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Fall Equinox


Vol. 10 Is. 3


This quarter is dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, a great healer with a specialty in helping the blind to see.  I was baptized in July and read the New Testament, cover to cover, on the journey to the promised land of my niece Ellie, that in the language of Christ’s dying words means, “My God”.  Matthew 27:46 recounts at the death of Jesus, about three o'clock he cried with a loud voice, "E'li, E'li, lema' sabach'thani" that is "my God, my God, why have you forsaken me".   Mark 15:34 pronounces Jesus' statement at three o'clock differently, "E'loi, E'loi, lema' sabach'thani", but the meaning is the same, "My God, my god why have you forsaken me".  Luke 23: 46 marks Jesus' dying words as, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit".   The death toll is about the same for brushes with either organized Judaism, 1,600 in Operation Fried Potato Vodka of Hanukah 2008-9, or Christianity 1,600 in the Care Pakistan baptism below.  Although this corruption puts a crimp in my participation in organized religion and enjoyment of the social, sexual and financial benefits therefrom it does not prevent me from finding solace in the written words of theology. 


For me, the primary lesson of Christianity is an inspirational belief in eternal life that gives one hope for a complete recovery when conventional medicine has resigned rheumatism to old age.  The New Testament definitely gives one the wherewithal to flee to the wilderness for 40 days  like Jesus Christ after his baptism (Matthew 4).  For me, who was given the name Abraham at my bar mitzvah, it is even more pointed.  The Good Book says, By faith Abraham stayed for a time in the land he had been promised as in a foreign land, living in tents.  For he looked forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builders is God (Hebrews 11:9-10).  My sister and her husband, who are planning on building a new house on the cracked foundations of an old one by their trailer on property they own, are doing the searching for the builders and architects of God, but the estimates are elusive, the best one is $35 per square foot if you do it yourself, $90 per square foot if you hire a contractor, and $100 per square foot if you buy a new or used house.  Anyone with knowledge about green small home construction is encouraged to write.


All that I have to do is lead a free and virtuous life in hopes that I, like Abraham, can by faith be received of the power of procreation, even though he was too old.  Or at least a nice rheumless room by winter.  It is, Therefore from one person, and this one as good dead, descendants were born, as many as the stars of heaven and as innumerable grains of sun by the seashore (Hebrews 11:11-12).  It is from old, shy Abraham that the 12 tribes of Israel, Christians and Muslims all trace their ancestry.  I just pray to find sustenance in that, Some believe eating anything, while the weak eat only vegetables (Romans 14:2).  Those who eat must not despise those who abstain, and those who abstain must not pass judgment on those who eat, for God has welcomed them (Romans 14:3). 


The work of this summer has been edited with respect of the campaign to Socialize Civil Law that has yet to be concluded in a pamphlet titled, Socialism for Social Workers.  It is fitting that faith in God would survive in the summer socialism perished.  The social worker themselves faces stiff competition from the funeral director for the office of Probate Judge after the lawyers were debarred and priests defrocked. Socialists and communists made a number of errors in their totalitarian dictatorships but if they could only clean up their propaganda so as to be indignant at all violence, discrimination and oppression, socialist revolution definitely has a role representing the disadvantaged in a multi-party democracy, such as we so long for in this nation so oppressed by the Democratic and Republican (DR) bi-partisan system.  A system so corrupt as to wish to reduce benefits when confronted with trillions of dollars in social security savings they routinely raid to finance their earmarks.  A system so perverse as to drive South African workers to strike for the work of one Customs Court monument engraver in New York City.  A system so jealous of war as to perpetrate Acts of God in lands we are at peace.  A system so forgetful of the Monroe Doctrine as to embezzle their own funds to validate the claim of Europeans that you’re a peon.   The system that was invented to start the Civil War that occurred because the founding fathers were such stupid, greedy and belligerent aristocrats they did not arrange to free their slaves in exchange for national freedom from colonialism.            


