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Art. 1 Poison Control


A. In this Directive, for the promulgation of the local government, it is hoped for the community to return to the tried and true philosophy of, Poison Control, to protect the immunity of witnesses from bio-terrorism, in a post 9-11 world.  People living in the community, in hospitals and in detention centers; who become victims of torture are entitled to reparation by means of honest physical exams by unbiased physicians and emergency professionals who neither divulge their patient’s secrets irresponsibly, nor fail to diagnose and treat their patients medical symptoms, nor embark upon dangerous medical procedures when it is likely that the evidence used to make the diagnosis may be tampered by a third party. 


B. Biological, radiological and chemical weapons are strictly prohibited.  It is a crime for even courts, emergency professionals and medical staff, to possess biological weapons, that is punished with up to 10 years in prison, 20 years if torture resulted or up to life in prison, if death results.  Typically the discovery of the employment of poison in a community results in the issuance of official warnings to those convicted of a first offense with consideration given to the removal from office of all people involved.  Toxic substances must be properly destroyed by trained and protected professionals who keep confidential records for the public health examiner. 


1. It is not required to keep physical evidence of poisonous weapons – we believe you. 


2. A clever victim, may overcome their stupor, and preserve some of the toxic substance in a Ziploc bag and disposable container so as to have undisputable evidence.  Evidence and testimony of poisoning should be immediately reported to the Board of Health by emergency professionals, confiscated and destroyed.  Allowance must be made for the collecting of testimony, as well.


3. Victims of poisonings and prolonged torture cannot be expected to pass the mental challenges presented by their tormentors and people and medical practitioners should believe, sympathize and counsel them without discriminating against them, even if they appear rude, poor or confused.  Victims of persecution and torture should not be diverted to unnecessary court, mental health or possibly torturous medical treatment regimes without multiple confidential opinions whereas there is a heightened risk that the medical evidence may be tampered. 


4. To protect them from themselves emergency professionals should not be given physical evidence of biological weapons without the directive to have it professionally analyzed, destroyed and reported to the governmental statistical authority – the local Board of Health - that is hereby issued. 


5. All biological weapons and any public contracts for their use should be immediately reported to the local Board of Health, who is expected to safely destroy all such substances and rule unconstitutional any offensive prescription of law, within a week of discovery, of such an object. 


6. Physical evidence of biological weapons must be destroyed.  Only photos and toxicology reports are admissible evidence in trials regarding bio-terrorism, that should be kept confidential as the result of the international conspiracy.  Trials regarding poisoning are the domain of the local Board of Health. 


C. The Board of Health shall ensure that every community is notified of their competence in the disposal, transport, analysis and destruction of all substances which are determined at the scene to be too dangerous for transport.  When statistical evidence indicates that bio-terrorism and poisoning are a problem, or the community previously did not have such a program, or at regular intervals, the community may be warned of the danger through the publicized establishment of a Poison Control program strictly supervised by the Board of Health that informs the community of how many cases of poisoning are reported, how many are confirmed, how many are fatal and what precautionary measures can be taken. 


1. Accounting for individual allegations of poisonings is the responsibility of the local Boards of Health who should make regular statistical reports to the 911 community and to the State Department of Health who in turn report to the relevant statistical program of the federal government, who in turn reports to the World Health Organization. 


Art. 2 Physical Exam


A. Everyone in the community is entitled to a family physician and annual physicals regardless of their ability to pay. Our common goal is universal access to safe, affordable and effective medical care.  Hospitals, community clinics and asylums must pass the physical exam for all sick people whether or not they are free or slave, poor or rich, loved or cursed.  Medical doctors are obligated by the Hippocratic Oath to use their remedies for the benefit of the ill in accordance with their ability and judgment and keep them from harm and injustice.  In general:


1. Drugs that are deadly must not be administered, even if asked for, nor should counsel for torture, be suggested.


2. Whatever house of healing a physician, health or emergency professional or patient may visit, they must go for the benefit of the ill, remaining free of all intentional injustice, mischief and perverted acts upon the free and the slaves.


3. Whatever is seen or heard in treatment, or even without treatment, that might be detrimental to the life or health of human beings – shall not be used to harm a person - whereas such knowledge should be kept a secret.   


