Hospitals & Asylums 








Fall Equinox Edition


Vol. 21 No. 3


By Anthony J. Sanders


I am going to Washington D.C. to try to get paid to audit of the federal budget, scout out the Hospitals & Asylums marathon and heal a lip freckle.  My camping gear was stolen last night, it was rainy; at least three people warned me their camping gear had been stolen, I mentioned my concern to my father, but the weather was nice all day and I went jogging and finished Homeland Security and started the State Department.  Now I can avail of the homeless shelters in DC, not have to lug around my unnecessary hiking backpack or camp 20 miles out of town, and run the capitol city.  After visiting Hot Springs, Arkansas and South Dakota, this spring and summer, all I have left to see are the HA properties in DC, not including ten repealed National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers and sundry, around the country.  With the Haitian earthquake striking within five days of submitting the 21st edition of the Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non-Government Economy (CHANGE) to the UN General Assembly, I shall rely on the representation of Secretary of State Antony Blinken to report to the high-level General Debate, World Assembly having been infringed, September 21 to 27, 2021.  He is bravely justified in prior budget cuts to inflate 4 percent annually from $63 billion FY 22 to more than $70 billion FY 25 in less than 42 months (Revelation 13:10).  After being re-elected by unopposed nomination without vote of more than 4 million who died from COVID-19, Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s shrinking budget, had to be sued for looming bankruptcy by the Fifth Committee in 2019, and needs to be sued again, before the US decides whether or not to appease such an infectious, insolvent and it must be added, adversarial truth hacking, shelter-less home-boy, whose common name Anthony was now never the most popular male baby name in the US, nor deprivation of rights a crime of genocide.  The US must limit counterfeit public debt held by the Federal Reserve to 10 percent of GDP and devaluate 20 percent in December 2021 and five or ten percent more by 2024, when the fiscal position should moderate.  This would appreciate the Gross World Product (GWP) by the inverse of devaluation for all nations but the GDP reported by the US, because the UN not only accounts in US dollars, but estimates GWP catch-up growth at the 5.3 percent rate of consumer price inflation August 2020 to August 2021 in the US.  Furthermore, everyone must be instructed of the right that the gold standard for coronavirus diagnosis and treatment is hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus colds. 


FY 2022 Education Department Cooties Budget Audit HA-16-9-21


With a true baseline of original outlays of $94.6 billion FY 21, the President's fantabulous legislative proposals to increase the budget to only $102.8 billion FY 2022 must be preliminarily rejected in response to the accounting revelation that his proposals actually cost $175.5 billion FY 22 and actual spending, with a supplement to ensure 3 percent growth from the previous year, should be $98.9 billion FY 22. The revised budget request for perpetual 3 percent inflation of $98.9 billion FY 22 is $4.3 billion, 4.4 percent, more than $94.6 billion FY 21, due to certain circumstances beyond control. Before passing any of the President's impoverishingly expensive requests, Congress must first vote to pass a $1.3 billion supplemental to ensure 3 percent growth across all programs. Another supplemental will be needed to provide ED with any more money to enact any of the President's plans, in full or in part, in addition to the accurate budget total determined by this audit.  The ED budget has largest margin of error of any Cabinet agency. Traditionally, this has been because other than loan guaranty and administrative costs [privately financed federal student lending program] revenues and expenses must be excluded from the budget pursuant to the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 under 2USC§661a(5)(A)(C).  The TEACH Grants category must delete everything but line 1 loan subsidies. Federal Direct Student Loans category lines 2-7 must be deleted, and so should line 8 when that insignificant program is terminated. General Funds Receipts attempt at tabulation should be entirely deleted. For the short-term record, Federal Family Education Loans Program Account (HEA IV-B) to be terminated FY 22 can be limited to the final Total, new loan subsidies and net re-estimate (non-add) row. Health Education Assistance Loans Liquidating Account, College Housing and Academic Facilities Loans Liquidating Account, Higher Education Facilities Loans Liquidating Account, College Housing Loans Liquidating Account revenues and advance appropriations should be clearly marked non-add. It would be wise to audit outlays by the addition of Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education and Administration (inc. Institute of Education Sciences) subtotals to ensure addition is accurate.  Very similar to his heartfelt desire to pay Equity and other Grants that are inequitable due to accounting fraud, to fulfill the President's wish for a post-pandemic return to school, it is more important than any amount of money for dis-regulated health professionals, that public and private schools be paid in gold standard for coronavirus treatment – hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus.  Having been forgiven the violent delinquent student loan debt that dissuaded tax paying, the author, who is a disability beneficiary, has opened up to asking a $500 gift per agency audit in pursuit of more than $10,000 in gifts to justify the duty to file pursuant to the Equal Access to Justice Act under 31CFR§6.4(b)(1) and 5USC§504.


