Hospitals & Asylums    


Jail January 2005


Hospitals & Asylums Delinquency Memorandum


2nd Monthly Report in Preparation for the State of Union Address


Jail January 2005 was not a total Failure valued at -$149 a month in Ohio Food Stamps lost in the possible “December Death” Case Concerning the Factory of Chorzow A. No. 9 (1927) thanks to the successful launch of the Deep Impact Mission that is recommended to re-name “Comet P/Tempel 1” to “Comet A’Hearn”, after the Principal Investigator and support the relevant scientific community with their winnings. Hospitals & Asylums was convicted under Blakely and the Internet document Chapter 8 Drug Administration Yield (DAY) was disabled  since roughly the time of Supreme Court decision in USA v. Freddie J. Booker & Fanfan No. 04-104-105 (2005) of January 12 through January 15, 2005.  Art. 317a Federal Prohibition under 21USC(13)841(b)1Ai has been Amended to make it simple for the Legislature to take into consideration that Justice Breyer only recommends up to 10 yrs for the armed crime of bank robbery and sets a limit of 5 years for drug related offenses that cause serious bodily injury, including involuntary manslaughter with 0-1 being the norm for third time bulk drug offenders and 1 day being the maximum for simple possession offenders 21USC(13)I-D§844(a).  The DAY document has been Amended and all efforts made to ensure that the Internet record is verifiably updated.  Neither,


(1) the commemorative wall for the judgment of the UN at the site of the World Trade Center building with Larry Silvertein as leaseholder designee or;

(2) the wall at the Pentagon for the Military Director to take responsibility for all the US casualties since 9-11


Have been commissioned by Congress under 24USC(7)§295a Arlington Memorial Amphitheatre that states, “Recommendations of the (Military or Medical Director inserted this State of the Union Day that offers to pay $100,000 death benefits), or his designee, for memorials and entombments shall be sent to Congress in January of each year,” nor;


(A) have the US jails been thoroughly censused since 1999 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics as ordered to be done this Jail January in Chapter 6 Correction Conviction §262(G)(1) and Appendix;

(B) Because the President and Senate have had such a judicially incompetent campaign for the offices of Attorney General and Homeland Security Secretary the President has been Barred;


(1) the office of the Federal Attorney General (FAG) abolished

(2) Deputy Attorney General (DAG) James B. Comey taking authority for the Attorney General in the Historical record of Attorney General’s with the confidence of the Senate with Senator Arlen Specter presiding to improve our nation’s relationship with the International Court of Justice in the Hague where “Dag” means both “Hello” and “Day” and the Judges look forward to the day the Republican Vice President is replaced with a Republican who respects justice.

(3) John Ashcroft Indicted for taking the wife, Barbara, of the former Solicitor General on Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on Mr. Olson’s 61st birthday 9-11-01 and suppressing the two facts to make war.

(4) Michael Chertoff listed as co-defendant in Treason and is Indicted for Slavery.

(5) 5 New Justices are called for to serve a 5 year maximum sentence


(C) Information Officer Heim from the International Court of Justice wrote to get this memorandum to blast off and result in the publication of the following written proceedings that would otherwise remain secret as “Ge-Heim” in Dutch means, “Secret” and “Ge-Rechting” means “Justice”.  The repeal of Simon & Schuster’s in Los Angeles illiterate offer of money on Scott Peterson’s Death to America Day and the struggle between htm and doc in the evidence of HA-15-12-04 appears to have resulted in 11 deaths and 200 wounded when an effigy of the fateful final American candidate for Attorney General was accused of causing the train crash in a psychotic episode within a day of latin American Mr. Gonzales’ confirmation hearing.  For this security reason I henceforth only accept written offers of 501(c) tax deductible donations and if Simon & Schuster allegedly represented by the psychiatrically discriminating Mr. Keyhoff wishes to publish the Hospitals & Asylums Manuscript Simon & Schuster must write their case.  Mr. Keyhoff’s message/hang up was possibly intercepted by the California Governor/legislature (regarding pardons) who had been notified that same day and both could have possibly become jealous of the federal cabinet nominees as there was no time to adequately petition publishers this month HA-18-12-04.  Thankfully Jail January didn’t go down in my town this year.  Brave readers will find that this second monthly report has not been adequately transferred into one Word Document for Hospitals & Asylums to be considered a Monthly Periodical.  To alleviate a total dependence upon the new Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice the written proceedings concerning the pacification of the United States of America by the International Court of Justice are listed below for the Advisory Opinion of Shi, Oda, Lachs and Judges regarding;

(2) the Armistice Day Provisional Measure in the First Edition Revision of Chapter One Humanitarian Missions of the Military Department (MD) HA-11-11-04 filed subsequent to the fatal

(1) Application of Art. 118 of the Third Geneva Convention HA-2-11-04 that calls for an Advisory Opinion in the beginning of February to be rendered in writing without oral arguments by merely publishing the written proceedings of the Advisory Opinion below and the Provisional Measure (1-2) above.

1. New Iraq Constitutional Elections (NICE) Draft Permanent Constitution of Iraqi HA-11-8-05

2. Iraqi Sovereignty HA-30-6-04 (never tried)

3. Bank Afghanistan Day HA-15-1-04

Forthcoming in February

a. State of the Union Address

b. Iraq Election Results

The New Entries for the Month of January are listed below and cases (1), (4) (8), (13), (14) and (15) meet the written standards of the International Court of Justice and the writer hopes to be considered more of European Executive entitled to pay rather than given the homicide treatment reserved for American Executives where written proceedings are required to avoid homicidal maniacs in an illiterate moment;


1. Comet A’Hearn: P/Tempel 1 v. Deep Impact Mission $3.3 million damages HA-1-1-05

2. Metric Imperial Conversion Table HA-6-1-05

3. Yuschenko Wins !! HA-6-1-05

4. Partial Nomination Hearing HA-6-1-05

5. Oportunidades HA-7-1-05

6. Three Cabinet Controversies: HA-11-1-05

7. Mahmoud Abbas Elected President of Palestine HA-12-1-05

8. Organic Law HA-12-1-05

9. The ICJ responds HA-12-1-05

10. Hamilton County Food Stamp Fraud HA-15-1-05

11. King Blackwell (Ohio) HA-17-1-05

12. Confirming Dr. Condoleezza Rice (single) Secretary of Sleaze electee HA-19-1-05

13. Convicting Judge Michael Chertoff of Treason; Homeland Security Election HA-31-1-05