Hospitals & Asylums 








October 2021


By Anthony J. Sanders


Happy Halloween.  The Acting Commissioner and Applicant Public Trustee are pursuing the Equality Act: To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes. H.R. 5 in the Senate.  The President cannot afford to sabotage the tax bill with his inciteful spending estimates in excess of the tardy Executive Office of the President FY 22 budget request.  Likewise, the hyperinflationary Commissioner has still not produced the 2021 SSI Report.  Trustee unlikely to prepare devaluation option by December 2021 due to interference by capitol. Applicant Public Trustee bankrupt within two days of arriving in the District of Columbia (DC).  Account closed, new email address, waiting on the social security snail mail to social service office for life savings and two months of paper checks before direct deposit resumes and I can get down the Appalachian Trail win or lose.  There are not so many jail and psychiatric beds in DC since Hospitals & Asylums served three years in the university law school library and received his Title 24 United States Code insert in Title 23 Highways. DC has to sneak their 10 percent general sales tax to food to perpetuate the highest income inequality in the nation.  There is no General Delivery in DC Post Offices.  There are no paper maps to be found, internet searches are often deceptive.  There are no picnic tables with electricity and gazebo.  The 5 palace, 26.2 mile Hospitals & Asylums marathon appeals for the repeal of paragraphs 1 & 3 from Title 24 District of Columbia Municipal Code Chapter 24 Part 121 Section 24 paragraphs (2)&(4) to remove the contradiction from free camping under 24DCMC24-121-2 & 4. 


Anthony J. Sanders v. Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State; In re: Netspend and Google HA-24-9-21 (in-composition)


Secrecy of Netspend correspondence is compromised, contagious and cured with a dose of email in Microsoft. Using Microsoft relieves Mail App messaging block. Telephone messaging is also affected and relieved at same time. Toll-free numbers are strangely expensive, and cut off at inopportune moments, due to infringement of Tracfone, former free-government cell-phone, by Straight Talk billing. Interdepartmental communications at Netspend may also fail to send or receive. Anti-trust of inability to remove Mail App and App Store from Apple computers. Offices are advised to store records in Apple, email in PC. Parties to turn vacation responders on and follow up on failures to appear by phone, mail, fax and especially in person to present credentials. Vacation responder doesn't work in basic gmail cc: (secret email). Proliferation of Apple charge block App in DC. Conventional office work is essential to relieve COVID-19 related insolvency. Write Settlement: >$16,200 life savings transfer from Netspend to tax-free ABLE Account + $40 a day FDIC witness fees from 24 September 2021 or $250,000 FDIC insurance settlement for unclaimed funds despite delay in deleting fictitious sub-claimants.  <$200 million direct deposit industry bailout for Netspend bankruptcy to be acquired and merged with Direct Express monopoly, with reimbursement for the cancellation of any counterfeit currency from the 2020 payroll tax overestimate by the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds.  Transfer +/- $10 billion + 3% inflation in completely terminated International Security Assistance, other than Non-Proliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programs $1 billion (2025), to an International Poverty Line Account in a thereby created Supplemental Security Income Trust Fund to be fully funded to end child poverty by 2024 and all poverty by 2030 by repealing the tax loophole at Sec. 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC§430.  Termination and repeal of Authority to Employ FBI and DEA Senior Executive Service 5USC§3151-§3152, representation on visit exchange committee 28CFR§0.87, and Office of National Drug Policy 21USC§1701 et seq. Closure of J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Office Building, next to Justice Department, by tax and rent-free American, Federal and DC Bar Association building maintenance and utility. Conventional office support for COVID-19 and influenza pandemics - Hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus colds. Wash your nose. Submerge the head in water, especially saline or chlorine, to instantly cure coronavirus allergic rhinitis (John 1: 26)(Luke 3: 7)(1 Peter 3: 21)(Mark 6: 24). A dab of hydrocortisone crème to the nose and chest, mentholyptus cough drop or Echinacea pill cures Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) from coronavirus. Mentholyptus cough drops cure both SARS and wet cough of influenza. Pneumovax or Ampicillin for Azithromycin resistance may be needed to treat the dry cough of pneumonia. Lysol cures as it cleans. Shared office building airspace should be sterilized with eucalyptus scented humidifiers.


