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November 2010


By Anthony J. Sanders


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, more than 2 million people whose unemployment insurance is about to expire, will have to live on leftovers.  Give the gift of health this season – antibiotics cure endocarditis, are prophylactic to pertussis, defeat or contain most opportunistic infections of the lung and protein stealing bacterial colonization of the gastrointestinal tract, with few side-effects and no drug dependency, if the course is taken properly.  Antibiotics can be purchased without a prescription from many online pharmacies.  It remains to be seen if the local pharmacy can dispense antibiotics for cash, without the exchange of any personally identifying information.  Antibiotics are the single greatest medical advance in history, only clean water and sanitation added more life years.  Imagine 1010 human cells (estimate) sharing food with 1014.001 non-human bacteria, and the 1014 bacterial cells in the gut are 99.9% Bacteroides species and there are 1012 bacteria in the skin.  Streptococcus, a respiratory and rheumatic complaint and Stapholococcus, the unwashed hands that cause food poisoning, combined, cause toxic shock syndrome.  In our culture these are the two most common bacterial infections, inflaming every wound, arthritic joint and auto-immune condition, many of which are the result of high invasive bacterial count or low beneficial bacterial count, harmonized with antibiotic and/or probiotic treatment.  The good news is that unlike chemical dyes bacteria and viruses can be disinfected in the wash, and the bioterrorists didn’t do it intentionally and really are your friends.  Lysol is 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses.  While Americans may not distribute their health insurance, nor thereby their disability insurance, very freely, the Holidays present an opportunity to ensure everyone has stockpiles of antibiotics for prophylactic and therapeutic use, adequate to eliminate the Bordetella pertussis and other bacteria that plague the nation.  By the way the FDA is soliciting for authors to write a large new FDA warning label for tobacco products 3 inches by 5 inches or so, like they do in Canada pursuant to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act and Federal Retirement Reform of 2009 P.L. 111-31 of June 22, 2009.


I drafted a Mission Statement for the Social Security Administration Beneficiary Union, to abolish loneliness.  It doesn’t work.  SSA employees will be fired if they send any emails.  This is how illiterate lawyers and doctors dominate the staff, despite the negligence of their scribbling they have more intellectual property than the people they defrauded.  Without a government securing the freedoms of press, peaceable assembly and trade not a single American would care if the doctors and lawyers crucified Jesus Christ himself.  Americans simply don’t have the time to agree every time someone is right and the government is wrong.  Americans may not have high union or voter participation rates but they do appreciate safe and secure benefit payments.  In these cold and hard economic times SSA must help Americans help themselves and a union is a standard format for the collective bargaining our unemployed post-industrial society needs.  SSA would probably be amenable to advertising meeting announcements at the local office.  But I don’t have a car and hope the Armed Forces Retirement Home will host a meeting before I get my sea legs.  But the elders don’t use email either. It is a shame that even SSA, the most civilian of all agencies, fails to uphold the first amendment freedom of the press and peaceable assembly by email.  A lot of social work can be done by email.  SSA offices are hospitable to the public and the staff will probably like the idea of volunteer Beneficiary Union meeting hosts, as long as they are beneficiaries.  The local SSA office might want to attend.  The local SSA office might host union elections and poll their entire beneficiary population.  Bring a flyer to hang in the SSA office.  Meet in the SSA office, public library or other public place.  Discuss social welfare.  Host a blog page.  Repeat until the economy sustains a Cost of living adjustment (COLA).          


Over-the-counter Antimicrobial Agent Course for the FDA: A Trade for Organic Antibiotics by the Holidays HA-20-11-10


The Bordetella pertussis epidemic unleashed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of July 2010 P.L. 111-148 has heightened sensitivity to the compelling need for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that all Americans have Over-the-counter access to safe, effective and affordable stockpiles of oral antimicrobial agents, both organic antibiotics and synthetics, as well as antimicrobial cleaning supplies and detergents, so the people and primary care physicians will stop calling the Act the “Patient Pertussis and Affordable Rheum Attack of 2010” and call it the “Productive Patient and Affordable Home”.  Pertussis, is a highly contagious respiratory infection, with a distinctive phlegm producing cough, known as whooping cough, that lasts six weeks with associated rheumatic pains throughout the body.  Primary Care Physicians have dubbed this whooping cough epidemic the “90 day Pertussis” because many cases drag on as long as three months, probably as the result of re-exposure because one does not become immune to pertussis without a DTaP (Diptheria and Pertussis) vaccine.  Smoke-stopping is recommended by physicians, but the most important thing, is to avoid being coughed on, fast to avoid all proteins and get lots of aerobic exercise especially jogging and hiking, bathe and wash all fabrics and surfaces frequently to disinfect the cloud of infectious material spread by respiratory phlegm droplets as cloy as tobacco smoke.  Antibiotic associated colitis, Pseudomembranous colitis, usually caused by toxins of Clostridium difficile, a normal gut commensal, may develop as a side-effect to antibiotics in 1% of consumers who should switch to metronidazole if antimicrobials agents are so very needed.  Streptococci causes rheumatic heart disease and endococci cause endocarditis for which organic penicillin is most highly recommended for the cellular death and dissolution of bacterial vegetation of the heart rather than the heart muscle.  Toxic shock syndrome may result from the mixture of Staphylococcus aureau, a leading cause of food poisoning that occurs in the skin and Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A) that cause strep throat in teens.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic, avoid all proteins, milk, meat, eggs and even beans and chilies and shower frequently, wash your hands, fabrics and your vegetables carefully and exercise. Antibacterial agents are among the most commonly prescribed drugs of any kind worldwide.  At least 150 million antibiotic prescriptions are written in the United States each year, many of them for children.  Use of antibacterial agents in hospitals in the United States accounts for 20 to 50 percent of all drug costs and represents the largest expenditure for any pharmacologic class.


