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October 2020


By Anthony J. Sanders


The Oregon Supreme Court and Public Utilities Commission responded to invite me to file a case pursuant to the Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure.  There is no saving my cell phone, it seems to have demagnetized my debit card before going dark.  SafeLink wireless has not served Oregon since 2017.  The vote is limited to three-year law school issues neatly organized for the Court and Public Utility Commission in the Almeda Fire brief, other issues are referred to responsible officials, e.g. Chief, Forest Service was served regarding the Fairy Ponds Campground and need to destroy all slash piles the day they are created, but not without the proprietary blocking of the USDA budget office email address, to be too poor to destroy all the slash piles after it rains and before it snows and never terrorist bombing again.  Nonetheless, the Oregon Attorney General needs to repeal the interception of oral communications without order statute, lay off all the law enforcement officers with less than Bachelor degree, amend disclosure of information statute so law enforcement officers would consult lawyers rather than other undereducated law enforcement officers, and negotiate to pay the 12.4% OASDI tax to fully insure state employees for disability pursuant to ORAP Rule 5.12.  These laid off police officers need the time to get their degree, as if they had contributed their entire career, described as bugging and torturing people who petition the Attorney General.  Because the Oregon Attorney General is the only agency known to poison petitioners with coronavirus and has prior cell phone bug, tracking and torture convictions, I must boycott the Attorney General and the burden of serving her must be either born by an attorney, the Public Utilities Commission or as a component of the Court’s vote to debug Oregon statute.  The opening brief will not be composed until later in the month, long after the votes are counted.  Updating chemotherapy treatment with current information from the National Cancer Institute takes even more time than rewrapping damaged pictures and spell check dysfunction damage by police raiders with a special vendetta to recognize rat poison as a probable cause of colorectal cancer.


Almeda Fire Major Disaster Relief, Wilderness and Grazing HA-12-10-20


On Appeal From: Inyo et al v. Yosemite National Park Thousand Fire Identity Theft Posse. Eastern District of California HA-14-28-9-20 (tampered by 'United States')($1 billion balance available for USDA Budget Office to contain Oregon & California wildfires)(Fires in Oregon: Riverside, Beachie Creek, Lionshead, Holiday Farm, Archie Creek, Thielsen, Brattain, South Obenchain)(Fires in California: Slater/Devil, Red Salmon Complex, Fox, August Complex, North Complex, Fork, Slink, Bell, Blue Jay, North Whizz Dome, Creek, Bullfrog, Moraine, Rattlesnake, SQF Complex, Dolan, Martindale, Bobcat, El Dorado, Apple, Snow). 2,300 homes and 100 businesses were destroyed to the north of Ashland, in Talent and Phoenix, Oregon. +/- 10,000 people are entitled to debris removal and individual and household disaster assistance without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, nationality, sex, age, disability, English proficiency, or economic status pursuant to the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Public Law 100-707, of November 23, 1988; that amended the Disaster Relief Act of 1974, Public Law 93-288 under 42USC§5151. The Oregon Supreme Court is asked to vote (1) repeal ORS164.345, ORS164,354 and ORS164.365 (Criminal Mischief), (2) repeal ORS133.726 (Interception of Oral Communications without Order), (3) amend ORS 133.737 (Disclosure and use of intercepted communications) to require wiretappers confide only in a district attorney or lawyer appointed by a judge and not other undereducated LEOs, (4) ensure police departments and other state payrolls pay the 12.4% OASDI tax to prevent undercover operations by affording the many law enforcement officers unemployed by this decision to require all law enforcement officers have a Bachelor degree, the federal disability insurance they need to get a Bachelor degree online and (5) consult Straight Talk. Jackson County Commissioners are admonished to vote again, to restore the name Indian Market Rd. in light of new evidence that is original name of Dead Indian Memorial Rd. pursuant to Jackson County Land Ordinance under §10.1032.02. The Chief, Forest Service is petitioned to erect a Fairy Ponds Campground sign pursuant to up to $500 FEMA financial assistance for a FEMA camp to de-stigmatize, camping as transitional housing for +/- 100 evacuees and travellers, with access to the 3 mile trail to downtown Ashland, 13 mile trail to Mt. Ashland, 26 mile FR 2060 and 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) especially protected by Wilderness Act under 36CFR§293.8, 42USC§5174 (c)(1)(A)(i) and 16USC§1246(h)(1). The Chief, Forest Service is requested to prohibit the leaving of slash piles to dry over fire season, and destroy all standing slash piles after the rain extinguishes the wildfires and before the snow, for the last time, to better protect the wilderness under 16USC§1131 et seq, 36CFR§293.3 and 36CFR§293.6. The purpose to restore pristine wilderness habitat on the Pacific Crest Trail from the South Sierra Nevada, where 100-500 Pacific Fishers were protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA) on March 15, 2020, to the Klamath, Siskiyou and Cascades ranges in California, Oregon and Washington under 16USC§1533. If the promise of a free orange is not enough to get the California Governor to order the Department of Parks and Recreation to remove the prohibition of orange picking sign that erroneously cites 1868 CCR an injunction proceeding against the picking prohibition sign may be initiated in the US District Court pursuant to Sec. 302 of the FD&CA under 21USC§332. California Governor Newsom is reminded to Judge Straight Talk regarding high rates of California tampering and deaths due to unlawful access to stored communications of local government under 18USC§2701 by the FBI under 42USC§5197g and conclude the 2020 arson within the maritime and territorial jurisdiction season, by again extinguishing the self-combusting styrene railcars left in the Arctic Ocean from the September World Summit with the 15 parts per million of 4-tertiary-butyl-catechol (TBC), cable out and convert to stable hydrocarbon under 18USC§81. Sacrament-O, range of the Pacific Fisher and Arctic Ocean wilderness restoration.