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Hamilton County Electoral Fraud HA-1-11-05











Annual Report on Commitments 2004 pp21 reports that Hamilton County made 2,553 commitments to state penal institutions in 2004, 10.7% of total commitments to the aforementioned institutions.  The July 1, 2003 Institutional Census pp. 3 reports that 4,571 offenders from Hamilton County were detained 10.08% of 45,363 state prisoners, Male 4,342 10.22% Female 229 7.93%.  It has also been estimated that there are 2,500 detainees held in the three adult correctional institutions and substance abuse treatment hospitals (long term) not to mention two facilities for juveniles.  This brings Hamilton County to an estimated adult grand total of 2,500 + 4,571 = 7,071. 


The equation for determining how many people are detained per 100,000 citizens is as follows


100,000  x 7,071 / 814,611 = 868 detainees per 100,000


This is far too high.  It is higher than the national average of 725 that is three times the limit of civilized nations where a legal limit of 250 per 100,000 can be derived.  While statistics may look commendable the total incarcerated population is reported to have declined about 8%, from 49,126 in 1998 to 45,363 in 2003. Almost three-fourths of the decline came among black males, whose numbers went down by 13%, from 24,592 in 1998 to 21,438 in 2003 (a decrease of more than 3,000 inmates). There were declining numbers, as well, of black females (down 22%) and white males (down 2%). On the other hand, the number of incarcerated white females actually rose by 27%. The percent of the incarcerated population committed from the six most populated counties (Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Montgomery and Summit) declined by 14%. Half of that decline came in Cuyahoga County (where there were 2,128 fewer commitments) and another fourth in Hamilton County (with 1,156 fewer commitments).  Hamilton County should strive to cut their detainee population in half by founding community corrections program with the City of Cincinnati under RC5120.11


After witnessing a four car accident in the middle of the night after attending a gathering for David Pepper on Ludlow and then leaving for my father’s in Butler County the next day only to find that some thieves, “just kids” were reported by the police to have stashed stolen goods in the woods in front of his house I realized that I was correct – Mr. Pepper must stop calling his accounts payable, accounts prosecutable like the inane lawyers in this townMr. Pepper’s invasion of privacy is a serious crime against humanity as he is obviously conspires to commit atrocious crimes and is falsely accumulating vast loads of evidence against numerous citizens with the intention to conspire to construct a fourth jail with the County Commissioner Phil Heimlich, although he professes to have reservations in that regards and seemed to like the idea of community corrections.  The seditious conspiracy 18USC(115)§2384 is particularly apparent in the burglary, wire tapping, kidnappings, release of prisoners to commit crimes and other atrocities that point to Mr. Pepper due to circumstantial retaliations against the written word.


I believe Mr. Pepper, who we hope is a Democrat, not a demon, was strangely cited for this offense by the press Board of Elections several days before the criminal damaging began shortly after expressing my reservations about my security to his campaign manager who convinced me to attend the political party down the street from my apartment.  Mr. Cranley has possibly remedied much of the problem by putting the police officers on the street.  But the question remains is Mr. Pepper too evil and corrupt to be permitted to run for Mayor?  He has a good plan, but is totally dishonest in regards to privacy, not dissimilar to many attorneys these days.   I think if Mr. Pepper can give us back our privacy and scrap his surveillance plan he will be okay, particularly if he heeds my words and realizes that his misguided attempts at prosecution (hatred) are actually directed at his accounts payable, legal researchers and impoverished residents of Over the Rhine, who need to be filed with the appropriate one time payroll authority who should be politically neutral and supervising of all candidates to prevent any undue advantage from accruing therefrom.  This could also be the plot of the Mayor to elicit this remark from me after making some crude comment in regards to his departure to live in the haunted house.  As for Mr. Pepper, he is young, I believe he can learn but needs to desist in his princely behavior as it is unbefitting of a gentlemen.  A politician must not attack his constituents with secret police, a politician must not hire hit men or police to pull stunts or surveillance and a politician must not mock the dignity of his teacher or suffer to live in hypocrisy.  If the truth about your crimes disturbs your sleep get a prescription for sleeping pills or become a scholar, they never sleep when entertaining the exorcism of demons through democratic principles.  Whatever the case the constitution is quite clear – it is prohibited for the government to have a policy of invading privacy. 


