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May 2009


Armed Forces Month went fairly smoothly.  Sri Lanka defeated the Tamil Tiger separatists.  After nullifying some colonial persecution the world has come around to seeing Sri Lanka as the victor.  We pray that the Red Cross workers have been released and reparated for the false arrest and that the refugees are speedily and equitably settled so Sri Lanka can rejoin the ranks of peace loving nations.  On the issue of the Red Cross is true that the Additional Protocol III Relating to the Emblem of December 2005 is unjustified without reference to the Geneva Protocol to the Hague Conventions of 1925 that prohibited the use asphyxiating, poison gases and other methods of bacteriological warfare.  The “Dear Mom/Bomb” program in the US Air Force has been condemned and, without Cyber Security, they can now hit their military targets when told to cease bombing entirely.  0 bomb 0 balm Obama just can’t seem to balance the budget.  And by the way stop (nuclear?) farting in the tub, or declare all such tests like our esteemed North Korean military dictator, we don’t believe in hurricane season any more than we believe in flu season, global warming has killed an estimated 300,000 mostly from malaria and other tropical diseases.


To help with the military balance of power Anthony J. Prinicipi has been recommended for the position Secretary of Defense on the condition he purchase the rights from the author as the result of the damages caused when his hacking in lieu of free trade ultimately undermined our successful diplomatic mission to disarm North Korea.  Yet another great Korean leader has fallen, we mourn the passing of Roh Moo-hyun, former President of South Korean, who leapt to his death from a cliff while on a walk in the mountains under guard while on trial for bribery.  People need to know the dangers inherent in dropping LSDAS, the law school entrance exam.  It would be much easier to deal with psychosis if the honor stricken victims could pass it off as “I feel like I’m tripping on LSD”.  Suicide amongst fallen officials is common in South Korea.  To do justice, the Secretary-General will need to make reference to bio-security in the forthcoming Security Council Resolution condemning the restarting of conventional and nuclear missile testing in North Korea.  In the absence of patent protection prohibiting disease pathogens totalitarian dictators stricken with fear of bio-terrorism have little recourse but to frighten away the aggressors with a show of military might.  The military dictators do however tend to live, while the nice guys die a dishonorable death.  This wreaks havoc on a socio-economic system reliant upon the civil tort for torture.  Economists predict that by third quarter 2009 at least one bona fide claim will be paid and the economy will get back on track to Auschwitz.  To work on this problem it has come into focus this May that in the 20th century we perfected the humanitarian laws of war but if we wish to right the wrongs of the 21st century we must legislate health theology. 


This June, I shall attempt to juggle three chapters relating to health.  Two chapters were too confusing to get done in the month of May.  In regards to the post-graduate degrees HHS (Half High School) will have to suffice, the killed her gardeners are dismissed for the summer enjoined not to repeat nearly anything they ever did, barred from the military under queer review policies.  Until the filthy rich begin to exhibit socio-economic behavior, civil torts and copyright royalties without peonage, servitude and surveillance, it is not right to inflate their egos; their ignorance being the whole problem.  Three chapters on the other hand is perhaps achievable whereas typing is a two handed endeavor.   


Legal Consequences of Off-Season Flu Delivery HA-14-5-09


The Swine Flu A(H1N1) pandemic of 2009 has brought to light the importance of controlling etiologic agents.  Thanks to the virulence of the Spanish Flu A(H1N1) 1918-1919, that killed 20-50 million mostly young people, scientists have made the name of the influenza viruses public knowledge.  This knowledge of the name of the virus helps immensely to advocate for the control of the offending pathogen. Within days of saving the pork industry by blaming the A(H1N1) pathogen, the deadliest virus seems to have been removed from circulation, but more thorough inspections, review and guidance are needed to completely defeat the pandemic.  It is presumed that the term swine flu is in fact a reference to the strange guilty plea of the ICJ in the Avena and Other Mexican Nationals v. USA under the Hague Conventions.  Unresolved North American Free Trade disputes are arbitrated, and the decision is in favor of appreciation of the peso in the best economic interest of the USA to devaluate.  This treatise sets the stage for treaty reform to enhance control over all disease pathogens starting with influenza viruses.  As of 12 May 2009 06:00 GMT, 30 countries have officially reported 5251 cases of influenza A(H1N1).  Mexico, the epicenter of the pandemic, has reported 2059 laboratory confirmed human cases of infection, including 56 deaths. The United States has reported 2600 laboratory confirmed human cases, including three deaths. Canada has reported 330 laboratory confirmed human cases, including one death. Costa Rica has reported eight laboratory confirmed human cases, including one death.  WHO has sent 2.4 million anti-viral treatments to 72 developing countries to prepare for a possible pandemic.  CDC is scheduled to complete deployment of 25 percent of the supplies in the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), 50 million courses, to all states in the continental United States.  It is hoped that this treatise will facilitate the ability of scientific knowledge to evolve swiftly as it pertains to Patent Issues for Influenza Viruses and their Genes.


CHAPTER 1 Military Democracy (MD)


To amend Chapter One Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and other Naval Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen and Others §1-40 and change the name of the Department of Defense (D0D) to the Military Department (MD), purchase rights to African Command and the Iraq Reconstruction Fund from the Author, Set a Military Spending Limit of $400 billion and Elect a Competent Secretary of Defense.  Furthermore seeks to reparate for the “Dear Bomb” program whereby the US Air Force has heedlessly taken the lives of numerous civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The US Military employs an estimated 2.8 million US soldiers and 600,000 civilian employees.  In FY 2006 military spending was cut to $470 from $510 billion and the deficit was only $250 billion, down from $350 billion. Under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty the US, who has an estimated 10,000 warheads, must reduce their arsenal to no more than 1,700 to 2,200 nuclear warheads by 2012.  Elimination of various Cold War weapons systems can save $50 billion from maintenance.  Redeployment from Iraq and Afghanistan can save another $50 billion.  To balance the budget, provided all bailout funds are repaid or rescinded, military spending must be limited to less than $400 billion.  Since its foundation the US military has suffered 1,128,075 casualties.  Over 4,000 US troops have died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.  There are reported to be 26.4 million veterans living in the USA.   It is resolved to give democratic peace theory a fair try, eliminating the Democratic Republic (DR) dictator party from government, pushing for a multi-party democracy that upholds the four Ds – Development, Disarmament, Diplomacy and Democracy.


CHAPTER 1 Test Questions HA-30-5-09


20 questions and 4 missions.  The purpose of this test is to promote and protect the four D’s development, disarmament, diplomacy and democracy for civilians, 28 million veterans and +/- 2.8 million US military employees who shall be made literate in art of making peace between States and free to express their humanitarian opinions in behalf of State Parties.  This test will help you to disseminate propaganda so as to balance national security with the national security interest to protect everyone against death, disease, disability and dictatorship.  It instills a sense of the Draft Articles for State Responsibility for Internationally Wrongful Acts so that no war crime, be it international or domestic, under the Hague and Geneva Conventions, goes unreparated.  This test argues the case for changing the name of the Department of Defense to Military Department and, content with the 20th century laws of war, legislates 21st century health theology.  This test quizzes your general knowledge of martial law, military command structure, military traditions and is mostly intended to train you in military diplomacy.  The four missions are designed to train you to quickly respond to acts of war and military conflict and reparate civilians for damages, in writing, both quickly and historically for a lasting peace.  Furthermore, it directs work on disarmament and response to humanitarian disasters. Versed in the four D’s we shall win our wars with the principle of non-use of force, live in peace and prosper.


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