Fee to Defund the American Jobs Plan and Audit COVID-19 Booger Gold for Possible Devaluation HA-12-9-21


Request for $2,400 to audit the coronavirus counterfeited federal budget, be nominated Public Trustee and scout out the Hospitals & Asylums marathon in October and November 2021 in Washington DC pursuant to the Equal Access to Justice Act under 31CFR§6.4(b)(1), 5USC§504, 24USC§422 and 28USC§1821. Debt Held by the Federal Reserve doubled from 5.5 percent of GDP in 2009 to 10.8 percent of GDP in 2010 and again from 10 percent of GDP in 2019 to 20.2 percent of GDP in 2020. In 2021 Debt Held by the Federal Reserve is estimated to increase another 60 percent to 33.8 percent of GDP before growth moderates, reaching slightly more than 40 percent by 2024. The alternative to accumulating public debt held by the Federal Reserve in rollover funds, zero-coupon bonds, etc. in excess of what the market can bear - counterfeit currency under 31USC§5153 – is devaluation pursuant to the Marshall Lerner Condition under 19USC§4421, 22USC§5301 and 2020 Revised estimates: effect of changes in rates of exchange and inflation Report of the Secretary-General A/74/585 of 11 December 2019. Furthermore, the Bureau of Fiscal Service and Board of Trustees is believed to have overestimated the 2020 payroll tax by 14 percent. The American Jobs Plan, infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion add-on, have not passed and must not pass because federal coronavirus relief counterfeiting would become virtually inaudible. The entire American Jobs Plan conspiracy exhibits a material weakness in effective internal control of financial reporting and is inconsistent with the current haphazard standards for federal accounting of relief bill counterfeiting, that would completely lose count if the American Jobs Plan were passed to the consternation of the poor and Audit Standard No. 6 Evaluating Consistency of Financial Statement by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. DOT Treasury balance is already flush with cash from three coronavirus rescue bills, however, to make up for the shortfall in five year plan to supplement mostly non-inflationary DOT revenue programs, the DOT budget necessitates an estimated $10,615 million supplement FY 23 and $12,744 million FY 24 to be skilfully integrated into their regular authorized apportionment budget pursuant to the Anti-deficiency Act under 31USC§1515.


