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March 2010


The long March is over, it is April Fool’s day now.  Google is a famed prankster, renaming my homepage Topeka, whereas the mayor of that town offered to rename his town Google.  In the past the most famous April Fool’s day prank is a television news segment from 1950s when they reported that Swiss farmers grew spaghetti in trees.  Although it might be cruel I am recommending, if you haven’t done so already or aren’t American, that you fill out your Census form.  Nancy Gibbs in her article The U.S. Census: Why Our Numbers Count of March 15, 2010 that appeared in Time reported that the word Census comes from the Latin censere, which, tellingly, does not mean count so much as estimate, and 2,500 years ago in Rome, people were already squirrelly about being estimated. The penalties for refusing to reveal how many people were in your household, how many slaves, how much livestock, was forfeiting it all and becoming a slave yourself. The Bible tells the story of God getting so mad at King David, according to his seer Gad, for ordering a census, because Satan had talked him into it, that He sent a plague that killed 70,000 people in three days (1 Chronicles: 21).  David's plague may have deterred census takers for many years, but when the Founding Fathers invented American democracy, they realized that if you are going to have government by the people, you need to know who and where they are. The founders stuck a Census requirement in the Constitution so that every 10 years, the young, stretchy country would recalculate which states got how many lawmakers. They worried that a state might try to inflate its population to increase its representation, so they cleverly arranged that the first Census would also be used to spread around the costs of the Revolution. In 1790, 650 federal marshals on horseback began going house to house. It cost $45,000 and took a year and a half to count 3.9 million people. 


The 2010 census costs around $6 billion and employs hundreds of thousands of temporary census takers.  The 2010 form is the simplest to date.  All they are asking for are the names and dates of birth of the occupants of every household.  I suppose with health reform taking the lives of so many Congress people the Census decided to make soldier hiring more difficult than David’s census that counted 1.1 million Israelites able to wield a sword and 470,000 in Judah.  They are certainly swift.  Within 24 hours of turning my Census form in there was a dead man on my living room floor.  He had apparently come to town to go to court and fill his DEA prescription.  My roommate invited the man, who had been drinking heavily, in to use the phone.  At that time I was coming to the conclusion that it was the DEA who perpetrated 9-11 and an IP infringement warning came up on my computer.  I went to ask my roommate what was wrong and listened to the intoxicated guest mumble something.  When I finished the paragraph I heard a man saying, “He’s not breathing”.  I rushed to the living room to find a paramedic hovering over the man who was taking about one rasping breath a minute.  Respiratory depression and death is a common symptom of opiate overdose.  While a police officer counted that he had possibly taken 14 Valium, from a pill bottle that had been filled that day, the paramedics injected him with Narcon, to neutralize the opiate, and he recovered instantly and was assisted to walk out of the house.  I told him, “Stay off the DEA drugs” and when that sounded rude added, “thank God you’re alive, and that Jesus Christ lies in Utah”.  He did not want to be visited at the hospital but was reported by the receptionist to be fine and asking to be released after one hour. 


I worked for the 2000 Census for a few months before I was fired to accommodate the ambitions of another.  With a one week exception it was the last real job I held.  I did not contest the firing, as the result of prohibitive sugar tax on gas that destroyed three cars in so many months, since getting stiffed trying to contest a driving without a bumper ticket.  Whereas a car was apparently needed to work for the Census, and the automobile has subsequently become obsolete, I didn't apply again this year.  Instead, I wrote the U.S. Census Bureau to complain about the confidentiality promised in the pamphlet that came with the form.  I found that 13USC(1)§9 needs to be amended in three parts 1. Exception be repealed from the caption. 2. In paragraph (a) all that follows "may", and before (a)(1) be repealed. 3. Paragraph (b) be repealed in its entirety.  Not even government employees should have their privacy violated by misinterpretations of privacy protection in Title 13 nor under the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 1998 or section 2(f) of the Census of Agriculture Act of 1997.  As the mysterious hanging of a Census worker in 2009, whose family was denied life insurance because the death was ruled a suicide, suggests, there should be no loopholes in confidentiality.  Confidentiality of the Census needs to be absolute.  Confidentiality that is not confusing saves lives.  To reinforce the confidentiality of the 2010 Census I suggested that the Census Bureau amend the law as directed above and write a letter to the National Archive and Records Administration to extend the 72 year wait for census information to 100 years to allow more millenarians to be centenarians, although in retrospect the length of the wait should be more like 130 years, longer than anyone known by the federal government can be expected to live.


