenced by this unauthorized "background check" identified FBI informant exchange corruption of a bank Van Buren v. United States (2021).  Netspend faces fines and imprisonment for Bank Entries, Reports and Transaction 18USC1005, Bank Fraud 18USC1344, False statements and concealment of facts in relation to documents required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 18USC1027, Fraud in Related Activity in Connection with Identification Documents, Authentification Features and Information 18USC1028, Fraud and Related Activity Related to Computers 18USC1030, Fraud and related Activity in Connection with Electronic Mail 18USC1037 and Fictitious names and address 18USC1342 attached to receive payment to my account.  Point being, there is no salvaging my relationship with Netspend, can the Uniform Commercial Code salvage my life savings with your help.  I have fulfilled my duties to report unauthorized transactions related to the theft of my camping gear, including a smart phone used for GPS with old debit card info, from a prior blocking, that should have been deleted years ago pursuant to Customers duty to report unauthorized signature or alteration 4-406.  The bank may not charge me any fees for any of the transaction they made since Sept. 24, 2021, as the result that their completion was improper, and instead of allowing me to access my account, by panhandling enough to buy a Netspend Card and upload a minimum $20 gift although the box says this is not a gift card , and Safeway could not even get the item to scan in their computer, they have locked my online account and the card does not work as promised and my $24 is worth less 4-401(d)(2).  In summary the Beneficiary's Bank has an Obligation to Pay and Give Notice to the Beneficiary 4A-404(a).  If the bank refuses to pay after demand by the beneficiary and receipt of notice of particular circumstances that will give rise to consequential damages as a result of nonpayment, the beneficiary may recover damages resulting from the refusal to pay to the extent the bank had notice of the damages, unless the bank proves that it did not pay because of a reasonable doubt concerning the right of the beneficiary to payment.  I am therefore charging Netspend $40 a day witness fees from 24 September 2021 to the date they again pay me from my life savings of social security benefits pursuant to 28USC1821 levels of inflation from Hurtado v. United States (1973).  As an afterthought, to warrant a federal case it seems I need to agree to a $250,000 FDIC insurance settlement in trade for the fright regarding their obsession with slightly more than $16,000 “unclaimed funds”, after thorough investigation of the addresses of the two identity theft victims, inexplicably attached.


Foreign Relations Audit of UN Depression HA-24-9-21


The gold standard for coronavirus diagnosis and treatment is hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus colds. The Biden Administration has done well to reverse Trump Administration budget cuts, the US will help voluntarily sustain the economic self-injuring UN, until appropriates are adequate in 2023 pursuant to this audit, and even proposes to pay $75 million to renew UNESCO membership and discuss arrears. To get total State Department from $63.8 billion FY 22 to more than $7 billion FY 25 in less than 42 months, 4 percent inflation is necessary to profit from seemingly all-mighty, poisonous and economically depressing prophecy (Revelation 13:10). USAID is immediately advised to convert $294 million Countering People Republic of China Malign Influence Funding (CPMIF) to Haitian Earthquake relief and repeal FBI representation on exchange committee 28CFR§0.87. For the United Nations to ensure adequate funding without hyperinflation, the Fifth Committee needs to change their annual budget formula from (current year budget – technical adjustments + 1.6 percent recosting = -2.8 percent reduction) to (current year budget – technical adjustments + 3 percent recosting =.5 percent economic growth). After considerably longer than 42 months of persecution with budget cuts between $6 and $7 billion, UN Peacekeeping appropriation must increase to $7 billion (2022-2023) plus 3 percent inflation every year thereafter pursuant to Fifth Committee rule-making under Art. IV, Art. V(3)(b-d) and Art. VI of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (2012).


