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Indian Cave Pedestrian Protection Society and Bear Creek Greenway Foundation v. Toxic Liability of Jackson County Salaried Engineers and their Railroad Windfall HA-30-1-16


By Anthony J. Sanders


How much would it cost to purchase and pave the planned extension of Bear Creek Greenway to Emigrant Lake? How much from Central Point to Rogue River? How much would it cost for the pedestrian stalking and polluting Jackson County and City engineers to be salaried so they would have no incentive to delay project completion? How much extra is the railroad willing to donate this tax season, to complete the Bear Creek Greenway? Can the 'Greensweep' be politically re-defined as voluntary events aiming to clean up the trash along the greenway, to break with the local custom of sporadically evicting the campers without reason or compensation? It is proposed, under all the Constitutions, that Jackson County be held liable for the malevolent disposal of industrial solvents incidental to road work on Cove Rd. and the hostile petrochemical polluted rehabilitation of a burned barn on rangeland near the five mile marker on Dead Indian Memorial Rd. adjacent to a natural camp ground across the creek and over a ridge to Indian Cave. This is only one case of social and environmental sustainability incidental to re-engineering the railroad that is currently exclusively dedicated to the most dangerous industry of transporting logs from Oregon to California and finished lumber from California to Oregon, in Rogue Valley alone. Tree bridges give pedestrians access to Indian Cave and hundreds of acres of pristine wilderness in the mountains above Emigrant Lake.


The lowland camp ground was permeated with the strong smell of hydrocarbons and the entrance bore a discarded container of 'Smoke in a Bottle' for smoke detection. This land, whose burned out barn was recently renovated, now houses boots, paint and a large 20 gallon tank of hydrocarbons and is evidently unlawfully guarded by power stopping Pacific Power stalkers who seem particularly intent on interfering with the relationships of Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance (OASDI) beneficiaries. This land by the creek, and on the mountain and across the next creek, would be better protected as a refuge for campers, by the public, for free, forever. The rangeland, where a fixed barn is now standing, should be labeled rangeland, so the shed would not be improperly used to store chemicals that are detrimental to plant, animal and pedestrian health. Because my nose and hip noted three recent industrial solvent spills at this newly occupied natural camping ground, at the creek across the street from the entrance to Cove Rd. and on Cove Rd. where several cars of elders smiled on a sunny day when the advertised Jackson County heavy machinery was not evident, as it was on a rainy day when occupational and environmental risks on that road would seem to be unacceptably high.


The purpose of the construction on Cove Rd. is ambiguous to a pedestrian who has previously had to complain for road work to be completed safely and swiftly. The engineering occupation of the shed on the rangeland around mile marker five appears to be responsible for some illegal hydrocarbon pollution. Although there are obviously private property interests involved, this land, in particular the flat land by the creek and Indian Cave where campers would equally like their private property to be safe, would be better left as a park for the free, recreational use of the public, at no cost to anyone, but cattle. The shed could either be used as a private concession to the campers by the public protected creek, by seasonal rangeland renters, or to stockpile rangeland appropriate supplies, mostly involving fencing and cattle irrigation that doesn't contaminate the watershed. The naturally designated campground, and ideal ford to Indian Cave, and beyond, is not currently in entire agreement with the fencelines and the campers might need to be relocated to Indian Cave during open range season, for trampling and water quality reasons. Due to evilness of their pollution of the land to “stalk” with campers, without writing or talking about trespassing the squatting engineers may have lost some or all of their immunity to occupy this rangeland to a public campground by the creek and rentable rangeland for maximum use sustainable yield. Across the saddleback a scout could negotiate with industrial property owners, a trail to walk from Indian Cave to the planned three mile Emigrant Lake extension of the Bear Creek Bikepath Foundation, without fear of automobile or eminent domain, that is the only money quite a few land owners in the area have ever thought to make of their private land.


