Hospitals & Asylums    





March 2008


March was cut short as the result of two false arrests documented in the final article that is being tried by the US District Court.Apparently it takes expensive medical help to cure oneself of bio-terrorism.It is half successful.The old lady left, now there is a new transitional case manager, who visits once a week.I am going to have to pound the pavement, overcoming the negligence of the local mental health community, that has intruded, in such desperate need of Hospitals & Asylums statute.It is however doubtful that they can pay a slave and will always do second rate work for judges.April shall be devoted to the Nationalization of Health Insurance.I have already checked out the final stack of library books on private health insurance.††


Duke Energy, a Kentucky Corporation HA-3-3-08


The Ohio General Assembly is called upon to auction off all Ohio facilities held by Duke Energy, a Kentucky corporation.In their complaint regarding extortionate energy prices Hamilton County has tampered the records of Duke Energy.Duke Energy refuses to take any defensive measures against this corruption and must be dealt with by the State of Ohio.The unauthorized commercial use of an individualís persona is aggravated by the use of interstate commercial facilities in the commission of murder for hire.The General Assembly must take responsibility for the enforcement of the Governorís Energy, Jobs and Progress Proposal.Assuring an adequate supply of affordable energy service is a basic responsibility of government, and all Ohioans have a right to a basic level of energy service. 


States of the United Nations (SUN)


In 2007 world population is between 6.56 and 6.8 billion.The gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated at $63.5 trillion.The average per capita GDP is $9,600.The average life expectancy is estimated at 67.86 years with a low of 33 years in Swaziland and high of 84 years in Andorra. A new column pertaining to the incarceration rate per 100,000 citizens has been added, to reflect a 162 average with a high of 737 in the USA and low of 22 in the Republic of Congo, the arbitrary legal limit is 250.Global government budget revenues are estimated at $14 trillion and expenditures at $15 trillion.International trade is estimated at $12 trillion.Official development assistance (ODA) is forecast to levy $120.5 billion and disburse $112 billion - $125 billion is a good goal for contributions.Figures were not updated in 2008 as scheduled for March.


Malpractice in 3-Dissolutions HA-28-3-08


To free the alleged mentally ill (ami) without judicial dependence, this Motion for Dismissal from the US Supreme Court, regarding two false arrests from March 5-19 & 20-25, is captioned, Graber-Zinveli, Mora, Murphy, Sanders, Steele, Williams pro se plaintiffs et al c/o Mental Health Access Point v. Mobile Crsis, Psychiatric Emergency Services, 8 West University Hospital, Drs. Newton and Griffin, Mental Illness Jurisdiction of the Probate Court defendants c/o Hamilton County Community Board of Mental Health.The Board, as the government, must take responsibility for the criminal forfeiture of Mobile Crisis and Psychiatric Emergency Services, who make the allegations for which people are falsely arrested, University Hospital, a trauma hospital, must not solicit for slavery.The Board must provide alleged mentally ill people with community shelters, not expensive hospital beds, on an hourís notice.The Board must take responsibility for the adjudication of the mentally ill from the Probate Court, who is responsible for the adjudication of wills, and must be removed from the means to poison and disenfranchise their clients, a free will is a necessity and only the Board is qualified to adjudicate the alleged mentally ill, probably in weekly sweeps of the hospitals.Thirdly, the Health Alliance is non-respondent, poisoning and infringing upon the HA trademark, further dissolution by the Greater Cincinnati Health Council is pursued.


Tony Sanders