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VasCir Technology HA-28-30-05


VMT Scientific, Inc. (OTC:  VMTF)               Recent Price:  $0.07              
Website:                              Outstanding Shares:  180,650,000
2005 Price Range:  $0.1125 - $0.345            Approximate Float:  650,000                                                                                            
Industry: Health / Biotechnology                   Current Market Cap:  $45,162,500

VMT Scientific, Inc, (Pink Sheets:  VMTF) has a unique, globally patented technology that can dramatically reduce the need for amputations (more than 100,000 annually in U.S. alone) due to diabetic neuropathy. VMT Scientific\'s revolutionary VasCir technology, applied early enough, should re-establish vascular flow by stimulating the development of the collateral blood flow system and enhancing the restoration of function of damaged neurological tissues. Initial extensive testing has confirmed that this technology offers the only effective non-invasive treatment for endocrine induced PVD.  These successful testing results, along with clinical trials, will be filed with the FDA for clearance to market the VasCir system for the \"treatment of diabetic neuropathy and PVD\", with the primary goal of saving feet and limbs. The Company plans to license VasCir to manufacturers and distributors worldwide.


Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death by disease in the
U.S. Now a modern-day epidemic, some 171,000,000 people around the globe are estimated to have diabetes and the costs of treatment and productivity losses now run into the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. In addition to loss of limbs, Type II Diabetes is the cause of many other ailments including heart disease, renal failure, blindness and skin problems. Currently, approximately 18.2 million people suffer from Type II diabetes in the United States alone, with over 5 million cases going undiagnosed. This means that 6.3% of the current U.S. population has diabetes! Furthermore, an estimated 41 million Americans have pre-diabetes. Today the annual cost to treat diabetes symptoms exceeds $132 billion, or about one tenth of all health care dollars spent in the U.S.

VasCir represents immensely important medical technology that will be in huge global demand to treat individuals with diabetic neuropathy. VasCir works by supplying sophisticated negative pressure technology leading to the first controlled method of soft tissue histogenesis.  Furthermore, the Company is investigating VasCir\'s therapeutic use in other medical applications such as vascular disease, pediatric medicine and reconstructive / aesthetic medicine. See for comprehensive info!

VMTF is virtually undiscovered by the investment community and is severely undervalued based on the projected enormous global demand for VasCir.  The Company has a strong and experienced management team that is committed to major commercial success. We believe that VMTF, currently trading around $0.25, is one of those timely rare gems that offers savvy investors a golden opportunity for huge appreciation gains.   This is a GROUND FLOOR Special Situation!


Comentario: These statistics are astounding. Without doing any further research I would have to say VasCir will make a dramatic improvement to the lives of millions of people.,