Hospitals & Asylums 








January 2016


By Anthony J. Sanders


Social Security Amendment of 2016 HA-29-12-15


Free DIRT (Disability Insurance Reallocation Tax) and 3% COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) Act of January 1, 2016


To amend the DI tax rate from 1.80% to 2.40% in 2016, 2.30% in 2017 and 2.20% in 2018; from 0.90% to 1.20% in 2016, 1.15% in 2017 and 1.10% in 2018 for employees and from 0.90% to 1.20% in 2016, 1.15% in 2017 and 1.10% in 2018 for employers under Sec. 201(b)(1)(S) of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)II¤401.


To amend the OASI tax rate from 10.60% to 10.0% in 2016, 10.10% in 2017, and 10.20% in 2018; from 5.30% to 5.00% in 2016, to 5.05% in 2017, to 5.10% in 2018 for employees under 26USC(C)(21)(A)¤3101 (a) and from 5.30% to 5.00% in 2016, 5.05% in 2017, and 5.10% in 2018 for employers under 26USC(C)(21)(A)¤3111 (a) to avoid depletion of the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund in 2016 without increasing the overall 12.4% OASDI or 15.3% OASDI and Hospital Insurance (HI) Federal Insurance Contribution Act tax-rate under 26USC(A)(2)¤1401.


To pay for a 3% COLA in 2016.


Be it enacted in the House and Senate, Assembled, Referred to the Actuary, Commissioner and Treasury (ACT)


Book 6 Jury Duty (JD)


To amend Chapter 6 FreemenŐs Hospital ¤261-270.  FreemanŐs Hospital and Asylum cared for freed slaves in the Washington DC area during the civil war era.  In 2005 a record 7 million people, one in every 32 Americans, were in prison or jail, an increase of 2.7% over the previous year.  In 2009 the state prison population declined for the first time since 1973.  Reductions in prison population is a priority.  The prison population quintupled from 503,586 in 1980 (220 per 100,000) to 2,085,620 in 2004 (707 per 100,000).  The U.S. has the most and densest concentration of prisoners in the world comprising 24% of the 9 million global prisoners, more than Russia, the runner up, and more than China.  For the U.S. to achieve the legal limit of 250 detainees per 100,000 the total number of local jails and state and federal prison beds must be limited to less than 740,000.  One million is a good goal.  Nearly 650,000 people are released from prison to communities each year.  Each year the nationŐs 3,200 jails release an excess of 10 million, 3% of the population back into the community.  Nearly two thirds of released State prisoners are expected to re-arrested for a felony or a serious misdemeanor within three years.  In 2005 7% of all prisoners were women, the number of women prisoners increased 2.6% while male prisoners rose 1.9%.  Racial disparities among prisoners persist, particularly in the 25-29 age group, 8.1% of black men, about one in 13, were behind bars, compared with 2.6% of Hispanic men and 1.1% of white men.  To uphold a legal limit of 250 prisoners per 100,000 residents SSI shall finance a halfway house system at  7% of SSI program costs, doubling program growth, the federal Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and other extra-jurisdictional judicial financing shall be transferred to 59,000 halfway houses from foreclosure auctions over 10 years, and the retraining of 207,090 trained, full-time parole and probation officers and social workers; the only method nearly 100 percent effective at preventing recidivism, that is stubbornly 60 percent within three years after release, is the successful completion of a post-conviction college degree. Quiz  


Dear Bar of the United States Supreme Court:


I hold the true national accounts of SSA and OMB because you havenŐt done the math and the original jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court is therefore mine. The Bar of the United States Supreme Court is provisionally not entitled to back pay for the social security underpayment, for which my brief and soon to be updated supporting statute will begin retroactively accounting for from the first day of the New Year under Sec. 204(c) of the Social Security Act as codified at 42USC404(c).  Aside from the penalty obviously due from abetting the 2009 +/-$200 theft of emergency supplemental to pay student loans in Astrue v. Ratliff (2010) the stare decisis of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court is two briefs behind bars. First, the lawyer must email HA their brief for the lucid dreaming of one who has just been involuntarily re- exposed to the substance that associates with the ORACLE (Oracle Regulatory of Administrators of Continuing Legal Education) before thinking to extort money for your violent communist infringement of the racist social workers who administrate the disability insurance program.  Second, the Bar of the US Supreme must prepare a brief an inform the public of the release of the former UN President of the General Assembly and Chinese billionaire reported to have been wrongfully incarcerated on bribery charges properly applied to the complete abolition of federal police bribery to legalize marijuana and save $10 billion as requested by more than 300 economists and 600 churches of the White House.  I thank you for the time it takes to learn of the social security crisis and look forward to reading some well-written brief supporting my work but the infringement of diplomatic and social worker immunity does not pay any better than recidivism.  Happy New Year!!!