The Jackson County Cove Rd. work order is insecure from interference from Pacific Power and the weather the road workers should swiftly complete their dangerous heavy machinery work on a particularly vulnerable mountain road some sunny day. Too many highway projects have needed to be sued for completion after posing a safety hazard to pedestrians to preemptively ask the engineers for any personal compensation for toxic tort liability when the bikepath would be a healthier way for everyone to heal their toxic hydrocarbon injuries. Deprivation of rights under color of no camping sign is fined for violation of federal civil rights statute against the Jackson County Department of Transportation, at only two locations, parallel to Exit 19 and at Emigrant Lake. These no camping signs need to be taken down for business to go up. Perhaps the planned Emigrant Creek section of the bikepath is too close to the road and homes and pedestrian access should extend to Indian Cave and/or permission for the public to camp on unimproved land at Emigrant lake for free. The 'No Camping' part of the No Hunting Sign could be painted over to read read 'No Littering'. The social engineering of signs against camping is a historical scar upon the land in remembrance of some forcible relocation for which $2,000-$10,000 per family just compensation were not paid at UN Compensation Commission rates. Civil eviction from natural camping areas, without cause, particularly in the winter storm season, runs contrary to both Oregon health and the free market economics of Emigrant Lake campsite and concessions.


We are talking about millions of dollars of industrial railroad dollars via Jackson County engineering. For charitable giving to be free to occur to finish the Bikepath it seems morally necessary for Jackson County engineers rethink the intention of the 'No Camping' signs and replace generic ones with temporary 'No Camping (During Construction)' signs that are removed after the occupation is complete. The booming Railroad engineer enemies of Rogue Valley need to share their excessive revenues and budget balloon with the environmental and socio-economic interests best represented by the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation. The Greenway however has its own civil rights problem called the 'Greensweep' an organized civil eviction of the entire civilian population, causing litter and is not the organized clean-up of litter it purports to be to the English language as used in other states. Furthermore, Jackson County Vector Control and Ashland city workers seem to have intentionally polluted the bikepath with monoclonal antibodies painfully affecting the knee and sole of the foot, on at least two separate occasions in 2015 and this sort of 'oncology clinic leak' and 'social networking', now gone to 'social engineering' and 'housing authority' must be abolished and repealed, to enable people to camp for free on public property and encourage landowners to allow people to camp in private forests and forested farms. Engineers have been so disturbing to the community lately that an elementary school engineering project challenged first grade students to design a method whereby two complex tools would be used to pop a balloon to get the message across, with a minimum of legal research into the corruption of the Jackson County public libraries, that the Railroad Windfall inflated bubble of hourly-employed engineers are in need of both a salary to eliminate economic incentive for economically damaging highway projects to be delayed, and compensation for the businesses recently bankrupted by roadwork, compensation for the pedestrians and wilderness campers endangered by engineering.


The Bear Creek Greenway Foundation is hereby challenged to sue the irregularly enriched, racially rebellious, Railroad financed engineers of Jackson County for the safe and speedy completion of both ends of the bike-path prioritizing Emigrant Lake. How much for the salaried engineers and safe and environmentally sustainable passenger railroad? How much to complete the bikepath? The bottom line of the Indian Cave Pedestrian Protection Society is that it costs nothing to camp and legalizing camping vindicates freedom and civil rights in such a way that the political Actors might be able to allow the Bikepath to be completed at the Railroad's expense, without any further delay!!! The term 'Greensweep' needs to be redefined to mean an organized crew of volunteers who clean up the trash on the Greenway, who do not molest the campers or take their private property. The arbitrary evictions of all the campers on Bear Creek under color of the term 'Greensweep' are to be ruled illegal. The arbitrary evictions of urban campers on the Bear Creek Greenway should in no way affect the rights of rural campers. The 'No Camping' indication at Emigrant Lake needs to be replaced with 'No Littering' or a blanker statement. The 'No Camping' signs at Department of Transportation weigh station on Rt. 99 parallel to exit 19 and on Rt. 66 should be removed. Finally, be a salaried engineer with a bicycle who doesn't harbor any entrenched hydrocarbon weak-boned professional ethical discrimination against joggers, pedestrians, campers or the sharing of the environment and public or otherwise unspoiled private land, derided by 'social engineering' as a means to extort permits and fees from people obligated to spend unwisely on their sleep under under color of state and local building codes, although it might be healthier on the basis of doobie quality and virtuously free, living by a campfire, in the company of at least three black politicians who want their people to survive the Pacific Northwest, maybe camping in Rogue Valley's small oak forest trees (soft) during the winter storm season. Provided it is enough to afford the land and pavement, with a free rural camping agreement protecting the Bikepath and Indian Cave, Jackson County would be morally prepared, after losing the Tipi Village inheritance, to receive a disproportionately large share of Railroad compensation to complete the Bear Creek Bikepath to Emigrant Lake, at the soonest possible tax season.