Review of the 2010 Medicare and Social Security Trustee Reports HA-12-8-10


The 2010 annual report is the 70th such report for the Social Security Trustees and 45th for the Medicare Trustees.  Although the reports were due April 1 they were not submitted until August 5, 2010. At the end of 2009, the number of social security beneficiaries rose to 53 million people from 51 million the year before: 36 million retired workers and dependents of retired workers, 6 million survivors of deceased workers, and 10 million disabled workers and dependents of disabled workers. Medicare is the health insurance program offered to retired and disabled OASDI beneficiaries.  In 2009, 46.3 million people were covered by Medicare: 38.7 million aged 65 and older, and 7.6 million disabled. 45.9 million people were insured under Part A, 43 million paid premiums for Part B Supplemental Medical Insurance and 33 million for Part D drug benefits.  During the year, an estimated 156 million people had earnings covered by Social Security and paid payroll taxes, down from 163 million in 2008.  2005-2010 will be the first five year period since the inception of the program that the number of covered workers has declined to 3.0 workers per beneficiary. Total expenditures in 2009 for Social Security were $686 billion, total income was $807 billion ($689 billion in tax revenue and $118 billion in interest earnings), and assets held in special issue U.S. Treasury securities grew to $2.5 trillion.  In 2009 the DI Trust Fund registered a $12 billion deficit for the first time and is not expected to return to solvency; however the interest earnings from the OASI Trust fund more than offset this account deficit.  Program costs for both OASI and DI are estimated to exceed tax income in 2010 and 2011 due to the economic recession.  Total Medicare benefits paid in 2009 were $502 billion, income was $508 billion, expenditures were $509 billion, and assets held in special issue U.S. Treasury securities were $381 billion.  After many years of concern regarding looming insolvency the HI Trust Fund registered a $1 billion account in deficit in both 2008 and 2009 that is projected to increase.  Legislation outlaws back pay for prisoners and fugitive felons, provides back pay withholding for non-attorney representatives, and reimburses the OASDI Trust Funds for a temporary tax incentive to exempt employers who hire unemployed workers from their share of OASDI contributions.  The “Affordable Care Act” or ACA, contains roughly 165 provisions affecting the Medicare program and is estimated to postpone the exhaustion of HI trust fund assets from 2017 under the prior law to 2029 under current law.  In 2010 there will be no Cost of Living Adjustment for beneficiaries and to hold harmless beneficiaries with annual incomes less than $15,000 shall be exempt from the 14.6% increase in the price of 2010 Medicare premiums. 


United States of Apartheid: South African Government and Metalworker Unions Strike HA-27-8-10


State employees in South Africa demanding an 8.6 percent pay increase and a housing allowance of 1,000 rand ($136) a month, although the government says it can’t afford to raise its offer of a 7 percent increase and a 700 rand allowance, went on strike on August 18. South Africa’s annual inflation rate is currently 4.2 percent. Unions representing about 1.3 million state workers, including the 250,000 member National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union are on strike.  The 70,000 National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) plans to strike from Sept. 1.  In 2009 50% of the population lived below the poverty line, 24% were unemployed and actively looking for work, and most tellingly the distribution of family income rates a 65 on the Gini index the second most unequal in the world.  Nonetheless South Africa is a remarkably successful African nation.  South Africa’s $505 billion GDP is 17.7% of the African total, 28% of sub-Saharan Africa although its 49 million people comprise only 4.9% of Africa and 5.9% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population.  In 2009 the South African economy contracted 1.8% in 2009 and the government ran a $16.8 billion deficit that was 3.3% of the GDP however the public debt of 29.5% of GDP is within reason.  The budget is nearly within the reasonable limit of 3% of GDP and must not give in to the unreasonable union demands.  Any money they borrow will come out not only from profits but from existing equitable capital to hurt overall economic growth.  To be fair the union will have to invent a progressive system of taxation of their own to ensure the rich pay for the poor to get satisfactory raises in the thriving middle class of government and industrial workers.  It may not be the union’s rights that need to be fulfilled but their responsibility.  A developed nation must afford a progressive income tax that provides the poor with an adequate safety net.  Social justice for those alienated and tortured consumers is the surest foundation for success and happy and safe working conditions.  For instance, the rand commands high wages in the monument engraving sector of the United States but to emerge as a fully developed country South Africa must institute a progressive income tax to guarantee all South Africans an income above the poverty line.  The Government’s policy on welfare organizations is based on the principle that each population group should serve its own community in the sphere of welfare.


