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                                                                      UN Chronicle: Human Rights Council  HA-30-3-06                                                              


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15 March 2006, the United Nations 60th General Assembly passed a historic resolution approving the creation of the new UN Human Rights Council. The Council will serve as the main United Nations forum for dialogue and cooperation on human rights.  Its focus will be to help Member States meet their human rights obligations through dialogue, capacity building and technical assistance.  The Council will also make recommendations to the General Assembly for further development of international law in the field of human rights.                                                            
The first election of members of the Human Rights Council by the General Assembly is expected to take place on
9 May 2006, followed by the first meeting of the Council to be convened on 19 June 2006.  Below are UN Chronicle articles on issues that concern the new UN Human Rights Council and human rights machinery, as well as links to related UN websites and other resources.                                                                                                                                          
World Summit Outcome Actions (Issue 3, 2005)                                 
From Seeds to System: The United Nations Charter (Issue 3, 2005) By Lawrence S. Finkelstein                                
From the Secretary-General: ‘Saving Millions of Lives, Giving Hope to Billions’ (Issue 3, 2005)                                 
The Human Rights Obligations of Intergovernmental Organizations (Issue 3, 2005) By George Kent                                
‘In Larger Freedom’ (Issue 1, 2005)                                 
Combating Terrorism While Protecting Human Rights (Issue 4, 2004) By Leslie Palti                                
The Secretary-General’s Lecture Series:  ‘Who Is Afraid of Human Rights?’ (Issue 3, 2004) By Nguyen Tang Le Huy Quoc-Benjamin                                 

Satisfaction, Regret and Hope (Issue 1, 2002) By Nigel Rodley                            
Reconciling Non-intervention and Human Rights (Issue 2, 2001) By Douglas T. Stuart                                 
Defending ...  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Issue 4, 1998) By Dumitru Mazilu                                  

LINKS TO RELATED RESOURCES                                                                

UN Charter                                                
Universal Declaration of Human Rights                                            
UN Human Rights Council                                                                                             
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights                                                     
UN Commission on Human Rights Suspends Work - UN News                               

UN Commission on Human Rights                                         
International Court of Justice                                         
Human Rights in Action - UN Cyberschoolbus                            
Human Rights  - UN Works                             
World Summit Outcome Documents                                       
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