Foreign Relations Audit of UN Depression HA-24-9-21


The gold standard for coronavirus diagnosis and treatment is hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus colds. The Biden Administration has done well to reverse Trump Administration budget cuts, the US will help voluntarily sustain the economic self-injuring UN, until appropriates are adequate in 2023 pursuant to this audit, and even proposes to pay $75 million to renew UNESCO membership and discuss arrears. To get total State Department from $63.8 billion FY 22 to more than $7 billion FY 25 in less than 42 months, 4 percent inflation is necessary to profit from seemingly all-mighty, poisonous and economically depressing prophecy (Revelation 13:10). USAID is immediately advised to convert $294 million Countering People Republic of China Malign Influence Funding (CPMIF) to Haitian Earthquake relief and repeal FBI representation on exchange committee 28CFR§0.87. For the United Nations to ensure adequate funding without hyperinflation, the Fifth Committee needs to change their annual budget formula from (current year budget – technical adjustments + 1.6 percent recosting = -2.8 percent reduction) to (current year budget – technical adjustments + 3 percent recosting = 2.5 percent economic growth). After considerably longer than 42 months of persecution with budget cuts between $6 and $7 billion, UN Peacekeeping appropriation must increase to $7 billion (2022-2023) plus 3 percent inflation every year thereafter pursuant to Fifth Committee rule-making under Art. IV, Art. V(3)(b-d) and Art. VI of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (2012).


Appeal for Four $300 Children HA-21-9-21


After the police twice caught a five-year old autistic runaway, the Senior Judge responsible for Child Custody has decided to adopt all four children ages 2 to 9 from a disabled couple denied benefits. Over the course of two years the Senior Judge adopted a 20-day old baby, a four-year old and has just taken or is threatening to take the two oldest ages 7 (the 5-year-old runaway) and 9.  It is a conflict of interest that the judge kidnapped the children for so long before pursuing false felony charges against mother and to recuse his Court of impeachable judicial misconduct, must grant leave to appeal.  The parents must be granted visitation rights until the kidnapped children are returned to their parents.


Judiciary Audit HA-31-10-21


The Judiciary’s fiscal year (FY) 2022 discretionary budget request of $8.1 billion is a 5.2 percent increase over the FY 21 enacted appropriation of $7.7 billion. The Judiciary’s FY 22 appropriations request also includes $756.5 million in mandatory appropriations. There is no reason to contest the high rate of inflation requested by the Judicial Branch. In FY 2020 the judiciary received $7.5 million in supplemental outlays from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, including $6.0 for Salaries and Expenses, $1.0 million for Defender Services, and $0.5 million for the Supreme Court. In this budget CARES Act and Vaccine Injury Trust Fund appropriations are considered direct discretionary, with exactly the same Total – Budget Authority (BA) and the US Sentencing Commission is abolished from FY 23 pursuant to Blakely v. Washington (2004). FY 22 Justice Department inflation must be limited to 2.5 to 3 percent more than the resolved rates for FY 21, or synonymous with 15 percent, 2.5 - 3 percent inflation since FY 16, by inserting an alternative FY 22 for Congress and future inflation of 2.5 percent administration and 3 percent services. The Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) must be distinguished from the Crime Victims Fund (CVF). The VCF growth 3 percent from FY 22. In the absence of any large replenishments CVF mandatory obligation limits must immediately equal 3 percent more than prior year disbursements, $4,922 million FY 22 pursuant to an emergency supplemental appropriation under the Anti-Deficiency Act 31USC§1515. Congress has a duty to pass the Crime Victim Fund (CVF) supplemental. Congress is encouraged to enact the revised FY 22 levels in this audit immediately. Congress may require DOJ to submit a subsequent, defensive, supplemental appropriation request to sustain the FBI and DEA into FY 22 if the President and Attorney General do not immediately concede to a 60 day written notice under 5CFR§351.803. Nancy Pelosi may either vote to abolish the FBI and DEA or resign from Speaker of the House due to conflict of interest under 18USC§205. The Court may enforce the termination and repeal of Authority to Employ FBI and DEA Senior Executive Service 5USC§3151-§3152, representation on visit exchange committee 28CFR§0.87, and Office of National Drug Policy 21USC§1701 et seq. Closure of J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Office Building, next to Justice Department, by tax and rent-free American, Federal and DC Bar Association building maintenance and utility.