B. When there are allegations of torture or poisonings medical records must be kept strictly confidential and a report should be made to the local Board of Health, who are trained to investigate with respect for the confidentiality of both patient and physician, who might suffer retaliation.  Investigations into allegations of poisoning and bio-terrorism should be kept with the local medical association and the utmost trepidation should be exercised in the disclosure of confidential health information in governmental, national and international affairs in any other than statistical form. Whereas there are so many bad public health rules and regulations and controversies arising under the Hippocratic Oath medical practitioners are given wide latitude in their acceptance of public health doctrines. 


1. A physician’s respect for their teachers is expected to be second only to that of their patient, whose best interests they are to serve.  Allegations of poisoning and torture give rise to concerns regarding the secrecy and accuracy of medical records. 


2. Medical practitioners are expected to express this uncertainty in the patient’s records so that they are not improperly diagnosed as the result of tampered evidence. 


C. Choosing to not to treat a patient does not free a medical practitioner or emergency professional from their obligation to secrecy in regards to health information that might be used to identify a person’s vulnerabilities.  It is a civil violation for a medical provider to refuse to treat a patient that they are competent to treat- simple physical exams must not be denied.  People are entitled a physical examination and to second and multiple opinions regarding their – blood, toxicology, x-ray, etc. 


1. It is a civil violation for a medical practice to refuse a person medical treatment and a medical practice may be arbitrarily fined the reasonable sum of $100 although governmental or private health insurance could have paid that medical establishment, an estimated $250, for serving the oppressed person. 


2. Community health programs should be established and promoted to ensure that people speedily receive physical exams and are referred to a general practitioner for routine check-ups and counsel regarding specialist care, if needed. 


Art. 3 Immunity of Witnesses


A. The question of law, or cruel joke, posed by poisoning and torture usually involves the immunity of witnesses from retaliation and prosecution.  People are frequently persecuted as the result of their race, class, sex, disability or political opinion.  Whereas political and legal opinions involve the condemnation of the actions of the armed force or government oppression it is imperative that these people who defend everyone’s rights are given extra protection from bio-terrorism, torture and murder for hire schemes by all emergency, judicial and health professionals.  Prosecutors must never commit the crime of poisoning, as so often has occurred in tortures of the past, nor should they counsel its use in the armed and medical forces.  Poison is prohibited and must never be used in an attempt to control human behavior, to harm a person’s mental faculties, to damage their health and ability to work or perform, or attempt to deter certain behavior through pain. 


B. The definition of torture under color of law is extended to include both the traditional extraction of testimony by means of threats and physical violence, and programs of intimidation and retaliation intended to harm or scare witnesses.  In the Hippocratic Oath conflict arises between principle of having all the gods and goddesses as witnesses as the day such medical or emergency professional receives their diploma and keeping information gathered secret.  In practice counsel is for patient record confidentiality in all cases where poisoning or torture are suspected.  The Board of Health should be notified of any allegations of poisoning and it is up to their professional judgment to notify the appropriate authorities with respect for the confidentiality of the victim and their medical help. 


C. Government officials and politicians are likewise bound to honor the requests for secrecy of any Rappateur of poison or torture.  Any action a politician deems necessary to be taken for the resolution of the social problem suspected of giving rise to the poisoning should respect the confidentiality and wishes of the victim, who should be informed, in writing or orally, of the intention to publicly disclose any information or derivative information, that might incite their tormentors, so that the victim can be prepared or request that such disclosure not be made at such time, or request greater witness protection, usually in the form of cash assistance to low income people. 


Art. 4 Prescriptions of Law


A. The law can be both good and bad, just like the people and governments who write it.  The most dangerous phenomenon in law involves the intersection between health and law whereby declarations of war and authorizations of the use of force are issued in such a way that the medical establishment that is sworn to remain neutral and non offensive might get involved or issues sanctions against life saving treatment are denied.  The concern for the medical establishment is that not being much more ethical, than the judiciary, defective laws and treasons are frequently admitted into medical or general practice that can contribute to the loss of life by means of widespread or targeted abuse or negligence of the people, whom we are all charged with serving and protecting truthfully, confidentially and in their best interest.  When rules and regulations have ominous undertones to public health professionals, health administrators and/or medical doctors, the counsel of a Bar Association authorized health attorney should be sought to ensure the immunity of witnesses while the law is repealed.  Prescriptions of law needing redress tend to fall into two categories:


1. Negligent rules promulgated by hospitals and medical associations that obstruct or prevent people from receiving routine physical exams, ostensibly to make more money with catastrophic care, must be overturned.  Reasonable attorney’s fees should be awarded to advocates of access to medical care in cases where a complaint is not immediately remedied by the health care institution. 