Phil Heimlich, a Republican conspirator, has also committed an atrocious crime by stating at the Rotary Club, at the first state of the County Address, that he was planning on embarking on the construction of a fourth jail for our terrorized county without conducting the corrections study promised.  His citation that 8,000 or so detainees were released is not sufficient to warrant the construction of a new jail.  Community corrections is the only way to care for the many people from broken homes in our town.  We need to treat these people in a humane fashion before the hatred of the judges and jailers in this town twists them into the hardened criminals that they become, or are portrayed to be by the real perpetrators who hold highly paid positions with the government more often than not.  To stop the flight from our city that has suffered a decreased in population of 6.3% since 1990, 3.8% since 2000 we must stop the atrocious crimes against humanity that are perpetrated by the politicians, police, courts and their Mafioso who use Cincinnati and its residents as their battle field and torture chamber.  Our citizens must be treated with respect and dignity.  Cincinnatians must be paid for their work and not subjected to hazing, invasions of privacy, telemarketing frauds, incitement of genocide, torture, kidnappings, the death penalty, excessive criminal sentencing, illiterate and/or involuntary legal proceedings or any other crime against humanity intended to make life unbearable for reasons the citizens do not fully comprehend but suspect that it has a lot to do with the preponderance of power held by Cincinnati in the state of Ohio and the violence and ignorance with which they go about their business.


Let me then conclude this letter, that is written under duress, with the intention to have all invasions of privacy terminated against me and the people of the City of Cincinnati, with several questions regarding the integrity of the elections that are not in any way intended to cause injustice to prevail as occurred previously before my television was either maliciously destroyed or died of its own accord, along with my mouse, that I replaced.  The TV only received one channel anyways, I think I will be much more literate without one like when I was growing up on the west side of town.  Stay out of my life if you can’t write you cruel cruel people.


Should the politicians blame the people or the people blame the politicians for the seditious conspiracies and crime of the political parties and prosecutors? 


Did the Board of Elections, Court or City Council start the styrene leak?


Did Mayor Luken engage in a Major Fraud against the United States to disturb the primaries or was he merely a cheap skate?


Did Mark Mallory stage a week of prank calls before making one successful telemarketing call after the Styrene leak or was he framed?


Who convicted Mr. Pepper before the meeting and what were the circumstances?


Is Mr. Pepper or the Board of Elections truly responsible for these property crimes and invasions of privacy?


Are these property crimes and frauds then perpetrated by the Board of Elections?


Were they committed by Mr. Pepper?


Can the Board of Elections publicly certify that surveillance programs of City Hall are terminated?


Should Phil Heimlich be subjected to new elections against Alicia Reece or other more humane candidate after the Mayoral elections, perhaps in January, under RC§2733.16?


Should a community corrections program be founded so as to close first one jail and then the next one ward at a time while accepting parolees and probationers and discharging people to safe living conditions so that we could keep our town larger than the 250,000 required for community based corrections under RC5120.11?


Do the fact that every public official and lawyer in this state is totally illiterate we will never know the truth regarding the car crash at Sherlock Dr. and Ludlow Ave. on the early morning of the 22nd and the stolen goods in Butler County on the 23rd.  The prosecutor did it seems to be the most common plea. 


Don’t worry I’ve had this nightmare before, in Mexico.  I went to the house of a magician and he pulled out a banana peel and several other things out of a mysterious hole in the tablecloth.  When leaving the house a crippled and speechless lady who I had seen at several stops along the bus route to Merida, the day before, led me down the road by the arm.  As I looked behind me a black horse was running at me however I was petrified with fear as it came closer and closer and woke up feeling the horse’s breath on my face. 


Tony Sanders