'Don't Shoot the Messenger: Thinking Locally, Influencing Nationally' was published in the Rogue Valley Messenger of January 21 through February 4, 2016 stated: Ever since a motley crew of anti-federal government militia settled into the Malheur National Wildlife refuge, comments by residents about their concerns and surprise at the bullheaded attempt to “liberate” the land, make it constitutionally necessary to make a valid case for the release of the Hammond family from federal prison or be a federal criminal. But what has been largely overlooked is where and when tension between local and federal concerns and laws are appropriate – and even productive. The doctrine of interjurisdictional immunity is whereby any level of government or law may abolished, as occurred in the federal Hammond arson statute case, where there is no federal arson as a common crime statute, and the statute of limitations and double jeopardy prohibit federal interference in two state fire control cases from 2001 and 2006 first tried in 2011, sentenced two people to a year in jail in 2014 and then to a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in October 2015, when a former UN General Assembly President joined a Chinese billionaire in federal jail on “bribery” charges. beginning January 4, 2016. The doctrine of interjurisdicional immunity explains why only a human rights case for compensation prevails against the bad decisions of the suddently hypocritical Constitutional government in Oregon Federal Courts. Malignant hypertension is no longer a cause of death since effective hypertension medicines were first derived from the Ayurvedic herb for schizophrenia, Rauwolfia spp. in the 1950s. Is there a 100% link between hypertension and violent aggression, mental illness doesn't do these elders justice, a “white coat” doctor only seems to make matters poisonous, with hypertension medicines contraindicated for use with Hawthorn, the supreme herb for the heart, that is moderately curative of the entire syndrome of congestive heart failure- arrhythmia, cholesterol, circulation and blood pressure? It is said, hypertension is best treated with walking to improve lower body circulation to treat high blood pressure caused by obsessive upper body exercises of the arms. Salt can aggravate hypertension. Alcohol intoxication may lead to violent aggression 100% of the time in hypertensives. The conversation needs to redirected to the positive elements that can be derived from the tensions between local attitudes and federal rules. Tension does not need to be combative, but can be constructive difference of opinions. This general framework of public dialogue is perhaps one of the greatest legacies of the Founding Fathers and U.S. Constitution, the supreme law. Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote that cities and states should be the laboratory for ideas. The doctrine of federal paramountcy has a role to play at deciding which ideas are upheld by the federal law and which laws are overruled by federal statute. The bottle bill is a prime example, a unique and oldest idea, that idea started as a letter writing campaign from a traveling salesman to his elected officials in Salem, and ended up serving as the cornerstone for a nationwide recycling program.


What has been hijacked (by the pressure of the 9th Cir. Court of Appeal's) at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is the idea that tensions between local and federal attitudes and laws needs to be destructive and combative with the freedom established by the Supreme Court in Washington v Blakely (2004) – the Hammonds are free. The state legislature, Oregon and city governments were called upon to provide solutions for national problems (of interest to sparsely populated white supremacists who don't mind getting poisoned). Ashlanders have been left drinking free bottled water with Rat X at every rural highway exit since Johnny the homeless Marine Corp veteran, who served a more than a decade in prison for murder, passed away from colon cancer since no camping signs were posted off exit 19. The Oregon recycling effort is not properly motivated by Hygiene, as in Ohio. Oregonians should not be any more proud of their waste management than they should be about the federal paramountcy of the Hammond arson statute in their rural federal district court; rural trash pick-up is prohibitively expensive; there is probably less free dumpster space per square mile in urban Oregon than in any other city-state; and we have seen in this article how the Sheriff has been authorized to use the term 'Greensweep' to forcibly relocate all campers from the entire greenway, including rural sections, without any compensation or reason. In other states, who institutionalized a labor-intensive college environmental club recycling program, the term 'Greensweep' means a group of federally insured volunteers under 24USC§422(d)(1) who clean up the trash left in the Greenway, respect campers private property and provide campers with trash bags, gloves and dumping, to clean up the word - Green-sweep.