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February 2019


By Anthony J. Sanders


Current Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly charts for the Arctic are not being produced.  It would seem that the natural cold and wet winter weather is the product of unilateral compliance with the Polar Code of 2018.  To express my highest level of incompetence, in my final year of lowest incidence of disability 40-44, I chose a malnourished and dehydrated trail over cabin fever, and don’t think I’ll be able to finish the Statement of the United Nations, until it warms up for a while.  Deep sea divers report that cold impairs the mental faculties.  Two Chinese refugees died because they did not build a proper pagoda to vent the carbon monoxide from the barbecue in their hut.  I may have talked with that couple at the city park spring, that didn’t dry up after the forest fires, frequented for a while by the Chinese Communist Party, about hiking.  I wish I had taken the time to build a pagoda and stockpile wood before the snow covered the ground.  One hot water bottle is all a barbarian has the patience to melt from snow over a campfire under a tarp and filter.  It took eight hours of work and three days, but I am convinced that it is the invention of the pagoda that created the earliest rising civilization, who could wok in the winter. 


I cash-lessly used my debit card to buying rolling papers (or other alcohol or tobacco product justified homicide by TTB), coffee at my Internet cafe and a pink backpack.  In the wilderness I have heard of two gay males being burned to death, and met only one, who move to the city.  The other black camper with insulin dependent diabetes, who worked at the Food Bank, died, while staying at a camp I dug, cleaned up, and fired the corrupt police investigator, not the politician, the railroad is back in use.  The $160 pink backpack purchase from, for a real $8 purchase at a thrift store is disputed and it is extremely important that the now vanished $1.53 then $1.31 suspicious transaction be remembered to mean the foreign purchase is the result of the existence of a third party at the email interface of the international and US banking systems, e.g. NSA or FBI who needs to repeal unskilled Iron Curtain interference under 28CFR0.87 or originating from TTB.


Now, I have received two referrals to the Social Security Office. First, to report a new routing number, due to Complications UN Blocking Assets, no longer necessary.  Two, to get an income statement for the very generous Food Bank, who discriminate against the “homeless”, specially protected against territorial invasion by SSA, and complimentary National Park and Forest Access Pass accepted as “indigent”.  Three, to apply for OASDI Public Trustee, for a once-in-a-lifetime raise, from $711 to $2,000 a month, tax free, for either signing or being obstructed from signing the 2019 Annual Report of the Trustees of the OASDI Trust Funds, that publishes the SSI Tax Act as presented as Tables I, and jumbled in the text of the exact federal budget in Book 3.  I hope to pay international arrears with Book 5 Customs, when it is done soon, to complete the 10 volume federal budget until 2020. 

Social Security Commissioner Berryhill, with particular attention to Chief Actuary Goss, who was unable to learn to adjust the OASDI tax rate before the expiration of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (2000-2019) and must not corrupt any other government, must not report anything other than "indigent", "no address" or "" under Art. 5 and Art. 28 of the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilians in Times of War (1949).

Vanguard for Treasury Secretary to redress discrimination against public officials and judges under Art. 54.  Anthony J Principi for Defense Secretary to redress military propaganda in excess of 2% raise, 1% enlistment growth and 0.6% bonus for reducing the nuclear weapons arsenal from 6,800 to 1,7000 after reportedly achieving the 1,7000 – 2,200 warhead limit in 2012 set by the NPT under Art. 51 and make sure he does no less than three pull-ups (2 week ripped pectoral muscle beware) or 15 second arm hang for women, 111 crunches, 111 push-ups and 3 miles in 28 minutes daily and ensures President Donald J. Trump is able to perform at least the age adjusted Marine Corp Physical Fitness Test (PFT) of 3 pull-pus, 40 crunches, 40 push-ups, and three mile run in 33 minutes everyday under 10USC§111. 