Agricultural Administrative Procedures FY 2022 HA-30-8-21


The legal climate that the Agriculture Department is dealing with is equal opportunity employment for all races, sustaining the promise to not cut SNAP benefits, delinking Sec. 32 funding from vexatious agricultural tariffs, converting USDA long distance vehicles to biodiesel like other federal agencies are switching to electric, and forfeiture of $2.4 billion ‘Active Fo-rest Management’ to reduce wildfire risk by holding unlawful and setting aside agency action that is arbitrary, capricious, abuse of discretion, not in accordance with law, all around pseudo-science and compel agency action that is unlawfully withheld or unreasonably delayed pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act under 5USC§706. The USDA and Forest Service must provide equal employment opportunities, in proportion with the local and national population, for people with relevant college degrees, without discrimination on the basis of race and color especially, or religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or age pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under 42USC§2000e-16(e) and E.O.11478. If Congress does not authorize $8.1 billion in spending FY 22 the $36.24 SNAP benefit increase must be overruled by a 2.5 percent annual benefit increase to sustain 0.5 percent population for 3 percent total spending growth and renewal of the SNAP promise not to cut emergency food benefits pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 42USC§2000d under penalty of 18USC§264. The USDA reports receiving only $1.3 billion FY 2020, $1.6 billion FY 21 and $1.2 billion FY 22 Sec. 32 funds although US Customs reports marginal growth in $22 billion collected FY 19 and FY 20, 42 percent, rather than 30 percent of total rather than net customs duties, and it is advised to delink Sec. 32 funding from vexatious agricultural tariffs that should be unilaterally abolished. The American Jobs Plan promises to budget $15 billion, an increase of $14 billion, for economically and scientifically unsupported $250 million biodiesel infrastructure loans less grants, that could be made without limit to credit-worthy borrowers under 7USC§8103, and it is held that instead the USDA should follow the lead of other federal agencies who are converting their fleets of vehicles to electric, to convert USDA vehicles and fuel based electricity generators to biodiesel, with adequate production infrastructure to supply agency, rural community and national demand, pursuant to 7USC§8102. To prevent forest fires the USDA Forest Service must critically review the pyromaniac pseudo-science that justifies defunding 'Active Fo-rest Management' for destroying the wilderness habitat by littering the national forest with millions of flammable slash piles threatening to ignite the canopy, that cause large modern wildfires and a large share of global warming, and to prohibit commercial forest product contracts except for tax exempt mano muerta salvage logging and fire-wood logistics operations, within a year of a major forest fire, or to once and for all eliminate all the abusively slashed piles of green wood that have been negligently left to dry out and arson a territorial jurisdiction under 36CFR§261.5, 18USC§81 and Art. 81 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice under 10USC§881.


In re: 2020 Payroll Tax Freedom of Information Act Consultation HA-21-8-21


After excessive delay it seems to be necessary for the Social Security Administration and Medicare Actuaries to sue the Bureau of Fiscal Service, who prepares the Combined Statement, for consultation regarding the unusual circumstances surrounding the obviously erroneous 2020 payroll tax revenue estimates, pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act under 31CFR§1(a)(4) and 5USC§552(6)(C)(iii)(III). These agencies are communicated with via the Treasury Secretary press office and Social Security Online due to the prohibition against retaliation and coercion in Sec. 503 of the Americans with Disabilities Act under 42USC§12203. The 2020 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old Age Survivor Insurance Trust Fund and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund and 2020 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund and Federal Supplemental Medical Insurance Trust Fund neglected to include the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing recession, in order to be produced in a nearly timely fashion on April 22, 2020, nor did the updated baseline of November 24, 2020 make any attempt to estimate the effect the pandemic had on payroll tax revenues. Despite the economic depression, the 2020 Combined Statement reports 7.1 percent growth in Federal Old-Age and Survivor Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund and 5.1 percent growth in Federal Hospital Insurance (HI) payroll and self-employment income tax revenues, at the same time it reports -2.7 percent decrease in Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund revenues. These payroll tax estimates are all believed to be totally bogus and a special report of the Treasury must be Commissioned to sort out 2020 payroll tax revenues.


In re: Menthol Tobacco Adulteration - TTB v. CTP HA-13-8-21


Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Science Department is requested to conduct Attenuated total reflectance-Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy on Gambler menthol pipe tobacco and any other menthol tobacco that is thought to be suspect by consumers unsatisfied with the coronavirus cure. Coupled with chemometrics ATR-FTIR spectroscopy should be effective for monitoring various adulterants in essential oils such as menthol. Forfeited, condemned, and abandoned tobacco products should be disposed of under 26USC§5753. An appropriate TTB officer shall allow payment (without interest) of an amount equal to the amount of tax paid or determined, and the Commissioner of Customs shall allow payment (without interest) of an amount equal to the amount of customs duty paid, on menthol tobacco products, which are lost, rendered unmarketable, or condemned by a duly authorized official by reason of a disaster occurring in the United States under 27CFR§46.73.  The Secretary of Health and Human Services and Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) adulteration under 21USC§387b, is fined $100 million under 15USC§2, all CTP spending appropriations are forfeit for violation of internal revenues laws for 'transfer to TTB' under 27CFR§46.165 and special studies on unadulterated menthol tobacco and also eucalyptus scented humidifiers to ensure a safe return to school, are authorized to determine if the product warranted a “cures coronavirus” label pursuant to 21CFR§330.10 and 42USC§300u.


Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non-Government Economy (CHANGE)


21st ed. Hospitals & Asylums (HA) has been periodically published since 2000.  The HA acronym was coined by Alexander Augustus the African American surgeon who founded Freedmen’s Hospital & Asylum (HA) for President Abraham Lincoln, who also populated the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Arlington National Cemetery and wrote the Emancipation Proclamation at the Soldier's Home in Washington DC.  HA dates to the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811, that was the work of Paul Hamilton secretary of the Navy under President James Madison. The codification at Title 24 of the United States Code was the work of Hon. Edward C. Little who died on June 24, 1924.  The golden rule provides one must treat others as one wishes to be treated. Therefore non-violence, non-use of force, equal rights and self-determination are fundamental to accounting for all dealings with all people. All forms of hatred, bigotry, discrimination, prejudice, violence, crime and illness must be rejected. Everyone has the fundamental right to be free of hunger, poverty and disease in pursuit of eternal life and happiness. Remedies are to be used for the benefit of the ill; kept from harm and injustice. The gold standard for coronavirus treatment is hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus colds. Submerging the head in saline or chlorine water instantly cures coronavirus allergic rhinitis (John 1: 26)(Luke 3: 7)(1 Peter 3: 21)(Mark 6: 24). A dab of hydrocortisone creme to the nose and chest, mentholyptus cough drop or Echinacea pill cures severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Eucalyptus or lavender, usually a mentholyptus cough drop cures the wet cough of influenza. Pneumovax or ampicillin for azithromycin resistance may be needed to treat pneumonia. Eucalyptus scented humidifiers (diffusers) are advised to cure coronavirus and prevent transmission in hospitals and schools. Retreat.  Health permitting, scholars should surpass the Marine Corp Physical Fitness Test (PFT) – 50-100 crunches, 50-100 push-ups, 3 mile run and swim daily.


VA Hyperinflation Discrimination is Not an Accounting Error HA-29-7-21


Funding for the VA has increased significantly since 2012, with total funding growing by $72.5 billion (+37%) from 2018, and by $143.2 billion, (+113%) since 2012. The total 2022 request for VA is $269.9 billion (with medical collections), a 10.0% increase above 2021.  The discretionary budget request of $117.2 billion (with medical collections), a 9.0% increase above 2021. The 2022 mandatory funding request is $152.7 billion, an increase of $14.9 billion or 10.8% above 2021. The VA has exhibited the highest rate of inflation of any federal agency, in excess of 10% percent, for the past decade. The two primary reasons for this hyperinflation is 5% annual growth in medical employment and either 5% growth in the number of beneficiaries or average benefit amount. Normal services agency spending growth is 3% and net new employment growth is 1%.  VA anticipates supporting 425,428 Full-time Equivalent (FTE) staff in 2022, a 5% increase from 404,835 FY 21.  The Veterans Health Administration budget requests 369,847 FTE in 2022, 5% more than 352,427 FY 21, and 369,847 FTE in 2023, net zero growth.  Veteran compensation and pensions, grows even faster than social security retirement because the annual social security percentage cost of living adjustment is added to both the percentage growth in population and arbitrary increase in degree of disability determinations that takes all.  The only accounting deficiency is that Congress is obligated to increase the VHA facilities appropriation by $265,320,000 to $7 billion FY 22 by 42 months (Revelation 13:10), to pay for a $165 million mathematical shortfall and two major non-recurring maintenance projects in Black Hills Health Care System costing $100 million, with a commensurate reduction in medical community care appropriation pursuant to the Anti-Deficiency Act under §1515(b)(1)(B). Hyperinflation in excess of 20% has become evident in medical community care during the pandemic.  Medical community care spending became an independent spending category for the discretion of Congress in FY 17.  It is suggested, medical community care be folded back into medical services to remove this temptation from the Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system, because the obligation for medical community care is based upon the VHA being unable to schedule an appointment in 30 days.


