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January 2015


By Anthony J. Sanders


Government Publishing Office v. Microsoft Corporation HA-28-1-15


The $69.95 personal subscription to Microsoft Office was the only portion of the $360 December 2014 OMB Secret Service embezzlement attempt to successfully provide Material Support of Terrorism, the statute was hacked into two torturous sections on New Year’s Eve 2015 after I tried to get out of PRISM for free by chatting about it with Microsoft remote assistance under 24USC§422(d)(1).  I estimate that what remains of the Internet law library at the GPO is at least 25% fake and Findlaw 20% fake and easier to use.  In January 2014 jury sequestration destroyed my entire computer to sell Windows 8 touch screen.  The Microsoft Corporation cannot be found in the EDGAR search engine and my old Google SEC case is nowhere to be found.  In 2014 Microsoft reports a profit of $27.8 billion, revenues of $86.8 billion and a gross margin, of $59.9 billion.  Although revenues increased 12% from 2013 to 2014 earning per share increased 2%, although earnings per share increased by 29% in 2013 over 2012 when revenues increased by 6%.  In 2014 Microsoft’s leading source of income was $24.3 billion from Microsoft Office followed by $16.9 billion from Windows operating systems.  Halliburton hawked a fake law in summer of 2014 and is now forfeit to BP as compensation for overcharging on the Deepwater Horizon cement job with a new $5 million library fine for theft of trade secrets, matched by Microsoft Corporation - $10 million for GPO to insure the work of the Internet law library volunteers under 44USC§318. GPO is too intellectual for Cloud computing.  Microsoft Corporation must somehow forfeit their licenses to Windows and Microsoft Office to the Public.  The new $149.95 computers for the poor should have Microsoft Office factory installed to rekindle literacy. Furthermore, it would be nice if outdated copies of Microsoft Office and Windows would be made available as free Internet downloads to the captive audience, perhaps government insured against deficit.  $9.95 a month is the free Obamaphone subsidy and cheap Internet rate, maybe $9.95 is the one-time price for the Microsoft Office software subsidy for the poor.  The FCC should not hesitate to impose a $9.95 fee on Microsoft Office license sales to afford the new free Microsoft Office program, without raising prices. 


Book 6 Jury Duty (JD)


To amend Chapter 6 Freemen’s Hospital §261-270.  Freeman’s Hospital and Asylum cared for freed slaves in the Washington DC area during the civil war era.  In 2005 a record 7 million people, one in every 32 Americans, were in prison or jail, an increase of 2.7% over the previous year. In 2009 the state prison population declined for the first time since 1973.  Reductions in prison population is a priority. The prison population quintupled from 503,586 in 1980 (220 per 100,000) to 2,085,620 in 2004 (707 per 100,000). The U.S. has the most and densest concentration of prisoners in the world comprising 24% of the 9 million global prisoners, more than Russia, the runner up, and more than China.  For the U.S. to achieve the legal limit of 250 detainees per 100,000 the total number of local jails and state and federal prison beds must be limited to less than 740,000.  One million is a good goal.  Nearly 650,000 people are released from prison to communities each year. Each year the nation’s 3,200 jails release an excess of 10 million, 3% of the population back into the community.  Nearly two thirds of released State prisoners are expected to re-arrested for a felony or a serious misdemeanor within three years.  In 2005 7% of all prisoners were women, the number of women prisoners increased 2.6% while male prisoners rose 1.9%.  Racial disparities among prisoners persist, particularly in the 25-29 age group, 8.1% of black men, about one in 13, were behind bars, compared with 2.6% of Hispanic men and 1.1% of white men.  To uphold a legal limit of 250 prisoners per 100,000 residents SSI shall finance a halfway house system at  7% of SSI program costs, doubling program growth, the federal Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and other extra-jurisdictional judicial financing shall be transferred to 59,000 halfway houses from foreclosure auctions over 10 years, and the retraining of 207,090 trained, full-time parole and probation officers and social workers; the only method nearly 100 percent effective at preventing recidivism, that is stubbornly 60 percent within three years after release, is the successful completion of a post-conviction college degree. Quiz…846