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May 2006
This month I am happy to welcome the Armed Forces Retirement Home to the monthly newsletter.  It is hoped that Hospitals & Asylums 
can be worked into the Veteran’s curriculum and the residents will submit their thoughts for publication.  The final determination is that 
Chapter 1: Military Department will be reviewed on Memorial Day and Chapter 10: Armed Forces Retirement Home on Veteran’s Day.  
The heavy workload caused Chapter 4: State Mental Institution Library Education to be transferred to a new month that is still to be 
announced, whereas the alleged mentally ill are not May.  I am also happy to report that my Dutch in-law whose husband, my uncle, 
contracted colon (Powell) cancer and passed away, came to visit with her new boyfriend who has the same name as the departed.  They 
flew in for military security month and left on Memorial Day and survived.  They saw the Smoky mountains, Niagra falls and Metamora 
while we slaved, and are also included. 
With some trepidation I am also including Audrey Jones from the BRAC commission with the notice that there was another trademark 
plane wreck that took the life of a respected elderly businessman in my community and the last time I mentioned it our communications 
ceased to be laundered, I suspect Gen. Hayden in cahoots with the County Sheriff, who probably forgot he had been censured, wherefore 
I reserve the right to retract this subscription, as can you, at the slightest suspicion of military coup.  I am however writing to express my 
sincerity in receiving a Supreme Court brief in response from Hon. Anthony J. Principi in 90 days in settlement of the $1 million claim for 
$1,000 a week and world peace, circa 11 August. 
I am also including AJ Stephani “Ethics” Director of the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry in hopes of making it out of his 
spam folder so that he can again get enjoy his rights and we can also represent the people to the US Supreme Court and Congress.   In 
memory of John Carter, age 38, who was discovered dead in the bathtub at the hotel where my friend works in Northern Kentucky, of 
diabetes and drinking, the night Gov. v. Gen. Was filed, shortly after Lt. Carter Cincinnati Police Disciplinary Advocate was invoked and 
before the police chief was elected to local Homeland Security chief and the President came to speak at a Northern Kentucky university, 
before the mine explosion – Kentucky should compensate the surviving family members of Mr. Carter, that include three children, to crack 
down on poisoning and spying – rest in peace.  To strengthen relations with the Organization Regulatory for Continuing Legal Education 
(ORACLE) I am including the CLE programs of Ohio and Kentucky in the monthly newsletter.
Armed Forces Retirement Home HA-11-5-06

The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) houses an estimated 1,600 veterans at the U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home (USSAH) in Washington, D.C and the U.S. Naval Home (USNH) in Gulfport, Miss.  This Chapter 10 has been amended to complete the transfer of previously omitted, statute from Chapter 1 Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and other Naval Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen and Others §1-40 that were revealed by Congress for the 105 National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars August 14-20 2004 to honor America’s finest soldiers knowledgeable that the only good ones are retired or dead. For the improvement of the life of residents this Chapter incorporates with the services of the Army and Navy Hospitals that include the miraculous curing waters of the Army and Navy General Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas and makes several new provisions for - the publication of the newsletter, the Performance of Accountability Report, too establish an education service officer.  To teach the political philosophy of the Armed Forces Retirement Home that requires only a little reinforcement to keep retiring soldiers from seizing civil and political offices for 10 years from their retirement, the regulations regarding the establishment of a political organization are set forth and the case of Afghanistan & Iraq v USA presented for process.


Gov. Ernie Fletcher v. Attorney General Greg Stumbo (Kentucky) HA-15-5-06


Motion for a Civil Proceeding for Compensation for Wrongful Termination of Employment introduced to the Kentucky Bar Association for the change of venue of the case against Gov. Ernie Fletcher from criminal to civil and for proceedings to be instituted for the disbarment of the Attorney General Greg Stumbo in hopes of relieving him of civil and political ambition out of consideration for his threatened forcible overthrow of his contender and disturbing resemblance to a poisoner who doesn’t understand the state’s responsibility to pay.  Both KRS 11A.020 and KRS 15.733(2) require the disqualification of Attorney General Stumbo and the Office of the Attorney General from further involvement in the merit hiring investigation against Governor Fletcher. KRS 11A.020(1)(a) prohibits the Attorney General from involving himself in proceedings that could potentially result in a conflict between his personal interests and public duties, and the Executive Branch Ethics Commission has squarely held that participating in proceedings involving political opponents is a conflict-of-interest that is prohibited under the Ethics Code and Executive Branch Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion 03-05 p. 1 (2003).  Because General Stumbo controls the livelihood and career advancement opportunities of the staff of the Office of the Attorney General, they have a substantial interest in obtaining a result that will curry favor with him. Consequently, in the interest of ensuring the impartial administration of justice, the court must also disqualify the Office of the Attorney General under KRS 15.733(2).