Battle Mountain Sanitarium at Hot Springs HA-24-7-21


Prospectus: To make a long nose short, the VA has discriminated against renovations to make Battle Mountain Sanitarium handicap and family accessible, and environmentally healthy in violation of Sec. 102 and 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 under 42USC§12112 and 42USC§12132 pursuant to the Architectural Barriers Act under 42USC§4151 et seq. and 36 CFR 1191 App. C and abatement of asbestos under 40CFR§61.145 and (child dangerous) lead based paint under 40CFR§745.227 although the Secretary of Veterans Affairs has a duty under 24USC§152. $2.6 billion in un-obligated balances returned to the VA Medical Facilities budget do not meet the projected FY 22 obligation level of $9.5 billion, as the VA supposes, they are $165 million short. Including the $100 million cost of this prospectus to renovate Battle Mountain Sanitarium in Hot Springs and construct or lease a larger Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic in Rapid City, South Dakota, Congress must approve to add under 40USC§3307, to be mathematically and legally correct and theologically $7 billion by 42 months (Revelation 13:10). Congress is obligated to supplement the VHA facilities appropriation by $265,320,000 to $7 billion FY 22 with a commensurate reduction in medical community care appropriation pursuant to the Anti-Deficiency Act under 31USC§1341 and §1515(b)(1)(B), Sherman Anti-Trust Act under 15USC§1, American Athletic Conference, et al v. Shawne Alston, et al 594 U.S (2021) and Promoting Competition in the American Economy E.O. 14036 of July 9, 2021.


Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Use and Suicide during COVID-19 at the VA HA-7-7-21


The COVID-19 pandemic has been associated with a 40% increase in mental health and substance use disorder, including an 11% increase in suicidal ideation by adults. Preliminary statistics indicate a -6% decline in suicides in the United States and -2% decline globally although there is 50% increase in suicide attempts by adolescents.  The reduction in suicide statistic may however be deceptive because of high rates of utilization of two medically negligent methods of suicide- untreated COVID-19 alone or assisted by 10% mortality in contagious hospitals, and augmented susceptibility to respiratory depression and death from opioid overdose, reported to have increased 20% 2019-2022 in the United States.  The global public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic must be held responsible for the intentionally hopeless and counter-intelligent retaliatory, mind altering substance, intimate partner violence “suicide attack” intent upon denying the public necessary information that “hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or salt helps water cure coronavirus” to sell (child) defective vaccines.  Primary suicide risk factors are a history of depression, insomnia and other mental illnesses, hopelessness, substance use or abuse, certain health conditions, previous suicide attempt, violence victimization and perpetration, and genetic and biological determinants.  The abuse of certain mind-altering substances must be incorporated into the literature on mental illness – dimethoxymethylamphetamine (DOM) causes a three day panic attack followed by six months severe mental illness if not washed off with water, pseudo-ephedrine and statin drug brain shrink makes people illiterate and the brain damage, especially from statins becomes infected, a third form of toxic mental fuzz that causes one to wake up at 3 am has become a leading cause of suicide.  Pneumovax is recommended for all adults over or under age 65 to prevent pneumococcal infection of heart, lung and brain damage, especially in shell shocked Veterans with PTSD and TBI diagnosis.  Cannabis is recommended to be legalized to fully recover from PTSD and as safer alternative to opioids for chronic pain.  The FBI, DEA and ONDCP are condemned for their suicide attack.  Pain management specialists and their pharmacists shall enable the vast majority of health professionals to boycott DEA registration.