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December 2020


By Anthony J. Sanders


Wanted electricity.  Public outlets in the City of Ashland where Sanders, Tony J. or guests can be excluded from private power where “Battery not Charging” is the law.  6% remaining.  Against the liberating judgment of the Supreme Court, but with extensive social counseling, I have decided to let sleeping dogs lie, even if they are lawyers, and the Role of Lawyers may have neglected their Legal Aid in Criminal, Civil and Family Cases, enabling the Jackson County Jail (1976) to interfere with all higher powers, whereas love is the solution to phobia.  Motion to Vacate.  4%.


16 percent December Devaluation of the US Dollar HA-28-11-20


The Treasury reports that the United States held $141.3 billion in foreign currency reserve November 6, 2020 compared with $139.7 billion the previous week. Subtracting the $141.3 billion in foreign currency reserves from the $3.5 trillion devaluation yields a $3.36 trillion devaluation, 15.87 percent of the $21.16 trillion third quarter GDP estimate. For the sake of effortlessly paying back the Loans to States for Unemployment Compensation and to the United States Postal Service, it seems safe to increase the initial $3.5 trillion devaluation request by $275 billion to $3,775 billion, for a nice, round 16% devaluation of the US dollar by the United States Treasury to pay for economic stimulus in December 2020 pursuant to the Marshall Lerner Condition under 19USC§4421 and 22USC§5301 et seq. by Sec. 1 of the Hydrocortisone, Eucalyptus, Lavender or Peppermint (HELP) Act of 2020.  A 16 percent devaluation of the US dollar would yield a US $96.1 trillion Gross World Product (GWP), 12.1 percent more than the US $85.7 trillion GWP estimated by the Bretton Woods Institutions pursuant to the 2020 Revised estimates: effect of changes in rates of exchange and inflation Report of the Secretary-General A/74/585 of 11 Dec. 2019 and Art. 36 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice.  Buy American hydrocortisone, eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint to treat coronavirus and allergic rhinitis under 24USC§19 and §225h.