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Ministry of Religion Act of 2008 HA-8-8-8


Amending Title 34 United States Code: Religion


By Tony J. Sanders


Sec. 1 Secretary


There shall be established in the federal government a Secretary of Religion to document the administration of Faith Based Initiatives.


To uphold the separation of church and state the Secretary must be an atheist.


The Secretary shall publish a weekly newsletter.


Sec. 2 Ministry of Religion


The Ministry of Religion shall regulate the administration of faith based subsidies by the federal government.


The Ministry of Religion shall be responsible for drafting all legislation codified to replace Title 34 Navy (Repealed) with Title 34 Religion of the US Code.


The Ministry of Religion shall discipline chaplains employed in federal service and serve as an alternative to court for litigation regarding religious practices.


Sec. 3 Chaplains


Chaplains with divinity degrees shall be employed in all branches of the federal service.  Faiths shall be represented proportionally. 


Sec. 4 Morals


Morality is a religious issue.  In Latin ‘relig’ means ‘to bind’ so we are given to respect quotes from the Bible and other codified books as a theological source for judgments on morality.  Religions are encouraged to teach people the moral tenets of their faith.  From time to time the Ministry of Religion will bring the morals of religious faiths into line with the federal law by promulgating particularly wise morals of religious extraction, throughout this book of statute.


Sec. 5 Non Profit Corporations


It is wise for the federal government to invest in non profit corporations involved in pro bono social work.  Social workers employed by religious organizations are preferred to social workers employed by the health sector or judiciary.        


Sec. 6 Corruption


Corruption occurs when violent conflicts of interest can be traced to the bribery of a political office.


It is important that the Secretary be an atheist so as not to represent the financial interests of any one organized religion.


Sec. 7 Health


Chaplains shall keep personally identifying health information secret.  Federal Chaplains shall help people understand the separation between heaven and health.  Religious capital is a more desirable source of pay for social workers than either health or judicial capital.  Achieving the highest attainable standard of health is a priority for all chaplains in the public service.    


Sec. 8 Separation of Church and State


The first amendment to the US Constitution ensures that Congress will pass no law respecting an establishment of religion.  This Ministry of Religion Act of 2008 does not infringe upon the separation of Church and State because it elects an atheist Secretary.  By creating a Ministry of Religion with an atheist Secretary in the Federal Government Congress would express the disbelief in all religions not provided for by the Unitarian Universal Church.  As long as the Secretary is an atheist the United States would respect no establishment of religion.


Sec. 9 Relations with Governmental, Non Governmental, Political and Religious Organizations


The Ministry of Religion shall engage in correspondence with governmental, non governmental, political and religious organizations under the supervision of the Secretary and Ministry of Religion letterhead.


The Ministry of Religion shall hold conferences to promote inter-faith dialogue regarding social issues.


Sec. 10 Faith Based Initiatives


The Ministry of Religion shall archive all grants made by the federal government to establishments of religion under Faith Based Initiatives.