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Global Leader in the Death Penalty HA-14-4-05




The Associated Press. London.  China accounted for the majority of executions reported worldwide last year.  The true frequency of the death penalty is however impossible to track because many of the sentences are carried out secretly, Amnesty International said.  During 2004, more than 3,797 people were executed in 25 countries, including at least 3,400 in china, the rights group said.  Additionally, more than 7,000 people were sentenced to death in 64 countries. Iran has the second highest number of executions, at least 159, followed by Vietnam with 64.  The United States ranked fourth on the list with 59.  There was a worldwide trend toward ending the death penalty; during 2004, five countries – Bhutan, Greece, Samoa, Senegal and Turkey abolished it for all crimes.  Several countries while retaining the death penalty in law, observed moratoria on executions, including Tajikstan, Kyrgystan, Malawi and South Korea.  The latest figures highlight the ongoing need for action to outlaw the death penalty.  Amnesty cited the case of Ryan Matthews, who in 2004 became the 115th prisoner in the US released from death row on the grounds of innocence since 1973.  His death sentence was overturned in April 2004 after an appeals judge found that the prosecution had suppressed evidence at the trial and also on the basis of DNA evidence that pointed to another person as the murderer.


President Judge Shi of the International Court of Justice, is reportedly from China, and he should take responsibility for the abolition of the death penalty in China rather than just in some scattered states in the USA like Illinois.  This previously secret knowledge regarding the executions in China might explain how a $600 fee against the University of Cincinnati for 3 months of false imprisonment under his name elicited a $6.6 million fine from the State that didn’t pay a penny or how the $1 Trillion international development settlement in Illinois was celebrated with an execution in Ohio.  So as not to be led by an unlucky murderer or insult such a friendly and accomplished man who shouldn’t be accused of the crimes of his state of origin or any other the President Judge is hereunder asked, “how many people have you executed?” “did you order such a cursed and pointless fine?” and “can you represent China under the Second Optional Protocol to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Aiming at the Abolition of the Death Penalty thereby explaining how the death penalty fails to uphold Art. 3 Of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Art. 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and how its perpetrators so often fail to communicate under Art. 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations?”.


Respective of the career of Judge, and therefore in punishment, for the common crime of appointing the most genocidal representative leader so typical of both the US and UN all the Judges of the International Court of Justice are hereby sentenced to eternity with the worst killers of the world and their names are archived at the top of the following cases in hopes of eliciting more response from Information Officer Boris Heim who wrote to accept the written proceedings under Art. 44 of the Statute of the Court involving Palestine, I now understand because the names of the judges had been written on the top of the document that day.  I hope you will take the time to review the following English language cases in apology for the casualties they caused when they were first served without your names;


Vienna Conviction Abolishing the Death Penalty


Application of Art. 118 of the Third Geneva Convention


Manuel Job Noriega v. Suck Dick Cheney Lick Bush Presiding Queen E-Lezzie Breath


Slobodan Milosevic v. International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia


Independent Drug Enforcement Administration


I would be happy to accept a fee for this work and/or gainful employment writing Hospitals & Asylums for the United Nations to help the Secretary General come to grips with the human rights situation in the United States of America and global equality in general.  The International Court of Justice seems like the swiftest way for me to be recognized for my Hospitals & Asylums Writing.  Maybe one day I could elected a Judge because I do more work for the Court than the Court is publishing.  It seems to have been the initial intention of my parents who named me Antoon Joop Sanders and then left the Netherlands shortly after my birth to study medicine in the USA where my father wisely forsook the college of law.  After some trial and error I myself have come to doubt that robes and gavels are the best way of life offered by Hospitals & Asylums and although they can be the best of friends for fools making peace no Judge has yet been discovered to set anyone free or help me prosper or tell the truth at all. 


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