Separation of the LDS Church and the Utah Constitution HA-25-3-10


In the United States of America, a Christian nation, largely populated by people fleeing religious persecution in the Old World, there has been written a separation of church and state. The separation of church and state both gives rise to allegations of immorality on the part of the state and protects the populace from the abuse of power by religious patriarchs.  There is no religion so close to state religion in all the Americas as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, the LDS, in Utah. The Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith who founded a religion around the myth that he transcribed the book from golden tablets given to him by an angel and therein is a story of a tribe of Judea that populated the Americas in biblical times. Joseph Smith was martyred in a jail in 1844 while running for President of the United States, the grandiose method of begging one's pardon. Brigham Young, who led the Mormons to Utah, famously said, "people are healthier and live longer in communities without doctors". But the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties inexorably moved in to tax the success of the Mormons. After being rebuffed entry to the Union by Congress, on seven occasions, beginning in 1849, Utah, or Deseret, as the territory originally wanted to be called, until the Mormons settlers renounced polygamy Utah was not allowed to enter the Union until after the 66 day Constitutional Convention of 1895 was ratified by the public in 1896. It is proposed to amend the Utah Constitution to respect the LDS Church’s renunciation of polygamy in the article on marriage so that historical accuracy would allow gay people happily marry and the separation of Church and State would be delineated by religion’s only legitimate institution - marriage.  Furthermore, probate causes already liberated to the District Court in 1895, before being corrupted by DEA theology in 1973 that stole from the Church their health theology, taking the lives of a slew of Church Presidents before they mandated the one true genocide of genealogy for their members, is perfected by the free will of social workers and the poor are exempt from income tax. In 1990 73% of the population in Utah was reported to be Mormon and in 2006, 55% attended church weekly, the fifth most faithful in the nation.

American Political Economy HA-20-3-10


The History of the American Political Economy presents a number of lessons.  The colonial economies were forbidden to establish banks and used tobacco, wampum and other things as money.  Independent under Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (1776) the Founding Fathers established a currency, the dollar, and the First Bank of the United States (1789-1811) and a Second Bank of the United States (1816-1834) and financed the government mostly with customs duties.  President Andrew Jackson (1828-1836) paid off the national debt in 1835.  The Panic of 1837 was the first major depression.  The foundation of the Republican Party in 1854 triggered a recession in 1857 they took majority of the House in 1858 and the Presidency in 1860, the South seceded from the Union triggering the bloodiest conflict in national history, the Civil War (1860-1864) during which time an income tax was introduced in 1863 to finance the war effort.  The Progressive era was a time of robber barons and railroads, third parties and high voter participation.  There was a depression in 1893.  There was a recession in 1907 from gold shortage.  The Federal Reserve was established in 1913, when the income tax became law, and the central bank went into operation shortly after the Great War began in 1914.  Prohibition undermined the peacetime economy and in 1929 the stock market crashed and recovered until the 1932 Snoot-Hawley Tariff Act plunged the world into a global depression known as the Great Depression.  Franklin D. Roosevelt set forth the New Deal, the economy recovered and the modern welfare state was born, increasing federal revenues from 3% of the GDP to 20%.  Stabilized by the dual mandate of price stability and maximum employment the baby boomer economy after WWII boomed until the 1970s when the economy was undermined by the DEA and retaliatory oil inflation.  The creation of the Court of International Trade assured increasing inequality and after a recession in 1980-82, the U.S. prospered with trade and budget deficits and a soaring prison population and lame duck saboteur.  After bank failures under Bush Sr. and torturous failing health negotiation Clinton managed to balance the budget and the economy prospered until the American century came to a screeching halt on 9-11.    


CHAPTER 4 State Mental Institution Library Education (SMILE)


To amend Chapter 4 St. Elizabeth’s Hospital §161-230, transfer §321-329 from Chapter 9 Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill National Returned from Foreign Countries to §189-194 of this Chapter and change the name of the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) to the Social Work Administration (SWA) to administrate a review tribunal of hospitalizations by licensed social workers.  Globally mental illness and psychological disorders stemming from substance abuse are estimated to affect a combined total of 450 million people, 7.3% of the population.  55% of Americans suffered from mental illness at some time in their life and 1 in 5 Americans experience a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year.  In 1997 30,535 people died from suicide in the U.S, it was the 11th leading cause of death in 2000.  Mental illness is the second leading cause of disability, costing disability insurance an estimated $24 billion and medical insurance $65 billion annually, with mental health organizations accounting for around $38 billion in expenditures.  The de-institutionalization movement has been successful in reducing the psychiatric inpatient population by half from 515,572 in 1970 to 198,195 in 1998.  During this time the District of Columbia Mental Health System was successful in reducing the inpatient population of St. Elizabeth’s hospital from 7,000 to 600.  The buildings have been sold to the Department of Homeland Security.  During 1999 there were 1.7 million admissions to inpatient psychiatric treatment, 424,450 of those were involuntary commitments. Civil commitments and judge enforced medication must be prohibited.  The national directive is to close all state mental institutions and private psychiatric hospitals.  An insane asylum is not an asylum it is a persecution. MIRROR form…545


Anthony Sanders