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March 2009


It was a long March. Iím hopping on the first bus out of town.The Chapters on the State Mental Institution Library Education and National Cemeteries are locked for editing with the Public Health Department this April.There is not much to report.It is rumored only government links are remaining on the web.For instance, the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, that a few short months ago was getting too artistic for my patience, now doesnít work.Maybe for once you will read the whole work.††††††††


Real Estate Lawyers are Taxmen or Relatives HA-28-3-09


Of the roughly 2 million people who die in the United States annually just over 35,000 will file estate tax returns fewer than half of these, about 15,000, will pay any estate tax whatsoever fora total taxpayers estate tax liability of $23 billion, an average of approximately $1.5 million per taxable return on estates where the oldest surviving spouse passed away.The 666 page long Uniform Probate Code is returned to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law to graduate a slavery free Justice of the Peace from the National College of Probate Judges in 111 new pages to earn the ratification of the 20 states they require for a Uniform or Model Act.The probate value of the estate is the total value of the estate less liabilities.The best method of probate avoidance, that is the recommended strategy, is to own nothing at the time of death.This is normally accomplished with Pay on Death account signatures, ToD securities, and joint tenancy.Wills do not avoid probate and can give rise to family strife that can be remedied with disinheritance and divorce to avoid the legal consequences of intentional killing. A toxic substance patent test is drafted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Justice of the Peace.This greatest of all liberations of justice will herald a new age of clear thought on mortality, peace and justice that will root out fatal errors and corruption, progressively resulting in a longer life expectancy, dedicated to the pursuit of universal and eternal life, liberty and happiness.††


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