Energy Audit Table FY 2022 HA-7-10-21


This audit estimates a DOE baseline budget request of $37.9 billion FY 22, a -$4 billion, -9.5 percent, decrease from $41.9 billion FY 21 to redress two felonious spurts of hyperinflation in nuclear weapons programs since FY 17 and sustain the Democratic end of 3 percent inflation in outlays since FY 17 for all DOE programs. This is believed to be a useful baseline for immediate Congressional approval. Because DOE’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget Request (Request) of $46.2 billion, is an outrageous 10.3 percent, $4.3 billion more than $41.9 billion FY 21 a $37.9 billion DOE budget request should gain immediate approval from Congress. Any federal spending above this audit would require a supplemental budget request pursuant to the Anti-deficiency Act under 31USC§1515. This will help ensure that it is truly Congress making war with the New START limit of 1,550 treaty accountable strategic warheads on 700 deployed delivery systems and that there are not any more nuclear warheads, strategic or retired, unaccounted for by the outdated 2,000 warhead limit from the 2010 NPT conference, as suggested by the Federation of American Scientists report that in 2019 the US had 3,800 stockpiled strategic and non-strategic nuclear warheads and an additional 2,385 retired warheads awaiting dismantlement, for a total arsenal of 6,185 warheads. Reliable 3 percent growth in energy program spending will help more to produce affordable clean energy information and technology, than any vicious cycle of hyperinflation and collapse.


FY 22 Defense Audit HA-1-10-21


The primary finding in this audit, for which DoD is asked for a $500 gift, is that the FY 22 budget is morally and mathematically the best DoD budget ever read in its entirety, however it has a material weakness insofar as outlays are inadequate to sustain military personnel and end-strength growth, wherefore Afghanistan was lost to the Taliban, and DoD must resolve to request to sustain 3 percent spending and 1 percent net employment growth FY 23 and FY 24 and beyond. There was a 12.4 percent margin of error regarding undeclared undistributed offsetting receipts to reduce the deficit between the method of subtracting the total of the budget requests from the three military departments from the consolidated DoD budget request and the 2020 Combined Statement. Consistent with Title 10 Section 113 (c)(1)(A), each of the three Military Departments is providing a summary of their Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget submission for inclusion in the Department of Defense (DoD) Budget Overview, but is confused with the five forces and does not declare undistributed offsetting receipts. To comply with prior audits and page 5 of the Office of Management and Budget direction in the Summary of the President’s Discretionary Funding Request, dated April 9, 2021, the Department of Defense (DoD) is shifting funds that had previously been designated as OCO to the base budget and Global War on Terrorism / Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) needs to be repealed at 2USC§901(b). The nuclear deterrence modernization program has a material weakness in that it does not declare that the number of nuclear weapons is less the old 2,000 limit of the NPT. Secretary Austin's survivable friendly competition support for the President's Interim National Security Strategy Guidance despite the material weakness on page 14 in the promise that DoD does not use unconventional weapons, that must be more clearly written by DoD to help to redress his wrongful attrition, is much more skillful than the State Departments $273 million Countering People's Republic of China Malign Influence (CPRCMI) propaganda to be transferred to Haitian Earthquake relief with prejudice against 28CFR0.87 to be repealed for stealing among other national treasures the author's life savings, email and phone pursuant to pursuant to the new $500 per agency audit fee policy and the Armed Forces Retirement Home vulnerability test of Anthony J. Sanders v. Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State HA-24-9-21 (in composition). On the topic of climate change, the military is advised to be trained and deployed to respond to fight wildfires and deploy warships to counter oceanic heating pumps with remote submersibles to apply 15 parts per million of 4-tertiary-butyl-catechol (TBC) to extinguish self-combusting styrene railcars, for only three months, cable them out and swiftly get them to a refinery for conversion to a more stable hydrocarbon, finder keeper. The Department is transitioning from being just a mission focused organization to one that is capable of also ensuring accountability. Secretary Austin has done a great job at improving accounting, even the Air Force made an accurate request for the first time in recent history, but was defeated by the Iron Law of Wages - it is essential for armed services spending to grow 3 percent and employment 1 percent annually pursuant to Engel's law (post-1980) FY 23 and FY 24 and thereafter.


