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September 2007


Noriega devaluated the US dollar to $1.39 per Euro compliments of BEA’s 4% economic growth estimate, later reduced to 3.8% for second quarter 2007.  This year the BEA accepted a large quantity of offshore counterfeiting.  I still have $5,000 in traveller’s checks sent UPS by the domestic operatives of these fictitious European businesses, with my name and VOID written on them.  This scam seems persistent enough on to revise US economic growth downward to 2% for the second quarter, $250 billion of voided checks.  Essentially the money is as perjurous as Noriega’s trial.  Although I balanced the federal budget, Google estimates a deficit of $170 billion.  The liberals are corrupt and for the first time in years the conservatives have achieved moral superiority.  I however doubt that the conservatives equate their newfound popularity with the duty to balance the budget and uphold minority rights whereas the movement has so far not had the wit to advocate for environmental conservation.  To make the right less frightening it is hoped that the US will appreciate Chinese and Latin American currencies in order to decrease the demand for undocumented migration.  In the future the US must not accept the bad judgment of those rich Europeans as anything but an international conspiracy to devaluate the dollar when BEA estimates are high because a considerable number of domestic marketers and exporters would benefit from a devaluation of the dollar and the US must strive for equality amongst the currencies of America while the Euro remains stable.  At the annual military coup for the World Summit five Buddhist monks were killed but not before they had spoken of Democracy – Myanmar must therefore be held to democratically elect their Ambassador to the United Nations until such a time when everyone in the world will vote for the Secretary, who is not an active duty General.   October is National Pharmacy Month, the President must sign the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection (CHAMP) Act of 2007 H.R. 3162 so that the taxpayers would not be banned from bars and restaurants and release Manuel Antonio Noriega to the custody of Panama, the Ohio Supreme Court must bring the CMS infringement to trial for a new name when Clerk Frost begins to administrate just-ice on October 20.


End of Fiscal Year 2007 HA-20-9-07


Nomination of Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor and Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development candidates for President in the 2008 elections with requisite balanced budget.  CBO expects the 2007 deficit to total $158 billion, a $90 billion decline from the $250 billion deficit recorded for 2006.  For 2007, CBO anticipates a deficit of $158 billion, $47 billion less than OMB’s estimate of $205 billion.  The US has succeeded in bringing the account deficit below one trillion dollars but the budget and international trade continue present a significant challenge to economists and lawmakers.  Since 2004 the account deficit has been over a trillion dollars.  In 2004 it was –$1077 billion, in 2005 –$1183 billion, in 2006 the trade deficit began to decline at the end of the year to –$1007 billion, this 2007 it is down to an estimated –$868 billion.   The trade deficit has declined to a lucky -$711 billion and the budget deficit is estimated between -$150 and -$200 billion wherefore the account deficit is between -$861 and -$911 billion.  Social security must be obligated to return up to half of their un-administrated profits.  Medicare needs to improve their oversight and restrain the annual inflation of health care costs to no more than 3% to earn a raise in the tax rate from 2.9 to 3.0%.  The military needs the fiscal discipline imposed by the goal of $400 billion annual spending to continue making progress and again return surplus funds in excess of 25% reserve to the treasury.  The HA budget is balanced and presides over the end of year negotiations of a Congress that is victorious against the trillion deficit.  The international trade balance is reliant upon liberty from injustice, persecution and discrimination.      


Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non Governmental Economics HA-17-8-07


To enact parliamentary democracy a non-governmental political organization named Hospitals & Asylums (HA) was written by Tony Sanders in 2000.  The history of HA dates to the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811.  The codification at Title 24 of the United States Code was the work of Hon. Edward C. Little who died on June 24, 1924.  Our mission is to perfect a HA statute to teach a society of people of the right to write Hospitals & Asylums at the top of their document to grow and flourish with equal rights, health, justice, truth, freedom and peace in pursuit of long life, prosperity and happiness.  The rule of law is a foundational principle of our constitutional structure.  The inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.  All people shall enjoy the International Bill of Rights.  Economic law is held to the law of supply of demand, the law of diminishing returns, fair wages and the integrity to balance the budget and international trade.  The future of HA is the largest government reform in the history of the United States of America, the United Nations - the finest atlas and law in the world.  To amend HA contact the author. Human rights and a ten year community based corrections plan are incorporated into two civil rights amendments.  The US Constitution is amended for a balanced budget and justice of the peace.  The UN Charter is amended for an international tax administration and human rights council.  Seventh draft done Constitution Day 17 September 2007.


Manuel Antonio Noriega v. United States of America HA-9-9-07


To secure the release Manuel Noriega to the custody of Panama on September 9, 2007 as decreed an Amices Brief has been drafted for Congress to ensure that extradition treaties with Panama are in working order and secure the legal service of the Panamanian consulate.  The immunity of witnesses is discussed in the context of perjury.  On 20 December 27,684 U.S. troops and over 300 aircraft confronted the 3,000 Panamanian Defense Force.  In Operation Just Cause 23 US service members were killed, 18 from the Army, 4 from the Navy and one from the Marine Corp and 324 wounded in action there were an estimated 516 to 4,000 Panamanian casualties.  Noriega contends that under the Geneva Conventions, a POW must be returned home after hostilities have ceased -- in his case, more than 20 years ago.  US Magistrate Judge William Turnoff's did commit perjury on Tuesday August 28, 2007 by saying "The rights asserted by General Noriega simply do not exist under the Geneva Conventions."  Art. 118 of the Third Geneva Conventions provides, “Prisoners of war shall be released and repatriated without delay after the cessation of active hostilities.”  The US border is secured against three flagrante delictos by two French speaking countries who we pray will return money stolen from US nationals.  Manuel Noriega shall be returned to Panama as decreed.


CHAPTER 5 International Development (ID)


To amend Chapter 5 Columbia Institution for the Deaf §231-250 and to take a daily roll call on Expressing the sense of the 110th Congress that Iraq should vote to approve or disapprove the continued deployment of United States Armed Forces to Iraq H.CON.RES.110.  US Ambassadors to the UN must make accounting for ODA their top priority and should devote at least 50% of their time to the cause.  In 2006 the US is credited with contributing $20 billion, 0.18% of the GNI.  In 2007 the US promises to dramatically increase foreign assistance to $35 billion, 0.3% of the GNI.  Private donors who need to register for private bills contribute another $33 billion annually making this figure closer to 0.6% of the GNI on track to achieving the goal of 0.7% by 2010.   The bad news is that international aid dropped 5.1 per cent from $106.8 billion in 2005 - a record high - to $103.9 billion in 2006.  The good news is some 400 million people have escaped poverty in the last 20 years and the $1 trillion decade goal remains possible if the US would account for private contributions.  In 2007 world population is between 6.56 and 6.8 billion.  The gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated at $63.5 trillion.  The average per capita GDP is $9,600.  The average life expectancy is estimated at 67.86 years.  The average rate of incarceration per 100,000 was 162 a with a high of 737 in the USA.  Global government budget revenues are estimated at $14 trillion and expenditures at $15 trillion.  International trade is estimated at $12 trillion.  Official development assistance (ODA) is forecast to levy $120.5 billion and disburse $112 billion - $125 billion is a good goal for contributions this 2007.  The World Development Report recommends a minimum of USD12.00 per capita in health insurance. 


Sanders, Tony J.