Cancellation of the Divine Strake Test HA-17-5-06

To do the USA justice before the UN Human Rights Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) on 15 July 2006 the “Divine Strake” war contract must be immediately terminated before Memorial Day, 29 May 2006, so that we can claim victory against the threat of death in our speeches.  The explosive power of "Divine Strake” is expected to be equivalent to detonating 593 tons of TNT, 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, that will be nearly 50 times bigger than the largest conventional weapon, leaving a crater 196 feet across and throwing up a plume of dust that is expected to reach 10,000 feet.  A lawsuit filed by the Western Shoshone Indian Tribe and others over concerns that the explosion would continue the degradation to the public health caused by nuclear tests that pushed the date of the test back to 23 June from 2 June.  At this time is would be fair to appropriate the entire $23 million cost of the cancelled Divine Strake program for administration to CERD, the Shoshone and Nevadan people who have bravely defended Us from harming them, thereby paving the way for further proceedings regarding whether the National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec) merits the $500 million annually from the NNSA, after this treason.  Hundreds of nuclear tests were conducted about eight miles west of the proposed blast site between 1950 and 1992 and thousands of people now suffer from various cancers reported by the victims to have been caused by radiation released by those nuclear tests whose residue is very likely to be disturbed by this blast with possibly dire consequences to the public health of a people who have clearly stated their wish to prohibit this and other fraudulent scientific military experiments detrimental to their health. 

Obituary of Lee Jong-wook HA-22-5-06


World Health Organization Director-General Lee Jong-wook died in Geneva on Monday May 22, 2006 at 7:43 pm after undergoing emergency surgery for a blood clot, subdural hematoma, in his brain. Lee, a native of South Korea, was 61 and received a medical doctor's degree from SNU and a master's degree in public health from the University of Hawaii. He worked for 19 years at the agency before becoming elected as the head of the U.N.'s health agency in May 2003. His term was to last five years. Lee became ill on Saturday before the annual World Health Assembly meeting 22-27 May and was rushed to Cantonal Hospital after complaining of a severe headache, according to an official present at the time.  Anders Nordstrom of Sweden, Lee's deputy, will serve as acting head of WHO until the agency organizes elections for a new director-general.  Lee is survived by his wife Reiko Karabuki and a son. 

Military Department HA-29-5-06

The primary purpose of this Chapter is to rename the US Department of Defense (DoD) the Military Department (MD) thereby making peace with the world, for all time.  The foundation of AFRICOM would complete the regional structure of the US military and promises to be an asset for UN Peacekeeping operations and the AU Peace and Security Council.  To incorporate the US military into African Affairs the retired UN diplomats in Sudan and BRAC Commission are sought to try the US base in Djibouti on charges of small arms trafficking to guerillas and treason against the good government of Sudan, to set the stage for peaceful development on the African Continent.  The USA spends an estimated 4.5% of their GDP on the military. The Military budget is estimated at $512.9 billion for FY 2007 - a 7 percent increase over 2006 and 48 percent increase over 2001 - this must be the ceiling for all defense related spending including veterans.  The baseline budget of $441.2 billion is set forth in FY 2007 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 5122) and H.R. 5385 Military Construction, Military Quality of Life Appropriations 2007 that provides $94.7 billion in discretionary spending for military construction and veterans’ health care programs and $50 billion for the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq that will be relieved when troops cease operations and/or withdraw.  A plan to eliminate Cold War weapons surpluses is projected to eliminate $60 billion in maintenance costs. The United States would achieve a more optimum level of military security in a world where global military and arms spending is ¾ - $1 trillion.  The United States would be more secure with less 30% rather than more than 60% of global military expenses.  In fact the US should strive for a balanced but secure 25% of global military expenditures, less than $250 billion, taking into consideration the global movement towards disarmament.

Jeffrey Steele v. Hamilton County Community Board of Mental Health HA-31-5-06

A court’s determination that a person is mentally ill and subject to involuntary commitment in a hospital is not equivalent to a finding that the person is incompetent.  The mere presence of psychosis, dementia, mental retardation, or some other form of mental illness or disability is insufficient in itself to constitute incompetence.  In fact, a person’s involuntary commitment to a hospital due to a mental illness does not even raise a presumption that the patient is incompetent, patients, retain all civil rights. The rights retained include, among others, the right to contract, hold a professional license, marry, obtain a divorce, make a will, and vote. Mental illness and incompetence are not one and the same.  Persons suffering from a mental illness have a “significant liberty interest” in avoiding the unwanted administration of antipsychotic drugs. That liberty interest is protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which provides that no state shall “prive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”.  Likewise, Section 16, Article I of the Ohio Constitution encompasses due process language that provides substantially the same safeguards as does the Fourteenth Amendment.   The most common side effects of the antipsychotic drugs are Parkinsonian syndrome, akathisia, dystonia, and dyskinesia.  The right to refuse medical treatment is a fundamental right in our country, where personal security, bodily integrity, and autonomy are cherished liberties. These liberties were not created by statute or case law. Rather, they are rights inherent in every individual. Section 1, Article I of the Ohio Constitution provides that “all men are, by nature, free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and seeking and obtaining happiness and safety”. Our belief in the principle that every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body.

Disciplinary Review HA-5-06


Hamilton County Sherriff Simon Leis, a former judge, has once again committed treason in pursuit of a 1% detention rate for the second time this 2006 and is therefore brought to the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the Supreme Court.  Gen. Hayden's election was fraudulent by reason of the fascist influence of the Border Security Act and he needs to be replaced.  Congress has the liberty to change the name of the CIA World Fact Book to the HA World Fact Book for $1 billion.  Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, and senior officials and career prosecutors at the Justice Department told associates this week that they were prepared to quit in regards to their inability to resolve the issue of undocumented aliens, prisoners and Congressman.  The FCC is sought to bring proceedings before the Ohio Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the Supreme Court against Prosecutor Joe Deters who should have quite while he was ahead and re-introduces the idea of appointing James B. Comey Attorney General as he has always been portrayed as an honest attorney.   


Tony Sanders