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary who must somehow prohibit by law the President’s incitement to ethnic violence under Art. 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1976).  Borderline personality is the most harmless declaration of national emergency yet.  Racial barriers can always be removed and recycled, without any need for charges of racial discrimination against the construction loan, and only off-budget loan for federal construction projects, or even harboring any thoughts about leaving the President penniless by charging him for the environmental and social costs imposed on taxpayers by his possibly racist mental disease or defect, obsession making him obese, and extremely unpopular.  These abusive non-natural disaster emergency declarations purport to discriminate against nationality, political opinion and social status.  Customs must be able to afford the loan and/or Immigration and Customs Enforcement can be pensioned under Art. 22 of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families (1990) and Rule 4 Fed. Crim. P.  The FBI Iron curtain must be repealed under 28CFR0.87.  All FBI and DEA agents and unjustified former agents assaulting the White House and Congress, no matter that some of them may have a Bachelor degree or higher level of education, must be pensioned, because corrupt police investigators are not employable.  Only self-financed FBI Quantico Bay Academy, Forensic Laboratory and Uniform Crime Reporting need to be protected by the Criminal Division.  Record must be made of the destruction of the DEA drug stockpile and all perishable food and drugs impounded by the police.

The practice of robbery in regards to declaration of national emergencies in foreign nations must be overruled by more effective observations of national emergency in foreign countries, when the evidence speaks for itself, without the need for the commission of, or attempt to commit robbery, or any other crime. Vice-President Pence owes Iran $2 billion to $3.6 billion Federal Depositor Insurance Corporation compensation for robbery, first degree murder under 18USC§1111, not just defamation, or Holocaust denial regarding the massacre of Palestinian civilians by US funded Israeli Defense Force, after the judges of the International Court of Justice stood up in defense of $2 billion Certain Iranian Assets and maybe another $1.6 billion when the International Atomic Energy Association certifies Iran a non-nuclear weapons state.  The US owes everyone, including its Israeli ally, who owes everyone peace with Palestine, bilateral nuclear weapons reductions to no more than 1,700 warheads with the Russian Federation, that went up to 7,000 warheads, without further guidance under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Art. 2(7) of the UN Charter, Arts. 2, 7 and 27 of the Declaration on Social Progress and Development (1969). 

To end the trade war, the President of the United States, whose BS from the Wharton School of Business predates the World Trade Organization, and China must agree to abide by the Swiss Formula for Unilateral Tariff Reductions, as if they had never increased consumer prices, by the illegal act of increasing their tariffs pursuant to the Advisory Opinion regarding the Legal Consequences of Constructing a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 131 on 9 July 2004. The Marshall Lerner Condition is whereby developing nation currencies should be appreciated to improve consumer purchasing power in relation with industrialized nation currencies that must be devaluated to increase exports, gradually, like the Swiss Formula, to minimize consumer price inflation and maximize purchasing power, pursuant to enhancement of engagement on currency exchange rate and economic policies with certain major trading partners of the United States under 19USC§4421 and 22USC§5301 et seq.  For China to be compelled to reduce their 3.6% (2016) average tariff, mostly by eliminating tariffs on food, medicine and civil aviation parts, to be equal with the 1.6% (2016) average US tariff, the only US-China trade negotiation worth discussing is how to appreciate the Chinese yuan from 6.6 to 3.3 to make China the largest economy, in a larger Gross World Product, in the CIA World Fact Book.


Some other Democratic woman for Speaker of the House, or long-time incumbent Speaker Pelosi and Senator Sanders must politely amend federal torture statute to comply with Arts. 2, 4 and 14 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (1987) by repealing the phrase “outside the United States” from 18USC§2340A(a) and amending Exclusive Remedies at §2340B so: “The legal system shall ensure that the victim of an act of torture obtains redress and has an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible. In the event of the death of the victim as a result of an act of torture, their dependents shall be entitled to compensation.” before they have any right to exploit the 10 volume federal budget that accounts for the federal government of the United States of America till 2020 under Art .2 of the UN Charter.  Waiver of sovereign immunity offends the Convention the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations with the poison fruit doctrine, and is not an acceptable response to sovereign equality.  On the other hand, anti-trust might win the US full membership in OPEC. 