2. Abusive rules promulgated by a public or private government authorizing the use of prohibited biological, radiological, nuclear and chemical weapons, must be overturned.  Reasonable attorney’s fees should be awarded to advocates of the political independence of the community from these bio-terrorist, slavery, torture and murder for hire pacts indicative of a failed State whose government is treating its people as third class citizens.


B. Prescriptions of law can be similar to cultural spills of toxins and lies to which everyone must be wise, but which are designed to punish such bearers of the bad news that a law is treason.  Bad laws can come from within the professionally and government regulated medical and pharmaceutical establishments but are more likely to come from class conscious political soldiers in the security forces who are attempting to unprofessionally regulate the medical establishment in order to control the life and liberty of people who threaten their authoritarian regime. 


1. Medical practices must be prepared to review and reject any pacts or laws they determine to be defective in whole, or in part because they incite genocide causing, potential loss of life, harm of mental faculties, torture or pain or fraudulent unnecessary and dangerous and expensive medical procedures, or enforced and uncompensated relocation of any group of people. 


2. On the other hand medical practices must strive to cooperate to achieve the highest possible standard of health care and ethical prescriptions of law are the greatest hope for better health regulation, medical practice integration into the lives of the patients and literature.


C. So that investigations of prescriptions of laws in the government and medical establishment are speedily resolved and without conflicts of interest the procedure regarding the public health emergency of poisoning is best handled by the Board of Health and their public health professionals and attorneys who are generally not wishy washy about a person’s right life and liberty, whether they be a drug addict, conscripted felon or corrupt official.  The procedure is to grant bio-terrorists, not known to be murderous, complete immunity from prosecution on the first offense so long as they turn in their superior officer and promise to desist in the practice.  Employment of people convicted of employing poison, either as the superior officer or delivering toxins, and any trust funds for such practices must be quietly terminated and placed on probation to ensure that they do not influence the re-employment of their positions if critical or continue in an office easily co-opted to organized crime. 


1. The initial review of a community can be made without threats against employment and is conducted in three parts.


a. Summons for a review of Homeland Security contracts for murder, poisoning and torture (including spying) for hire clauses with consideration for the termination of war contracts.


b. Search of facilities and officials for biological weapons when it is determined by a Court that there is probable cause for such invasion of privacy.


c. Promulgation of rules prohibiting bio-terrorism, poisoning, torture and murder in the armed and medical forces.


Art. 5 Independence of the Medical Establishment


A. Private health care providers must treat victims of persecution and torture and treat the physical symptoms, just like everyone else, but with greater concern for confidentiality, for the uncertainty of the diagnosis and the possibility of retaliation.  It is the duty of medical practitioners to administer physical exams to the public – even in times of war.  The term “enemy combatant” has no meaning unless that individual is armed.  In any conflict, armed or otherwise, medical practitioners are expected to remain neutral by means of professionally disarming, diagnosing and treating any soldier injured in combat.  Medical practices are not required to treat people who pose a risk of physical violence however they must not discriminatory in this concern for personal safety. Medical practices must not be deterred from treating the public, by threats and fears of official retaliation.  The State shall pass no law that obstructs the patient’s right to a physical exam nor the medical practitioner’s right to be free of fear of violence and retaliation.


B. Co-operation is needed between public and private health professionals to protect the public from the threat of bio-terrorism.  It is left to the Coroner, Board of Health, Bar Association and Medical Association to remedy individual complaints of, and to keep geographical statistics on, poisonings, to determine whether or not a court or armed force is competent in the prohibition of the use and possession of biological weapons.  Whereas there is a documented problem with bio-terrorism in the Department of Homeland Security the Board of Health must be responsible for reviewing every such contract for clauses that might permit such poisonings, torture and murder for hire.


1. Should the Medical Establishment find themselves outgunned or intimidated by any militia, the Military Health System may command the Military to rise in their defense, in writing.