Care Pakistan: The Seeds of Flood Relief HA-21-8-10


Over the course of July and early August 2010, Pakistan experienced the worst monsoon-related floods in living memory. Heavy rainfall, flash floods and riverine floods have devastated large parts of Pakistan since the arrival of seasonal monsoon rains on 22 July.  The five rivers that drain northern Pakistan join to form the Indus River that drains into the Arabian Sea. The water flow is expected to reach 1 million cubic feet per second, nearly double the flow of the Mississippi River. This is 10 times the normal flow of the Indus. Much of the nation’s 170 million people live in the floodplain.  About one million homes have been damaged, twenty million people have been displaced and the loss of life is estimated at anywhere from 1,300 to 1,600 lives. 160,000 sq. km of land have been submerged, a fifth of the country.  Villages and villagers were reportedly washed away by walls of water, entire districts submerged, cropland inundated, drinking water contaminated, communications down, bridges destroyed, roads gone, schools gone, homes gone, thousands of them in the more severely affected districts.  An estimated 6 million people need food, 2 million are homeless and 750,000 homes have been destroyed or are in need of repair.  The World Bank has pledged $900 million and the Asian Development Bank has given $3 million for immediate needs and committed at least $2 billion over the next two years for reconstruction.  The United Nations is asking for another $450 million to deal with immediate humanitarian needs and as of August 17, 2010, $125 million had been contributed. Taking into consideration its military history of cloud seeding the U.S. Treasury can recover from the billions of dollars of freely traded surplus from Afghan operations to immediately pay the outstanding $250 million, without dipping into the General Fund, for the immediate humanitarian needs of flood victims in Pakistan.


Title 24 CFR Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 


Everyone has a social and economic right to a happy home.  A happy home is necessary for a healthy and wealthy household, the fundamental unit of human socio-economy.  Social workers shall judge tenant landlord relations courts and be authorized to settle mortgage loan disputes.  There are an estimated 700,000 homeless people living in the U.S.  HUD has a number of public housing programs provide the poor, aged and disabled shelter, affordable rent, insure mortgages and eliminate discrimination and abuse in public housing programs.  Public housing policy must prioritize liberty.  It is estimated that 3,000-5,000 emergency homeless shelters with 20 to 60 beds are needed to make up for the loss of 115,000 beds between 1996 and 2005.  To close all state mental institutions and private psychiatric hospitals it is estimated that around 500-1,000 new +/- 25 bed community mental health shelters and group homes will be needed annually for the duration of a ten year final round of deinstitutionalization.  There are 2.5 million admissions to residential drug treatment annually and 600,000 people are incarcerate for so called drug crimes, wherefore the government must provide probationers, parolees and recovering addicts drug free homes.  The lion share of the public housing burden is on halfway houses to start up no less than 25,000 houses a year toward a ten year goal of 2.5 million beds, with a 1:3-8 staff to resident ratio.  Forfeited and seized homes need to be put to good use.  At the end of 2006 there were $13.3 trillion in U.S. mortgage loans.  The number of homes sales dropped from a high of 7.2 million in 2005 to 6.48 million in 2006, the average home price declined nearly 1% to $200,000.  The number of foreclosure filings rose from about 885,000 in 2005 to 1,259,118 in 2006.  An estimated 15.6% of sub-prime loans originated since 1998 have ended up or will end up in foreclosure.  Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) loans must be repealed whereas statistics continue to deteriorate.  Residents must submit to and not attempt to dominate or subvert the head of household who likewise must not abuse or there will be no capital society.  Firms function interdependently with households but have independent leadership. 


The Case for Trashing Treason: Welcome to my Humble Third Amendment HA-12-7-10


A pall was cast over my move to Washington by the Doe et al v. Reed, Washington Secretary of State where they were chilling with “homi-side” ultra vires election law, but it’s pretty and well governed by women who got robbed under color of costs after balancing the budget in tune with my happy home.  The health inspector first incited dangerous sado-masochism, taking no responsibility for the breech of my work or lease, or $70 trillion and derivatives of files stolen, the Attorney General wore a negligee to the Supreme Court triggering the destruction of records relating to employee misconduct that cost $3 billion.  We just received the three day pay or vacate notice at a second home.  This will be the second month in two months that I have had to pay the rent twice.  Fleeing the anti-histamenes to the abuse of process of another tenant being prosecuted by a tire slasher to move her stuff out of her ex’s in her sweet time, Mom, kept her “job” secret from the men of the house and when both tenants had paid the rent, fled the State.  She didn’t return her calls and now admits to her adult daughter, she never intended to pay.  A social worker in the tenant landlord relations court shall bring the Women of Washington peace.