FY 2022 Education Department Cooties Budget Audit HA-16-9-21


With a true baseline of original outlays of $94.6 billion FY 21, the President's fantabulous legislative proposals to increase the budget to only $102.8 billion FY 2022 must be preliminarily rejected in response to the accounting revelation that his proposals actually cost $175.5 billion FY 22 and actual spending, with a supplement to ensure 3 percent growth from the previous year, should be $98.9 billion FY 22. The revised budget request for perpetual 3 percent inflation of $98.9 billion FY 22 is $4.3 billion, 4.4 percent, more than $94.6 billion FY 21, due to certain circumstances beyond control. Before passing any of the President's impoverishingly expensive requests, Congress must first vote to pass a $1.3 billion supplemental to ensure 3 percent growth across all programs. Another supplemental will be needed to provide ED with any more money to enact any of the President's plans, in full or in part, in addition to the accurate budget total determined by this audit.  The ED budget has largest margin of error of any Cabinet agency. Traditionally, this has been because other than loan guaranty and administrative costs [privately financed federal student lending program] revenues and expenses must be excluded from the budget pursuant to the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 under 2USC§661a(5)(A)(C).  The TEACH Grants category must delete everything but line 1 loan subsidies. Federal Direct Student Loans category lines 2-7 must be deleted, and so should line 8 when that insignificant program is terminated. General Funds Receipts attempt at tabulation should be entirely deleted. For the short-term record, Federal Family Education Loans Program Account (HEA IV-B) to be terminated FY 22 can be limited to the final Total, new loan subsidies and net re-estimate (non-add) row. Health Education Assistance Loans Liquidating Account, College Housing and Academic Facilities Loans Liquidating Account, Higher Education Facilities Loans Liquidating Account, College Housing Loans Liquidating Account revenues and advance appropriations should be clearly marked non-add. It would be wise to audit outlays by the addition of Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education and Administration (inc. Institute of Education Sciences) subtotals to ensure addition is accurate.  Very similar to his heartfelt desire to pay Equity and other Grants that are inequitable due to accounting fraud, to fulfill the President's wish for a post-pandemic return to school, it is more important than any amount of money for dis-regulated health professionals, that public and private schools be paid in gold standard for coronavirus treatment – hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus.  Having been forgiven the violent delinquent student loan debt that dissuaded tax paying, the author, who is a disability beneficiary, has opened up to asking a $500 gift per agency audit in pursuit of more than $10,000 in gifts to justify the duty to file pursuant to the Equal Access to Justice Act under 31CFR§6.4(b)(1) and 5USC§504.


Fee to Defund the American Jobs Plan and Audit COVID-19 Booger Gold for Possible Devaluation HA-12-9-21


Request for $2,400 to audit the coronavirus counterfeited federal budget, be nominated Public Trustee and scout out the Hospitals & Asylums marathon in October and November 2021 in Washington DC pursuant to the Equal Access to Justice Act under 31CFR§6.4(b)(1), 5USC§504, 24USC§422 and 28USC§1821. Debt Held by the Federal Reserve doubled from 5.5 percent of GDP in 2009 to 10.8 percent of GDP in 2010 and again from 10 percent of GDP in 2019 to 20.2 percent of GDP in 2020. In 2021 Debt Held by the Federal Reserve is estimated to increase another 60 percent to 33.8 percent of GDP before growth moderates, reaching slightly more than 40 percent by 2024. The alternative to accumulating public debt held by the Federal Reserve in rollover funds, zero-coupon bonds, etc. in excess of what the market can bear - counterfeit currency under 31USC§5153 – is devaluation pursuant to the Marshall Lerner Condition under 19USC§4421, 22USC§5301 and 2020 Revised estimates: effect of changes in rates of exchange and inflation Report of the Secretary-General A/74/585 of 11 December 2019. Furthermore, the Bureau of Fiscal Service and Board of Trustees is believed to have overestimated the 2020 payroll tax by 14 percent. The American Jobs Plan, infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion add-on, have not passed and must not pass because federal coronavirus relief counterfeiting would become virtually inaudible. The entire American Jobs Plan conspiracy exhibits a material weakness in effective internal control of financial reporting and is inconsistent with the current haphazard standards for federal accounting of relief bill counterfeiting, that would completely lose count if the American Jobs Plan were passed to the consternation of the poor and Audit Standard No. 6 Evaluating Consistency of Financial Statement by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. DOT Treasury balance is already flush with cash from three coronavirus rescue bills, however, to make up for the shortfall in five year plan to supplement mostly non-inflationary DOT revenue programs, the DOT budget necessitates an estimated $10,615 million supplement FY 23 and $12,744 million FY 24 to be skilfully integrated into their regular authorized apportionment budget pursuant to the Anti-deficiency Act under 31USC§1515.