Hospitals & Asylums 








June 2021


By Anthony J. Sanders


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is petitioned to allow the admirable and refined California Governor Newsom, often retained in the Arctic Ocean, to extinguish with TBC and remove the self-combusting styrene railcars from the Pacific Ocean to the west of the Vancouver Island that have been causing record heat, deaths and distress in the Pacific Northwest and refine them to a more stable hydrocarbon pursuant to the Law of the Sea and Sec. 360a of the PHD below.  Within an hour I returned home to witness smoke rising from the roof a neighboring industrial facility; I had a workman check it out and he called the fire department.  The FDA is sought to turn themselves in to the United States District Court for Maryland to dismiss the Forest Service investigated federal arson conspiracy, contracted from a ride by an armed park Ranger, complicating retaliatory tampering of a sealed commercial bag of menthol tobacco with a neurotoxic mullein extract by direct menthol tobacco recall threat of the Secretary of Health and Human Service to prohibit retaliation against anti-coercion, especially involving their incessant online pharmaceutical and tobacco adulteration and pseudo-ephedrine intoxicated felony monopolization of the government and mass media by two shot cure vaccines, that do not confer immunity or alleviate the need to know hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus, so does menthol tobacco and suppress the underlying, subversive FBI/DEA informancy of HHS, DOJ and their respective sectors pursuant to Sec. 503 of the Americans with Disabilities Act under 42USC§12203.


Caption: Secretary of Health and Human Services v. Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs, Center for Tobacco Products and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Injury Prevention and Control Program – maximum $100 million fine for felony monopolization withdrawn from Center for Tobacco teenage rebellion propaganda and adulteration research under 15USC§2 and Rule 4 Fed. Civ. P. to be distributed $10 million to secure tobacco products against adulteration under 21USC§387b, $20 million to secure the speedy and un-counterfeited delivery of online pharmaceuticals from India under 39USC§101 and $70 million to wildfire fighting efforts in the western states especially, Arizona, New Mexico and California under 18USC§81 and Art. 81 Uniform Code of Military Justice 10USC§881. Termination all Office of National Drug Control Policy grants by CDC and DOJ (to steal marijuana to push methamphetamine) that have shrunken the brains and cleared the noses of the legal and health sectors, mostly with pseudo-ephedrine administered without informed consent since 2019, is necessary to redress the harbor and concealment of terrorists, including that infernal West Coast app that prevents Apple computer from charging, and tendency to destroy energy facilities, not to underemphasize permanent debarment for malevolent biological and chemical weapon abuse under 18USC§2339 including weaponized prescription drugs administered without informed consent pursuant to the Nuremberg Code. All of this is explained by the medically necessary repeals of Democratic and Republican (DR) terrorism written into the health law, demanded in the heading and justified in the text of the PHD below.


Public Health Department (PHD)


