Hospitals & Asylums 








July 2012


By Anthony J. Sanders


It is Hospitals & Asylums (HA) day on August 11.  Time to camp out under Comet P/109 Swift-Tuttle and Art. 97 of the Constitution of Hospitals & Asylums Non-Governmental Economy (CHANGE).  If the Perseid Meteors (PM) of August 10/11 and 11/12 have the most meteors per hour of any night this year HA is elected Prime Minister (PM) of the States of the United Nations (SUN), the United States (US) balances the federal budget and avoids a debt exceeding 100% of gross domestic product and everyone has a good year.  Otherwise, join the party in cyberspace, where 350 files had to be deleted before closing the offending Google account.  There will be plenty of parlor games now that the test questions at the end of every chapter will be reduced from 20 to 10. 


Federal Budget Balanced to Prevent Debt from Exceeding 100% of GDP FY 2012 HA-13-7-12


Agency reports must be reviewed under Art. 2(2) of the U.S. Constitution to prevent the federal debt from exceeding 100% of GDP FY 2012. $100 billion must be saved prohibiting overspending in DOL and OPM in FY 2012 and $50 billion in FY 2013.  Pardoning former Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich’s 14 year federal sentence rather than the “boom bust cycles” of the Secretaries of Education and Transportation reduces the deficit $109 billion in FY 2012 at the stabilizing cost of $24 billion in FY 2013.  Correcting SSA’s on-budget OMB account and taking the +/-1 billion real costs of Defense-Civil for Hospitals & Asylums (HA) properties off-budget by the VA the deficit would be reduced by $77.1 billion in FY 2012 and $109.4 billion in FY 2013.  Holding DOD and HHS to reasonable spending limits would save FY 2011 $173 billion, FY 2012 $238.3 billion, and FY 2013 $253.6 billion.  HUD’s meticulous accounting also reduces the deficit by $8.8 billion in FY 2012 and $1.5 billion in FY 2013.  It is therefore rewritten that HUD fold TARP and returns $325 billion to the General Fund in FY 2012 reducing the deficit to -$412 billion, 2.6% of GDP, which would reduce the debt as a percentage of GDP 1.4% from the previous year to 97.3%, and set good precedence for all future years.  In FY 2013 the deficit would go down to -$407 billion, 2.5% of GDP, and the debt would go down to 95.4% of GDP.  Carpe diem.


Free Kevin Wesley Hoseclaw HA-19-3-12


“Raped” on the 4th of July.  A $10,000 Ashland Exclusionary Zone Mistrial and Victim Fund is needed to pay for, amongst other innocent victims, the release and $1,000 Compensation for Kevin Wesley Hoseclaw whose false arrest brought to our attention the fact that the State of Oregon must amend Art. 11 of Oregon Constitution to require that people be informed of why they are being arrested to comply with the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Art. 9(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  The police officer must be reprimanded for pressing 14 false charges, with bail in excess of $1 million, in furtherance of mob violence against Wesley, in defense of his police brutality and kidnapping, and may lose his job entirely or be subjected to at least a $1,000 fine to help him execute arrest warrants honorably in the future.  The City of Ashland has stopped the debate regarding the exclusionary rule, but now Ashland must pay an estimated $10,000 for the compensation of victims of the debate regarding the exclusionary rule.  Kevin Wesley Hoseclaw is innocent and Oregon owes him follow up social work in lieu of probation and $1,000 to be immediately released to a safe home or camp, a delicate concern complicated by the illegality of legal custody - protective custody and DNA testing.


Third Reading: Release Assange and Manning HA-31-1-12


As of January 30, 2012 WikiLeaks  website reports that the organization has undergone 423 days of banking blockade - no process; Julian Assange has been subjected to 420 days detainment no charge.  Bradley Manning had been subjected to 617 days incarceration in a U.S. military prison - no brief.  I was first asked to take the case of Julian Assange in December 2010 around the time Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest and released him on bail a week later.  In 2011 An Open Letter from the Members of the European Parliament expressed concern for the human rights of Bradley Manning.  U.S. Congress responded by abolishing the death penalty in espionage and censorship statute that now provides victim compensation at 18USC(I)(37)§793(h)(4) and 18USC(I)(37)§794(d)(4).  Rule 916(h) of the Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM) Defenses, provides, it is a defense to any offense except killing an innocent person that the accused’s participation in the offense was caused by a reasonable apprehension that the accused or another innocent person would be immediately killed or would immediately suffer serious bodily injury if the accused did not commit the act. Under Rule 915 a mistrial must be declared because of circumstances arising during the proceedings which cast substantial doubt upon the fairness of the proceedings. A declaration of a mistrial shall have the effect of permanently withdrawing the affected charges and specifications from the court-martial whereas the mistrial was declared after jeopardy attached and before findings the declaration was: (A) An abuse of discretion and without the consent of the defense; or (B) The direct result of intentional prosecutorial misconduct designed to necessitate a mistrial of N.A.T.O. victim compensation for the Collateral Murder Video released 5 April 2010.