Mission Statement of the Social Security Administration Beneficiary Union HA-18-11-10


The mission of the Beneficiary Union is to represent all people who receive, or would like to receive, retirement, disability or supplemental security insurance administrated by the Social Security Administration.  The purpose of the Beneficiary Union is to allow beneficiaries the freedom of the press, peaceable assembly and trade.  This Union is not elected by the Department of Labor.  Liver disease is not allowed in this Soviet Union.  This Union does not lobby the Democratic-Republican Congress.  Sickness, Poverty and Crime are not allowed by this Beneficiary Union.  This Beneficiary Union is a voluntary Community Service completely paid for by the regular benefit payments of the Social Security Administration.    We believe, at this time, social security guarantees all United States citizens, including children, an income of $1,000 a month.  We believe social security beneficiaries have achieved communist self-sufficiency and therefore have a duty of care to perform social work.  Social work begins with a happy home and family, heals the sick, cleans, feeds the hungry, houses the homeless, transports those on foot, liberates the slave, educates the stupid, balances the budget, pays the poor, employs the unemployed, and ends in peaceful and prosperous international relations.  While the strong eat anything they want, the weak eat only vegetables (Romans 14:2) Children’s Bible.  For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in union with the Messiah Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23) International Standard Version.  For the dictatorship of the proletariat to do social justice official documents must be emailed by the Author to the Secretary for publication.  In time it is hoped to coordinate with the disability and retirement advocacy organizations in every county in the nation to hold the social security administration accountable, host beneficiary union meetings to discuss issues affecting the beneficiary community, advertise housing and work opportunities within the beneficiary community, and promote social welfare. The unsecured blog allows for democratic socialism.


Book 10 Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH)  


To transfer Chapter 1 Navy Hospitals, Army and Navy Hospitals, and Hospital Relief for Seamen and Other §1-40 to Chapter 10 Armed Forces Retirement Home §400-435.  The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) houses approximately 1,600 veterans at the U.S. Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home (USSAH in Washington D.C. and the U.S. Naval Home (USNH) in Gulfport, Mississippi.  At an average age of 76, the largest percentage of residents, 80% are WWII veterans, 30% in Korea and 10% in Vietnam.  The average length of stay is 10.6 years.  The Naval Home was established in the Naval Hospitals Act of Feb. 26, 1811 by Paul Hamilton of South Carolina, secretary of the Navy, under President James Madison.  The charter was to provide a permanent asylum for old and disabled naval officers, seamen and Marines.  The Naval Home was however not officially opened until 1834 after James Fillebrown, Secretary of Commissioners of Navy Hospitals appealed his embezzlement conviction to the Supreme Court in 1833, it was known as the Naval Asylum until the name was changed to the Naval Home in 1880.  The Soldier’s Home was established in 1851, as an asylum for old and disabled veterans.  It was at the Soldier’s Home that President Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.  The Soldiers’ Home began admitting airmen in 1917 and officially changed its name to Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home in 1972.  The Naval Home was initially funded by contributions from the active force. This contribution was augmented by all fines imposed upon persons of the Navy and was the principal source of monies for the Naval Hospital Fund/Pension Fund. The Pension Fund also received all money accruing from the sale of prizes of war. For nearly 100 years these monies funded the Naval Home.  In 1934, the Pension Fund was abolished by Congress and the proceeds were deposited into the U.S. Treasury. From 1935 until 1991, the Naval Home was funded by Navy appropriations. Today, it is funded by monthly withholding from active duty troops, fines and forfeitures, interest off the Trust Fund and resident fees…1529


Book 8 Drug Regulation (DR)


8th Draft done Thanksgiving 25 November 2010 to codify the Human Rats Amendments of 2009, Typesetting of controlled substances and drug regulation remains to be completed for Customs.  To amend Chapter 6 Gorgas Hospital §300-320.  The objective of this work on pharmacology and toxicology is to reduce demand for the 10 billion prescriptions and oppression that fuel the $1 trillion global drug market with $600 billion in pharmaceutical sales and $400 billion in illicit drug sales, $160 billion pharmaceutical and $65 billion illicit drug sales in the U.S. alone.  The name of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shall be changed to Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA), the Office of Diversion Control transferred to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the rest abolished, particularly the international offices.  The name of the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shall be changed to Social Work Administration (SWA).  The Secretariat of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) shall be transferred to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Drugs removed from the U.N. Office of Crime.  Afghanistan shall be given 80% of the national and 75% of international opium quota until opium demand from the war economy has subsided.  A commission shall study the Psychotropic drug schedule to identify and remove from the circulation the pathogens that cause serious mental illness, reschedule Marijuana to Schedule III and terminate the automatically refilled military contracts under DEA Form 222, and repeal this loophole that hypothetically causes PTSD and Gulf War neurologic illnesses amongst soldiers, as well as suicide attackers.  The Controlled Substances Act, patent and Protection of Human Research subject statutes shall be amended to create a system whereby Regional Poison Control Centers shall assist the federal government to monitor the possession, transfer and use of all poisons and pathogens used in bio-medical research, to inspect those laboratories and receive reports from the public regarding the abuse of disease pathogens.  A rational classification system of Types of controlled substances shall enable Customs agents to control drugs and prohibit pathogens crossing the border.  As a matter of ethics doctors shall not be allowed to receive kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical companies shall not contribute to the Democrat and Republican (DR) parties instead diverting their political contributions to third party candidates.  Mandatory minimum sentencing shall be eliminated and sentenced reduced for illicit drug possession and trafficking.  Drug addiction treatment shall be safe, affordable and accessible.  MIRROR form….1085


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