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Hospitals & Asylums    







Humanitarian Missions of the Military Departments


Amending Chapter 1 Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and other Naval Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen and Others §1-40




(extended) Memorial Day 2005


by Anthony J. Sanders 


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Rule 1(1) of the Standing Rules of the Senate states, In the absence of the Vice President, the Senate shall choose a President pro tempore, who shall hold the office and execute the duties thereof during the pleasure of the Senate and until another is elected or his term of office as a Senator expires. The replacement of the President of the Senate however remains to be formalized under the Sec. 2 of the XXV Amendment to the US Constitution.  The preponderance of the law and moral and material expressions of Senator Arlen Specter cause him to be appointed President pro tempore for this Act under Rule 1 of the Standing Rules of the Senate.  Should this Act not be unanimously approved he shall have the privilege of adjourning the proceedings if the Cheney House be unruly.  This appointment of course obligates him to pay the author $6,500 a year in official recognition of the work by the Judiciary Committee under 1USC(3)§213 and §202.  The timing of this Revision with many amendments, that I am now proud enough of to submit to the Veteran's after the initial genuflection on Memorial Day, is intended to support the motion by Senator Arlen Specter Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and Senator Joseph Biden Minority Leader of the Foreign Relations Committee to forfeit military prisons and they should find it explained that they are less typified as the gulag as international torture dens.  This Act also supports that passage of the Iraqi withdrawal in, House Continuing Resolution 35, authored by Representative Lynn Woolsey and the 2005 Report of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission and Anthony J. Principi’s bid for Defense Secretary.  I shall review the 2005 BRAC Commission Report tomorrow. 


This Act cannot only be amended by emailing the author but it makes two amendments to Rule XXV(c)(1)&4 of the Standing Rules of the Senate as they relate to the Armed Forces Committee.  (1) Sentence 4 claims superior criminal responsibility for, “Maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal, including administration, sanitation, and government of the Canal Zone” that cannot be considered legal under international recognized human rights and any such military claims must be amended to read as the Rule X (c)(5) of the Rules of the 109th Congress, “Inter oceanic canals generally, including measures relating to the maintenance, operation, and administration of inter oceanic canals”.  (2) It must be added in this section that Sentence 1 Rule XXV(c)(1) that states “Aeronautical and space activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations” and must be repealed. The Space Millennium: Vienna Declaration on Space and Human Development Resolution Adopted by the Third UN Conference on the Exploration of and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 30 July 1999 Reaffirms the common interest of all humanity in the progress of the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, and convinced of the need to prevent an arms race in outer space as an essential condition for the promotion of international cooperation in this regard, compels us to apply Art. 3(3) of the Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies entered in force 11 July 1984, that States “Parties shall not place in orbit around or other trajectory to or around the moon objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction or place or use such weapons on or in the moon”. This principle of law applies equally to planet earth as the moon.


Tony J. Sanders