Hospitals & Asylums    




September 2005

1. 67th Session of the Committee on Racial Discrimination HA-1-9-05


2. 33rd Session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women HA-2-9-05


3. Hurricane Katrina HA-2-9-05


4. European Statistics HA-5-9-05


5. FEMA Response HA-9-9-05


6. South East Asian Statistics HA-12-9-05


7. UN Chronicle World Summit HA-13-9-05


8. Summary of the World Summit HA-15-9-05


9. Pardon Ohio HA-17-9-05


10. Hearing AID Act of 2006 HA-20-9-05


11. Recommendation for a Peace Corp Volunteer to Run for USAID Administrator HA-26-9-05


12. Martin Luther King Jr. National Movement for Nonviolent Social Change HA-27-9-05


13. Hospitals & Asylums Members HA-30-9-05


Vol. 5 Is. 3