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June 2010


Sorry for the delay.  I am writing this newsletter from a café on a new laptop purchased compliments to my sister, her husband and their one year old daughter.  You have my eternal gratitude and subscription.  I would have been on time but the lessee took my rent money and ran away from the abuse of process, like her son who is with his dad, of the other tenant who is being prosecuted to remove her stuff from her ex-boyfriends house and a tire slashing, without leaving me with the Internet access code.  She, her driver’s license suspended for a DUI, has enough boyfriends now to fill up one of the storage units across the street from her work, but is waiting for the court order.  She is in much the same boat as I with the stolen CD.  I have contacted the lessee’s employee, at work, who lives there and he got me through to a hang up.  He doesn’t stay there anymore with the civil strife having achieved such feloniousness.  I am flirting with a civil proceeding to attempt to seize the CD, get $250 for the breeched lease and another $250 for the work and file a computer crime against the careers of the home health care professional and his Google advertising dominatrix with more than 200 illiterate websites.  Neither health department nor Attorney General has responded for an interim state budget shortfall of $3 billion. 


On the bright side OMB Director Peter Orszag is resigning for the same pre-approved perjury used by Bill Frist.  Good riddance of history’s worst budgeter, it will be years before the organized crime in health records subsides and the bad name of health theology can be proselytized.  At least we now have a case proving sado-masochism is a non-communicable disease entitled to inclusion in the list of slaves of the DSM-IV rather than its masters, entitled to disability insurance to stave off imprisonment for escaping the bedroom.  This July I am going to focus on socializing civil law.  The plan is to edit Chapters 2 and 3 to elect social workers for all civil and administrative law judgeships so as not to tempt vulnerable people to the organized crime of lawyers abusing power because they aren’t behind bars and enlist social workers in the socialist party for their run for office.  We now include the Social Security Actuaries, who respond that their annual report due in May will not be done till August, amongst the empirical macro-economists intimidated by the criminal trademark infringement of the ICC – HA, UN Development Program, Federal Reserve Statistical Bulletin (discontinued).        


Deepwater Horizon Spill Response Solution HA-8-6-10


On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil platform, drilling at a depth 5,000 feet in the Mississippi Canyon, about 40 miles off the Louisiana coast, suffered a catastrophic explosion; killing 11 seamen, it sank a day-and-a-half later.  The rig, manufactured by Hyundai in South Korea, was owned by Transocean L.L.C. and leased by British Petroleum (B.P.).  The accident occurred a day after Halliburton had cemented the pipe, B.P. rushed although warning lights flashed, and before the cement hardened, an explosion occurred and the blowout preventer manufactured by Cameron, that is supposed to cut and seal the pipe in case of malfunction, failed to work, although it had passed inspection 10 days before.  The resulting oil spill is the largest in U.S. history, larger than the Exxon Valdez, that precipitated the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, that threatens to rank amongst the major spills of 100-300,000 tons.  Everyday an estimated 12-19,000 barrels of oil (42 gallons to a barrel and 7.33 barrels to a ton, at 60 degrees Fahrenheit), is leaking.  Trimming the pipes to put on the top hat increased the flow of oil about 25%, the top hat catches 11,000 barrels a day at its current state of development.  It is estimated that by the beginning of June nearly 100,000 tons of petroleum had leaked into the Gulf and by August when a relief will has been drilled, and the leak should be sealed, either conventionally or by controlled nuclear explosion, 200,000-300,000 tons of oil shall have contaminated the waters and shores of the Gulf.   Thousands of miles of waters have been closed to fishing and over a thousand live and dead animals have been collected.  Wind and currents threaten to carry the slick to East Gulf Florida and ultimately, in a diluted form, to the Atlantic.  The Deepwater Horizon Response Unified Command is coordinating the conversion of fishing vessels.  States, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida are coordinating volunteers.  Private Citizens are protecting their shores with booms.  Every effort must be made to contain the spill at sea with booms, skimming up the oil and dumping the solid waste at E.P.A. approved dumps on-shore.  It is estimated that B.P. is responsible for $10.5 billion, mostly for the economic damage to the fishing and tourism industries, about 50-75% of their projected profits for 2010.            


The 2010 World Atlas: MDGs 1990-2015 and the 2009 Factbook HA-1-6-10


The Atlas has been updated to record the low-point of the global Recession.  Economic growth, around 3.5% since 1946, contracted 0.8% in 2009 and global trade plummeted nearly 25% from 2008 levels, the largest single year drop since WWII.  Purchasing power parity of GWP dropped to $70.29 trillion (2009 est.) from $70.84 trillion (2008 est.) and the official exchange rate GWP was $58.07 trillion U.S. dollars.  Per capita income retreated about 2% to $10,500 (2009 est.) from $10,700 (2008 est.) as global unemployment rose from 7% in 2008 to nearly 9% in 2009 while underemployment, especially in the developing world, remained much higher.  The number of hungry people rose from 700 million to a record high of 1.2 billion.  The IMF reports economic growth to be stable at 1.7% in the first quarter and 3.2% in the second quarter of 2010.   The UN Millennium Development Goal Report 2009 brings into question whether Goal 1 to halve the poverty, <$1 day, from 45.5% in 1990 to 22.75% in 2015, has been jeopardized by the recession.  In 2007, only 21.5% were extremely poor, however the recession plunged 100 million more people below $1 a day and poverty increased to 22.9%, so in 2009 Goal 1 was not achieved.  Both 90% primary school enrollment rate and 50% reduction in people needing water are both achievable at current rates of growth.  The AIDS drugs arrived and rates of infection and death went down.  To achieve all the health related goals the utility bill for water and sewage connections must be paid, folic acid multi-vitamins are damned.  The short term plan for 2010 is for the bailouts to cease and ODA to exceed the $154 billion committed.  The long term plan is to levy a carbon tax to finance eco-friendly water, sewage and electricity (solar) connections in slums by 2030.  The medium term plan to finance the MDGs for 2015 is for the U.S. Dollar and Euro basket to experimentally appreciate developing nation currencies - equalizing exchange rate GDP with purchasing power parity GDP rate, in pursuit income equality and more purchasing (selling) power so:


GDP XR = GDP PPP (developing nations) Ţ GDP PPP > GDP XR (all nations)


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