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State of the Union Address


Unofficial Transcript HA-2-2-05


Speaker of the House: The President of the United States


As the government all the elected branches of the government have a great privilege we share with the newly elected leaders of Afghanistan, Palestine and a newly sovereign Iraq.  I would like to guide our nation the ideal of liberty for all. Tonight with a health growing economy the state of the Union is confidence and strong.  Our generation has been blessed by the expansion of opportunity and the advances in medicine.  We ask the question as our hair grays what will be the state of the Union.  Let the United States do what it has always done and do it for our children.  First we must restore faith in the economy.  When action was needed to Congress delivered.  By making our economy more flexible we shall make the US the leader of the world.  We must restrain the spending habit of the federal government.  I will send a budget that holds discretionary funding and balances the budget by 2009.  My budget substantially eliminates government programs that do not fulfill essential objectives as tax dollars must be spent wisely or not at all.  Education is the targeted for expansion to make our economy more competitive our county must help small entrepreneurs and protect job owners from junk lawsuits.  Justice is distorted and our economy is held back by frivolous class actions and asbestos reforms.  To make our economy stronger and more productive we must give families for control over their health decisions. I ask Congress to move forward with an agenda to help poor citizens buy government health insurance and ensure every low income community has a health center.  To keep our economy going we also need sources of affordable energy.  Nearly four years I submitted a comprehensive energy strategy that included safe clean nuclear energy.  My Cleark skies legislation will cut emissions.  Research shall investigate alternative fuel sources.   I have hired a panel to examine the tax code from top to bottom.  I shall create a tax code that is fair to all.  America’s immigration system is outdated unsuited to the values of our country or invite chaos at our borders that rejects amnesty that closes the border to drug dealers and terrorists.  One of America’s most important institution is in need of wise and effective reform.  Social Security was one of the great successes of the 20th Century and we must honor its success in the 21st Century.  The system however on its current path is headed towards to strengthen and save social security (drunken yeah).  Today more than 25 million receive social security benefits and I have a special message for people over 55- the social security system will not change the social security system has serious problems that will get worse in time.  In today’s world benefits are scheduled to rise instead of 16 payers for every beneficiary only 3 payers that will dwindle to 2.  In 2018 Social Security will begin paying more than it takes in.  By 2033 the annual shortfall will become $300 billion.   You and I share a responsibility and must pass reforms that solve the problems of social security once and for all.  Many ideas are on the table but we must move ahead with courage and honesty because the future of our children is more important than partisan politics. We must be guided by basic principles to make us permanently sound.  We must ensure that lower income Americans have seucirty in their retirement and must ensure that changes are gradual for low income workers.   We also have the chance to make it more accessible for workers through voluntary retirement accounts.  Rather than investing in federal social security the worker places it in private accounts that accumulate more interest than the government and the money is yours and the government can never take it away.  The goal here is greater security in retirement so we will set requirements for personal accounts we will ensure it goes in conservative funds and is not subject to market swings at the moment of retirement.  By raising the yearly limit to 4% of wages in personal retirement accounts.  Thrift savings plan permits deposits to be made in private accounts to extend the same ownership to young Americans.  Our second great responsibility to the future is to protect the institution of marriage.  Because a society is measured by how it protects the weak and vulnerable by developing treatment.  Committed to build a culture of life to ensure that human life is never bought or sold as a commodity.  America will continue to lead the world in medical research that is always ethical.  Judges have a duty to faithfully interpret the law not legislate from the bench.  As President I have a responsibility to appoint a number of men and women to serve on the bench.  The constitution also gives the Senate responsibility every nominee deserves an up or down vote.   Our government will focus of faith based groups.  Tonight I propose to limit gangs  integrate gang members into the community.  One of the main sources of national unity is equal justice and must make doubly assure that people are not held responsible for crimes they did not commit and are committed to DNA evidence to prevent wrongful conviction.  Since 2001 we have busted terror cells across the country we are working every day to make our Homeland Safer.  We have confronted our enemies abroad the Al Queda network still has leaders but many remain.  There are still regimes seeking weapons of mass destruction but never without consequence.  We will stay on the offensive against them until the fight is won.  Pursuing our enemies is vital commitment in the war on terror.  We must give them the tools for victory.  We are co-operating with 60 governments to stop the transit of dangerous materials.  In the long term the peace we seek will only be achieved by eliminating radicalism and ideologies of murder.  The only force that will stop the rise of tyranny and terror is the force of human freedom.  The United States has no right or desire to impose our form of government on anyone else that is why it shall lead to peace.  To promote peace in the broader middle east the US co-operates to fight terrorism.  The great and proud nation of Egypt that showed the way to peace in the Middle East will now pave the way to democracy in the Middle East.  We must confront regimes that harbor terrorists and promotes mass murder.  Our men and women are fighting in Iraq so that we do not have to face them here at home.  We will succeed because they (Iraqis) value their liberty as they showed the world last Sunday.  Across Iraq, often at great risk millions of citizens went to the polls to elect people represent them in the new democratically elected general assembly.   In the end Iraqis must be able to defend their country.  An Iraqi reporter said, “tell America not to abandon us.”  We are standing up for the freedom of our Iraqi friends and shall make that nation free for generations to come.  We have said farewell to many men and women who gave their lives for us.  We have seen the unfolding of large events.  In our history even when we disagree.  We must spread the peace that liberty brings.  Thank you and God Bless America.