Hospitals & Asylums    





Anthony J. Sanders, Hospitals & Asylums v. Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati HA-9-9-06


Mental Institution Relative Release Order Request (MIRROR)



Does the Secretary of Health and Human Services wish to authorize this anti-welfare fraud case with a small loan for goods and services provided by Health Alliance?


Does the Ohio State Medical Association recommend the removal of Dr. Michael Newton to the community?


Does 911 and the Health Council of Greater Cincinnati recommend the termination of the employment of Chris Dearth msw by Health Alliance?


Can Xanders and Xanders Co. LLP help the Health Alliance with the purchase of low priced homes in the community to diversify psychiatric investment from hospitalization to lower cost but longer term referrals in the community?


Can the Ohio Department of Mental Health arrange for the staffing and organization of the $25 million estimated community mental health mortgage investment of Health Alliance in their move from hospitals to community psychiatry?


Will the Probate Court cease slaving and change their name to the “Justice of the Peace” for the enforcement of the District Courts, in this case?


Can the Hamilton County Board of Mental Health oversee all inpatient hospitalizations in the county with literate executive hearings where the Probate Judge once presided but with better understanding of the resources of the community and mental illness?


Does Mindfreedom Int. wish to write a letter counseling the author to cease consuming medication until the time he chooses to quit smoking?


Can Health Alliance forward this article to the 8th floor of University Hospital or further to - Jillian Hendrix –my # is 281-3029, she promised to write


Does the Social Security Administration wish to grant me $15,000 back pay and exactly $1,000 a month from the 13 September 2006 meeting with a social worker at 2:30 pm, in disability insurance so that I will live at or above the poverty line as called for the State to guarantee, for all, with the remainder for the good payers?


Does the Social Security Administration wish to collect $250,000 from the Health Alliance before 23 September 2006 to help SSA cover the long term care of the petitioner pursuant to the administration of the $15,000 back pay and $1,000 a month due?


Sanders, Tony J. Hospitals & Asylums v. Health Alliance. HA-9-9-06.