Oregon Refuge Appeal to Court Legal Education regarding Hammond Arson Statute HA-4-1-16


The Hammonds are believed to have reported to federal prison today, Monday January 4, 2016.  The 74 year old father and son ranchers are arbitrarily accused of arson, having served one year in jail each, were subsequently unconstitutionally sentenced to another five years, or so, in October 2015, reportedly under the Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty act that is even worse spoken than the Hammonds have been with federal officers in the past.  In consultation with federal botanists I provisionally assure the Supreme Court of the United States that the Hammonds present no threat of recidivism.  Their Aboriginal burning techniques and life threatening words to officers of the law are not considered to be educated behavior in Oregon where everyman has been threatened with up to $5,000 for violation of burn ordinances under Chapters 477 and 478 of the Oregon Revised Statute.  How the Hammonds were subjected to a $400,000 fine and more than a year in jail can only be the result of a miscarriage of justice for which these American ranchers are due just compensation under the Fifth Amendment, statute of limitations and incidental to the cruel and unusual Fifth Amendment double jeopardy violation of October 2015, the return of $400,000 fines paid and compensation for their entire time spent behind bars, but not their trial, under Art. 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, that is believed to instantly satisfy the demands of the BundyŐs, who have occupied a federal Wildlife Refuge with more than 150 armed militants clothed in the robes of nonviolent repossession of public land for private use under the Homestead Act expiration of 1900.  US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) scientists believe the militants express the most ignorant forms of human land usage in a way that might be negotiable under current laws, but no one can deny that the demands of these private federal hostage crisis negotiators regarding the HammondsŐ release are right and the affected United States agency must civilly defend themselves against the overzealous prosecution that victimized the Hammonds, to be diplomatic and actually free the Hammonds from the wrongful clutches of federal prison, to instantly cause these independent first amendment militants, their children and cattle, to instantly disperse under time honored hostage negotiation rules.  Otherwise can these 150 private people find it in their hearts to let the scientists get their land back and peacefully negotiate a shared land usage plan under federal law that might have overstayed their welcome?  It was not the Hammonds who smelled like pigs under paragraph 16 of the Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors in the insured arson of Navy and Marine Corp veteranŐs homes and outbuildings, and possibly the so called lightning caused wildfires, incited by ¤81 Arson within special maritime and territorial jurisdiction.


Eagle Mill Farm Tenant Association HA-14-1-16


Housing Authority brief Đ theft of propane, doctoring of satellite image of farm, corruption, anti-Semitic arson, contemptuous harassment and rural file deletion under 24USC¤153 or ¤154?  Eagle Mill Farm is valued at $1.5 million. After I appointed Adam my candidate for property manager Adam told me that the Housing Authority had been threatening Ron with the loss of rental authority for some weeks. As the first voluntary evictee I of course wonder why Adam's email did not work the first try and if it were not his fallow takeover with occupational risks as high as a tree feller bringing the fiduciaries of Eagle Mill Farm into question. I just talked to Adam to be sure that he understood that taking the railings off my raised beds of growing plants to dig a second ditch, and condemn these transplants to death through his negligence, a second time, without reason, in my grade A flat farm company and not finish the greenhouse job that day, incurs $50 civil liability payable to me this February 2016 because he has offended a $50 claim to private property paid to Ron on top of whatever love the land and water (law) has for Ron's sudden onset of severe mental illness and his people who live by river. Can Adam pay Tony $50 for accidentally forcibly relocating his 'forest labor' or is he too litigious to receive $50 a month? Does Adam have enough money to pay all the claims for compensation by all the residential tenants forcibly relocated by some mad agricultural tenant's land grab valued by the UN Compensation Commission at $2,000-$10,000 per family? I can cut Adam's legal corporation a deal to rudely squat the willow forest half of the community garden, as he has already started to do, for $20 a month, as low as $240 a year. The other residential tenants live in homes that are much more expensive and they are commensurately more displeased with Adam's OCD tinged legal threats to deprive the people who live by the river of their rights under color of land and water (law). We wanted Adam to turn Eagle Mill Farm farm into an Eden but he had no respect for the rights other tenants and Ron is advised by stare decisis to return Adam the extra money Adam spent now, so that Adam could better buy another piece of land before spring planting, that is not already owned and populated, instead of criminally infringing upon the rights of the tenants at Eagle Mill Farm Adam must be able to co-exist with, if he wants to fix RonŐs tractor with ROP and live on my garden money. To make a long story short this misunderstanding is all my (and Adam's?) fault because one must never, for a third time, pay a loved rural rat trap dweller who left rat poison lying about. Leave food in a compost pile where you can tolerate the rats and bears, 50 yards from a clean kitchen and rat proof food storage.


Indian Cave Pedestrian Protection Society and Bear Creek Greenway Foundation v. Toxic Liability of Jackson County Salaried Engineers and their Railroad Windfall HA-30-1-16


How much would it cost to purchase and pave the planned extension of Bear Creek Greenway to Emigrant Lake? How much from Central Point to Rogue River? How much would it cost for the pedestrian stalking and polluting Jackson County and City engineers to be salaried so they would have no incentive to delay project completion? How much extra is the railroad willing to donate this tax season, to complete the Bear Creek Greenway? Can the 'Greensweep' be politically re-defined as voluntary events aiming to clean up the trash along the greenway, to break with the local custom of sporadically evicting the campers without reason or compensation? It is proposed, under all the Constitutions, that Jackson County be held liable for the malevolent disposal of industrial solvents, targeting ŇhippiesÓ and elders living on Cove Rd. with leading cause of nursing home admission, incidental to road work on Cove Rd. and the hostile petrochemical polluted rehabilitation of a burned barn on rangeland near the five mile marker on Dead Indian Memorial Rd. adjacent to a natural camp ground across the creek and over a ridge to Indian Cave. This is only one case of social and environmental sustainability incidental to re-engineering the railroad that is currently exclusively dedicated to the most dangerous industry of transporting logs from Oregon to California and finished lumber from California to Oregon, in Rogue Valley alone. Tree bridges give pedestrians access to Indian Cave and hundreds of acres of pristine wilderness in the mountains above Emigrant Lake.