Hospitals & Asylums    







Revision of Chapter One Humanitarian Missions of the Military Department (MD)




A. This 1st Ed. Revision of Hospitals & Asylums Chapter 1 ß1-40, is written as an indication of provisional measures for the International Court of Justice at Peace Palace, in the Hague, Netherlands, this Veteranís Day 2004.This Chapter pursues the application for an Advisory Opinion regarding the Application of Art. 118 of the Third Geneva Convention HA-2-11-04.This Chapter remedies the breeches of the Geneva Convention made by the Commanders-in-Chief George Bush and Prime Minister Ayad Allawi shortly after US Election Day Tuesday 2 November 2004 with the application of international humanitarian law.The Court, Senate, Ambassadors, Congress, King Sharif Husseini, the 15,000 attendees of the 105th National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars 14-20 August 2004, the 2.7 million members of the VFW, the 1.75 million US service people, the 290 million people living in the US and 6.2 billion people of the UN shall judge. On the 85th Anniversary of Armistice Day 11/11/1918, the following questions were submitted at exactly 11:11 AM EST 11 November 2004 by the Hospitals & Asylums National Director, Anthony J. Sanders, to the Secretary of Veteranís Affairs, Anthony J. Principi, in pursuit of a final advisory opinion from Peace Palace under Art. 26(1)(e)(n)(d) of the Rules of Court in January or February 2005, after the US Presidentís State of the Union Address and Iraqi Elections.


B. The Athenian Constitution, written by Aristotle, overturned the qualifications of birth and military property of the Draconian Constitution, that were considered to hold the people in serfdom and were partially continued in the Constitution of Solon although Aristotle considers the Solon constitution much more democratic.

C. On 9 December Secretary of Veteranís Affairs Anthony J. Principi tendered his resignation. 
D. A veteran versed in health, welfare, military affairs and diplomacy must step forth.