To supplement Chapter 9 Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Returned from Foreign Countries §321-329.  Everyone must learn their lesson to win herd immunity against COVID-19 and future pandemics under 21CFR§330.10 and 42USC§300u: Hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus allergic rhinitis. Eucalyptus or lavender also cure the wet cough of influenza. Mentholyptus cough drops are the front-line treatment for both influenza and coronavirus, with a little nose washing. To end COVID-19 place eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint soap in public restrooms with instruction to “wash face and nose”. Epsom salt bath, saline or chlorine swim cures coronavirus and sterilizes methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Use Lysol cleanser. During a pandemic both staff and patients must be treated, whereby intensive care units (ICUs), waiting rooms, classrooms and public airspaces should be sterilized with eucalyptus humidifiers (diffusers). Although vaccination may cure coronavirus in two shots and reduce the risk of further severe infection and death, like the placebo influenza vaccine, COVID-19 vaccination does not alleviate the need to know how to treat the contagious "Pinocchio nose" nor truly end the pandemic. Furthermore, it is necessary to treat drug resistance propaganda. Hydrocortisone crème treats coronavirus, carcinogenic aspergillosis and many inflammatory, asthmatic and allergic conditions. Pneumovax 23 is recommended for adults over and under 65 to prevent pneumococcal infection of heart, lung and brain damage, otherwise Ampicillin is indicated for Azithromycin resistance. Co-occurring Streptococcus and Staphylococcus cause toxic shock syndrome. Doxycycline treats bubonic plague, Lyme disease and MRSA (not for use by pregnant women or children under 8). Clindamycin treats MRSA in pregnant women and children under 8. Metronidazole treats antibiotic resistant Clostridium difficile and Helicobacter pylori (not for use in first trimester). Onions, garlic and Gingko giloba improve insulin production. Stonebreaker (Chanca Piedra) cures urinary and gallstones (not for pregnant women). There is a drug abuse warning on pseudo-ephedrine and statin brain shrink under 42USC§242. Repeal Office of National Drug Control Policy intoxication 21USC§1701 et seq. Repeal extraneous tobacco definitions in 21USC§321(rr) para. 2-4. Repeal international mail theft (IMF) and counterfeit justification in 21USC§381(u). Insert online pharmacy consumer before pharmacist in 21USC§384(a)(1). Delete 'from Canada' in §384(b). Replace 'to submit to the Secretary' with 'record' at §384(d)(1). Insert 'foreign' before establishment and delete 'within Canada' in §384(f). Repeal paragraphs i to end §384(i-m). Repeal 'Medical records and payments' from Fair Credit Reporting Act 15USC§1681a(x)(1). Re-authorize human services legislation, restore Title IV Part A Sec. 401 – 417 of the Social Security Act 42USC§601-§617 to the 1995 condition and order all money from Biden-Harris American Families Plan support AFDC benefits.  


Human Services Reauthorization Act of 2021 HA-4-6-21


A Bill to arrange the authorizations of appropriations that justify the nomination of a Secretary to sustain an independent, Cabinet level, Human Services Administration (HSA) to staff an email address, administrate the programs of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and Administration for Community Living (ACL), propose necessary amendments to effectively separate HSA from the Public Health Department (PHD) and fulfill human rights.  To restore Title IV Grants to States for Aid and Services to Needy Families with Children and for Child-Welfare Services Part. A Aid to Families with Dependent Children Sec. 401 – 417 of the Social Security Act under 42USC§601-§617 to the condition it was in 1995 prior to degradation by the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996.  To order all money from the Biden-Harris American Families Plan be used to pay for direct AFDC child benefits.  Repeated references to the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Acts in Chapter 43 make it clear that it is not the intention of Congress that the Department of Health be construed as a Service, although the no-good drug, lay-Congress may overvalue their services under 42USC§3515c.  Human Services, on the other hand, might do human rights the poetic justice that is wanted, if they were not infringed upon by the relatively militant Public Health Service, and vice-versa pursuant to the prohibition of funding for certain experiments involving human test subjects under 42USC§3515b. A decision resting upon “non-infringement” is generally much more secure than one on invalidity Harries v. Air King Products Co. No. 210, Docket 21600 (1950) L. Hand, Chief. A patent is valid if it is not infringed Altvater v. Freeman 319 U.S. 359, 363, 63 S.Ct. 1115, 1117, 87 L.Ed. 1450 Friendly J.


California communication and fire-safety seem compromised.  California Conversation, academic rigour, journalistic flair, articleRecord-breaking temperatures mean we must change the way we talk about the climate emergency’ removed the comment: Dear California Governor Newsom and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau:  I have retained the admiral and refined Gov. Newsom several times to extinguish self-combusting styrene railcars in the Arctic Ocean. He is the only person who has ever done this critical job. 15 parts per million of 4-tertiary-butyl-catechol (TBC) is added to the tank to extinguish the railcar for a period of three months, but it is essential that the container be immediately brought to a refinery and converted to a more stable hydrocarbon. To pay for the operation the deal is finder’s keeper. The public would appreciate being informed by the news media that styrene railcars were extinguished and removed from the Straight of Georgia, near Vancouver, Puget Sound or in the Pacific Ocean to the West of Vancouver Island, the latter showing on the Current NOAA SST Anomaly Chart. Because these are Canadian Territorial Waters PM Trudeau is sought to grant Gov. Newsom permission to locate, extinguish, extract and take possession of suspected styrene railcars causing regional warming under the Law of the Sea.