FY 2022 Education Department Cooties Budget Audit HA-16-9-21


With a true baseline of original outlays of $94.6 billion FY 21, the President's fantabulous legislative proposals to increase the budget to only $102.8 billion FY 2022 must be preliminarily rejected in response to the accounting revelation that his proposals actually cost $175.5 billion FY 22 and actual spending, with a supplement to ensure 3 percent growth from the previous year, should be $98.9 billion FY 22. The revised budget request for perpetual 3 percent inflation of $98.9 billion FY 22 is $4.3 billion, 4.4 percent, more than $94.6 billion FY 21, due to certain circumstances beyond control. Before passing any of the President's impoverishingly expensive requests, Congress must first vote to pass a $1.3 billion supplemental to ensure 3 percent growth across all programs. Another supplemental will be needed to provide ED with any more money to enact any of the President's plans, in full or in part, in addition to the accurate budget total determined by this audit.  The ED budget has largest margin of error of any Cabinet agency. Traditionally, this has been because other than loan guaranty and administrative costs [privately financed federal student lending program] revenues and expenses must be excluded from the budget pursuant to the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 under 2USC§661a(5)(A)(C).  The TEACH Grants category must delete everything but line 1 loan subsidies. Federal Direct Student Loans category lines 2-7 must be deleted, and so should line 8 when that insignificant program is terminated. General Funds Receipts attempt at tabulation should be entirely deleted. For the short-term record, Federal Family Education Loans Program Account (HEA IV-B) to be terminated FY 22 can be limited to the final Total, new loan subsidies and net re-estimate (non-add) row. Health Education Assistance Loans Liquidating Account, College Housing and Academic Facilities Loans Liquidating Account, Higher Education Facilities Loans Liquidating Account, College Housing Loans Liquidating Account revenues and advance appropriations should be clearly marked non-add. It would be wise to audit outlays by the addition of Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education and Administration (inc. Institute of Education Sciences) subtotals to ensure addition is accurate.  Very similar to his heartfelt desire to pay Equity and other Grants that are inequitable due to accounting fraud, to fulfill the President's wish for a post-pandemic return to school, it is more important than any amount of money for dis-regulated health professionals, that public and private schools be paid in gold standard for coronavirus treatment – hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus.  Having been forgiven the violent delinquent student loan debt that dissuaded tax paying, the author, who is a disability beneficiary, has opened up to asking a $500 gift per agency audit in pursuit of more than $10,000 in gifts to justify the duty to file pursuant to the Equal Access to Justice Act under 31CFR§6.4(b)(1) and 5USC§504.


Fee to Defund the American Jobs Plan and Audit COVID-19 Booger Gold for Possible Devaluation HA-12-9-21


Request for $2,400 to audit the coronavirus counterfeited federal budget, be nominated Public Trustee and scout out the Hospitals & Asylums marathon in October and November 2021 in Washington DC pursuant to the Equal Access to Justice Act under 31CFR§6.4(b)(1), 5USC§504, 24USC§422 and 28USC§1821. Debt Held by the Federal Reserve doubled from 5.5 percent of GDP in 2009 to 10.8 percent of GDP in 2010 and again from 10 percent of GDP in 2019 to 20.2 percent of GDP in 2020. In 2021 Debt Held by the Federal Reserve is estimated to increase another 60 percent to 33.8 percent of GDP before growth moderates, reaching slightly more than 40 percent by 2024. The alternative to accumulating public debt held by the Federal Reserve in rollover funds, zero-coupon bonds, etc. in excess of what the market can bear - counterfeit currency under 31USC§5153 – is devaluation pursuant to the Marshall Lerner Condition under 19USC§4421, 22USC§5301 and 2020 Revised estimates: effect of changes in rates of exchange and inflation Report of the Secretary-General A/74/585 of 11 December 2019. Furthermore, the Bureau of Fiscal Service and Board of Trustees is believed to have overestimated the 2020 payroll tax by 14 percent. The American Jobs Plan, infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion add-on, have not passed and must not pass because federal coronavirus relief counterfeiting would become virtually inaudible. The entire American Jobs Plan conspiracy exhibits a material weakness in effective internal control of financial reporting and is inconsistent with the current haphazard standards for federal accounting of relief bill counterfeiting, that would completely lose count if the American Jobs Plan were passed to the consternation of the poor and Audit Standard No. 6 Evaluating Consistency of Financial Statement by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. DOT Treasury balance is already flush with cash from three coronavirus rescue bills, however, to make up for the shortfall in five year plan to supplement mostly non-inflationary DOT revenue programs, the DOT budget necessitates an estimated $10,615 million supplement FY 23 and $12,744 million FY 24 to be skilfully integrated into their regular authorized apportionment budget pursuant to the Anti-deficiency Act under 31USC§1515.