CHAPTER 2 Attorney General Ethics (AGE)


To amend Chapter 2 Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home §41-70.  the American Legal System has failed, lawyers are either behind bars or drunk on power, a civil law system must be instituted by lowering law school entrance to high school graduates and the bar exam to BA and honorably disbar all lawyers who are elected or appointed to public, commercial or social office other than judicial, a Civil Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and this Chapter will establish 5 year terms for federal judges, with a two term limit for justices, repeal the constitutional right to bear arms and quartering of troops in people’s homes, to change the name of prosecutor to district attorney, elect licensed social workers to adjudicate probate, divorce, mental illness, substance abuse, tenant-landlord and small claims, to abolish the death penalty, to change the name of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to Drug Evaluation Agency (DEA) and transfer to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to change the name of the Court of International Trade of the United States (CoITUS) to Customs Court (CC), to change the name of the Office of Violence Against Women to Office of Women’s Rights and transfer to Social Work Administration (SWA) when established, to ratify Optional Human Rights Protocols, to transfer the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and other extra-jurisdictional finance entirely to halfway house programs, to reduce the jail and prison population to less than 250 per 100,000 residents, and to eliminate court filing fees for prose to benefit the poor. In 2001, the majority of the 93 million judicial cases filed, were processed by 15,555 state trial courts operating under the supervision of the county; 13,515 of limited jurisdiction and 2,040 of general jurisdiction, operated by 29,266 judges.  There were 55.7 million traffic cases filed, 15.8 million cases were filed with the civil division, 14.1 million Criminal cases, Domestic Relations processed 5.3 million cases, 2 million criminal cases were filed in Juvenile Courts and 276,408 cases were filed with the Appellate Courts…219


CHAPER 3 Health and Welfare (HAW)


To amend Chapter 3 National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers §71-150.  To pass a Balanced Budget Amendment replacing the second amendment right to bear arms in the U.S. Constitution it is necessary to respect that in a democracy the people are sovereign and ensure their human rights are fulfilled.  Socialism is explained to appoint licensed social workers Administration Law Judges (ALJs) enabled to adjudicate medical malpractice liability and relegate agency lawyers to Court.  Cardiovascular disease is added to the Disability Quick List. The name of the Centers for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP (CMS) is changed to National Health Insurance (NHI) and is transferred to SSA along with other mandatory benefit programs held by the Public Health Service.  Medical cost increases are limited to less than 3% annually.  Patients shall be enabled to refuse to pay for unnecessary, overpriced or harmful medical treatment with judgments of sovereign immunity.  The U.S. is the only nation that does not have universal health insurance and health expenditures are the most in the world, consuming more than 16% of the GDP.  The U.S. shall evolve a universal single payer health insurance system and then a national health service that is free for everyone.  During 2008, an estimated 162 million people had earnings covered by Social Security and paid payroll taxes.  One-in-six Americans received a Social security benefit, 51 million people, 35 million retired workers and dependents of retired workers, 6 million survivors of deceased workers, and 9 million disabled workers and dependent of disabled workers.  Total benefits paid in 2008 were $615 billion, total revenues were $805 billion and assets grew to $2.4 trillion.  Together Medicare and Medicaid served 87 million people at a combined cost of $702 billion.  In 2009 38 million people used food stamps at a cost of $53.6 billion.  The number of Temporary Assistance for Needy Family beneficiaries has decreased from 1.42 million in 1993 to less than 5 million in 2003 at a cost of roughly $20 billion to the federal government.  In 2001, 6.9 million custodial parents were due an average of $5,000, $34.9 billion was due and $31.9 billion (62.6%) received, averaging $3,200 per custodial family and another $900 million was paid voluntarily.  Ultimately social security will enact a 1% social security payroll tax for international development and eliminate the income cap on SSA contributions to create a welfare system that will complete eliminate poverty…370


Book 5 International Development (ID)