Senator Sanders has not joined the HA party (non-existent), paid compensation for his shrinking Social Security Caucus of 2011 or done anything to warrant any relief from claims of discrimination against women and child benefits 1996-2000.  Hillary Clinton makes claims of responsibility for killing both of my grandmothers in the United States of America and Kingdom of the Netherlands. Clinton bodyguard reports Hillary and Bill killed people they had sex with on their yacht, threw them overboard and called them "shark bait".  The information was neatly exchange for relief from student loan garnishment of disability benefit Assigned by FISA Court judge under Sec. 207(a) of the Social Security Act 42 U.S.C. 407] (a) The right of any person to any future payment under this title shall not be transferable or assignable, at law or in equity, and none of the moneys paid or payable or rights existing under this title shall be subject to execution, levy, attachment, garnishment, or other legal process, or to the operation of any bankruptcy or insolvency law.  The FISA Court Judge should not dissuade all FBI (and DEA) employees and other undereducated soldiers, from taking their disability. with a recommendation to achieve at least a Bachelor degree, before going back to any sort of legally advisable work, so that they can be free to whistle-blow about federal corrupt activity.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Special Advocate to the UN Secretary General for Inclusive Finance for Development for Secretary-General 2022.


Supplemental Security Income Tax Act of 2019 HA-20-12-18


To end child poverty by 2020 and all poverty by 2030.  Revenues have stalled out at $2.5 trillion FY 17- FY 19. The FY 17 surplus was sabotaged by a -5% decline in individual income tax growth from an average annual rate of 8% 1990-2016 to 2.7% FY 17, 4.6% FY 18 and 1.7% FY 19. 8% individual income tax revenue growth must be restored by fulling funding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) $13 billion with 3% annual growth from FY 16, rather than $12.3 billion. Customs must sell migrant workers social security number travel documents for <$10 under Art. 1 Sec. 9 Cl. 1 of the US Constitution. 26USC4611(b)(1)(B) and the letter (A)' must be repealed and Subsection (c)(3) appended to provide that all energy exports shall be taxed at a rate of 6% of wholesale value. The Federal Reserve should lower interest rates to highest rate able to return more than last year. FEMA is advised to solicit matching funds from county permits, and construction loans, before and after a disaster. In the final week of FY 18 there was an estimated $40 billion to pay $90 billion in arrears, prioritizing $30 billion welfare and energy arrears with the [$14,294 billion debt ceiling under 31USC3101 (2018)]. Because the actual amount of debt is disputed, the new debt ceiling should be [$500 billion] more than the previous year [$14,794 billion] to encourage the passage of the SSI tax on the rich, [$666 billion] [$14,960 billion] untaxed, to ensure CR 19 takes accurate measure of CMS and limits DoD spending to no more or less than 3% growth from CR 18. Spending growth by the military departments must be limited to 3% by FY 20. 2.6% military pay-raise propaganda is overruled by a 2% pay-raise + 1% net new employees = 3% annual increase in payroll. Budget cuts, collective expulsion of immigrants, sanctions, propaganda to induce volunteers in the armed forces and donor fatigue are all prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention Relating to the Protection of Civilians (1949). By removing [student loans savings] in brackets from the President's education budget total, FY 17 will be finally enacted. Congress must pay 2.5% annual growth in outlays for government and energy, 3% for services, education and health, 3.3% for food stamp, 4% disability and 6% for the OASI. Low income workers and beneficiaries need a 3% COLA every year inflation runs 2.5% - 3%, and the trust fund ratio is >20% to re-interpret Sec. 215(i) of the Social Security Act under 42USC415(i). Federal minimum wage must be amended from $7.25 an hour to '$7.50 in 2019 and 3% more every year thereafter.' under 29USC206(a)(1)(D). To end child poverty by 2020 tax loopholes for Title I and the rich in Section 230 of the Social Security Act under 42USC430 must be repealed. The 12.4% OASDI and SSI payroll tax on all income would be distributed 2.3% SSI 2.1% DI 8.0% OASI. The due date for the Annual Reports must be amended from April 1 to the 'summer solstice June 20-21' in Sec. 1161 of the Social Security Act under 42USC1320c-10. To alleviate pressure driving perennial OASI outlay overestimates, prematurely declaring a combined trust fund deficit beginning in 2018, the DI tax rate must be retroactively amended to 2.1% beginning in 2018 under Sec. 201(b)(1)(T) of the Social Security Act under 42USC401(b)(1)(T) before the expiration of the Bipartisan Budget Act 1 January 2019.  Please vote to confirm this Message of the Public Trustees and sign the Annual Report with a once-in-a-lifetime promotion from $693 (2018) to $2,000 (2019) a month disability under 2USC636(d), 24CFR1.8 and 24USC422(d)(1).