Book 2 Attorney General Ethics (AGE)


To amend Chapter 2 Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home §41-70.  The American Legal System has failed, lawyers are either behind bars or drunk on power. In 2001, the majority of the 93 million judicial cases filed, were processed by 15,555 state trial courts operating under the supervision of the county; 13,515 of limited jurisdiction and 2,040 of general jurisdiction, operated by 29,266 judges.  There were 55.7 million traffic cases filed, 15.8 million cases were filed with the civil division, 14.1 million Criminal cases, Domestic Relations processed 5.3 million cases, 2 million criminal cases were filed in Juvenile Courts and 276,408 cases were filed with the Appellate Courts.  A civil law system must be instituted by lowering law school entrance to high school graduates and the bar exam to BA and terminate the licenses of all lawyers who are elected or appointed to public, commercial or social office, a Civil-law Amendment III to the Annotated United States Constitution calls for 4 year terms for elected federal judges, with a two term limit for justices, and one year term for chief justice, to repeal the constitutional right to bear arms and quartering of troops in people’s homes, to change the name of prosecutor to district attorney, elect licensed social workers to adjudicate traffic, divorce, mental illness, substance abuse, tenant-landlord and small claims, and funeral directors to avoid Probate, to abolish the death penalty, to change the name of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and transfer to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to change the name of the Court of International Trade of the United States (CoITUS) to Customs Court (CC), to change the name of the Office of Violence Against Women to Office of Women’s Rights and transfer to Social Work Administration (SWA) when established, to ratify Optional Human Rights Protocols, to appoint a new Attorney General, to transfer the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and other extra-jurisdictional finance entirely to halfway house programs, primarily financed by up to 7.7% of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program for poor people on probation and parole, to safely reduce the jail and prison population to less than 250 per 100,000 residents legal limit within a decade…219 


Book 3 Health and Welfare (HAW) 10 Question Quiz HA-29-7-12


To amend Chapter 3 National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers §71-150, to reduce the deficit to 2.6% of GDP in FY 2012 and 2.5% of GDP in FY 2013 under Sec. 148, to amend the Disability Insurance (DI) tax rate to 2.61%, and the Old Age Survivor Insurance (OASI) tax rate to 9.79% without increasing the overall 12.4% OASDI or 15.3% OASDI and Hospital Insurance (HI) tax-rate, to fix a 3% Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for social security benefits, to limit medical cost increases to less than 3%, to improve accounting, to limit the term of the Social Security Commissioner to two years, to replace Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) and representative with licensed social workers and non-social worker representatives, to authorize SSA to settle legal and medical malpractice, to finance halfway houses with SSI, to provide Medicaid for free to those earning less than 150% of the poverty line and for reasonably priced premiums for everyone else, to prohibit medical billing, to nationalize health insurance assets, to ratify ILO Conventions 132, 156 and 183, to afford a 1% FICA tax for international development, to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, and to eliminate the income cap on Social Security contributions to guarantee all Americans an income of $1,000 a month.  During 2011, an estimated 148 million people paid FICA social security payroll taxes.  One-in-six Americans, 55.4 million receives a Social Security benefit.  In 2011, 44.8 million people received OASI benefits, 15 million received DI and/or SSI benefits, and 48.7 million were covered under Medicare.  In 2010 DI paid 9.9 million beneficiaries and SSI paid 7.9 million beneficiaries there is considerable overlap.  Total benefits paid in 2011, including SSI, were $785 billion. Total income including $49 billion from the General Fund to pay for SSI was $830 billion.  Assets grew to $2.7 trillion. In 2011, Medicare covered 48.7 million people. Total expenditures were $549.1 billion. Total income was $530.0 billion. In 2008 Medicaid served more than 52 million Medicaid beneficiaries costing more than $305 billion.  In 2011 38 million people used food stamps at a cost of $53.6 billion.  In 2000 125 million people were covered by unemployment insurance and in 2010 there were around 42.4 million beneficiaries.  TANF beneficiaries have decreased from 14.2 million in 1993 to less than 5 million in 2003.  In 2001, 6.9 million custodial parents were due an average of $5,000, $34.9 billion due and $31.9 billion (62.6%) received, averaging $3,200 per custodial family and another $900 million was paid voluntarily.  In 2012 4.5 million Americans received rental assistance from HUD…370