To amend Chapter 5 Columbia Institution for the Deaf §231-250.  Under the Millennium Development, MDGs to end poverty for 1990-2015, the number of hungry people living on less than $1 day is to be cut in half to 622 million people.  In 2005 843 million people, 12.5% of the population, were hungry and over a billion lived on less than a dollar a day, 21%.  In 2009 after the economic crisis the number of hungry people rose to 18%, 1.2 billion people and the number of poor to 22.9%, more than the 22.75% called for in the MDGs.  The spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has already been halted and reversed.  The recession is a major setback and the only viable option is for the basket of industrialized national currencies to appreciate developing nation currencies, ending neo-colonial exploitation.  Official Development Assistance (ODA) growth must be sustained to achieve the intermediate target of 0.7% of GDP on the way to a 1% social security style payroll tax for international development.  The US must account for their unique private assistance flows in a up to date master table and report to the UN Demographic Yearbook.  Voting at the Bretton Woods institutions must be reformed from contribution based to population based, a one person one vote democratic system.  IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) shall be the international reserve currency.  The US shall reduce the price of a work visa from $2,500 to $500, purchase a quota from the Afghan Opium Agency, and terminate funding of the Israeli/Egyptian US military finance race.  The Foreign Service Exam shall be reserve for people with a minimum qualification of a BA in International Affairs or equivalency. The U.S. shall amend Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) to Foreign Relations (FR-ee), change the name of the Court of International of the United States (COITUS) to Customs Court (CC), to finish dividing the USAID Bureau for Asia and the Near East (ANE) into the Bureaus for the Middle East and Central Asia (MECA) including India and South East Asia (SEA) including Oceania.  Although the number of casualties of war have gone down since the foundation of the United Nations income inequality, poverty and deaths from preventable disease have increased and to democratically elect a bona fide civilian government it is resolved to set down the General of the United Nations (GUN), elect a Secretary of the UN (SUN), change ECOSOC to Socio-Economic Administration, General Assembly to Parliament, Trusteeship to Human Rights Council and establish an International Tax Administration by ratifying the United Nations Charter Legitimate Edition (UNCLE)…674


Book 7 National Cemetery Organization (NCO)


To amend Chapter 7 National Cemeteries §271-296 and repeal Chapter 7a Private and Commercial Cemeteries §298.  A licensed professional social worker shall be elected Probate Judge, with the option to change the name of the Court to Justice of the Peace, who shall, free wills and trusts from obligatory registration with the Court, and hear disputes regarding wills and estates, written or intestate.  The mental illness jurisdiction shall be heard by a completely different social work judge in an unrelated Mental Health Court.  Death statistics shall be improved so that both SSA and CDC publish death statistics annually from the previous year.  It is estimated that 56,597,030 people died around the world in 2004 an average of 863 death per 100,000, 0.86% of the population with a life expectancy of 66 years.  It is estimated that 2,398,343 people died in the U.S. in 2004, 808 per 100,000, 0.83% of the population, a decrease of 49,945 from the previous year, the life expectancy at birth in 2004 reached 77.9 years, 76 years for men and 80 for women.  The leading cause of death was cardiovascular disease (654,000), followed by cancer (550,000), stroke (150,000), respiratory disease (140,000), accident (109,000), diabetes (73,000), Alzheimer’s disease (66,000), influenza/pneumonia (61,500), nephritis (43,000), septicemia (33,500), liver disease (27,000), homicide (22,000), Parkinson’s (19,500), HIV/AIDS (13,000) and suicide (11,000).  Estimates of the number of deaths caused by medical malpractice and product liability range from 250,000 proven cases in 2004 to 780,000 in 2001 and taking into the consideration the damage caused by the malevolent distribution of laboratory pathogens the number of death caused by medical science can be conservatively estimated at over a million.  To process the human remains there were 23,015 death care service establishments employing 165,000, 0.05% of the work force, generating revenues of $12.6 billion, with a payroll of $3.5 billion, not including the manufacturers of caskets and funeral supplies.  Per death receipts for funeral services are estimated to total $4,166 for a burial and $1,080 for a cremation on average.  Federal regulation of the funeral industry is currently limited to the National Cemeteries under the supervision of the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and a prohibition of unfair and deceptive advertising in the funeral industry that must provide a general price list to consumers.  Under current law estate taxes are limited to those estates valued over $3.5 million and national revenues were only around $23 billion…967


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