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Fall Equinox Edition


Vol. 9 Is. 3


Harvest season is in full swing.  Apples, plums, pears and grapes are ripe for the picking on nearly every street.  No one seems to mind the low hanging fruits are gone.   Everyone’s tables are so heavy with fruits, freezing them has been suggested.  There a big boxes of free zucchinis, squash, tomatoes and cucumbers.  With nature’s bounty there is little motivation to participate in the consumer economy.  Separating fruit and vegetables seems to help appreciate them more so there is not craving for processed foods and meat.  Good thing too, unemployment, at least in California, is reaching the highest rate since the tail end of the Great Depression, and frugality and healthy living are much admired, more than the militant health professionals still in business, I might add.  To save the jobs of two million medical b(k)illers, the torturers, the only acceptable term for those holding political power at this time, robbed the stock markets to prop up the financial market, precipitating the loss of more than 7 million jobs, while creating nearly two.  Unemployment is crudely estimated at 14 million, 10% of the labor force, up from 6.5 million, 4.5% of the labor force in early 2008.  To get out of this mess the government needs to do three things, not necessarily in any particular order, but the sooner the better. 


First, so they can think clearly, and not be blinded by professional oppression the macro-economy cannot afford, the President, Commissioner of Social Security, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs and all other bar certified administrative and legislative officials (corporate and social professionals also) must be formally disbarred so their inferiority to the State Bar is not superior to their responsibility to their clients - the people and the truth.  This is a major conflict of interest whereas the Rules Governing the State Bar Associations have butchered Rule 1 the unauthorized practice of law, ultra vires, a very important principle of international law, that generally means acting without statutory authority, so that any attorney consorting with a non-attorney must be disbarred, destroying all confidence in their utility as a public servant, and specifically damning all relations with the one person lawyers should be associating with, the author, who they typically hire many incompetent and evil legal servants to spy on and torture, in order to keep abreast and control the cutting edge, of their case or field, albeit in an illiterate and barbaric fashion.  Google and the Author’s Guild are litigating estate lawyers anonymous and it seems to be bringing the domestic violence under control, although it is unlikely any living person will be paid for suing the government for a redress of grievances, anytime soon.         


Second, torture statute must be repaired to meet or exceed the expectations of the Convention against Torture.  Torture is the fundamental principle of the legal system and of health theology.  Without civil and criminal penalties the United States government cannot be trusted to do anything, particularly with any human rights or health cases, nor the state officials they conspire to commit domestic violence with under the Art. IV Sec. 4 of the Constitution under color of this bailout.  Having butchered torture statute to Obama’s tune of “the United States doesn’t torture” the 111th Congress must be dissolved they are in violation of international law and the possibility that they are committing genocide, particularly with their health agenda, cannot be ignored under Art. 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  Nothing they have done has any merit, nothing they propose to do has any merit, and it would save our workers trillions of dollars if all the bailout bills were repealed.  The only reason for the economic crisis was the bailouts and the only reason for the economic recovery is that the bailouts stopped and the economy had tacitly offset their cost.  Torture is an offense under the VIII and XIV Amendments and the Convention against Torture, to which the United States is a party.  Congress was so delinquent at abolishing Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) that they must now repeal the II Amendment right to bear arms and III Amendment right to quarter troops to secure the blessing of life, liberty and prosperity for the people. 


Third, with both torture statute and budget failing to meet international minimum standards the health agenda must be called off.  Health is such a prickly legislative issue that it is mentioned in neither the US Constitution nor UN Charter.  Due consideration must be given to whether the politicization of health constitutes genocide.  The federal budget is in no state to suddenly finance universal health insurance, although it would theoretically be cheaper than the private capitalist piggy bank system.   At war with the Taliban (the students) and without legal protection against torture, the federal government cannot be trusted with such sensitive issues as health and must be prevented from conspiring with the stuffed shirts of the establishment.  The options of the federal government are limited, besides impeaching the cancerous growth of the world’s most flagrant torturers in the office of Vice President, Speaker of the House and Secretary of Defense, the only acceptable thing for the federal government to do, in these circumstances, is to legislate the right for people to refuse to pay for harmful, abusive, unnecessary, involuntary or otherwise unethical medical treatment to reduce overall medical spending, improve regulation of the health care industry and ensure the victims of domestic violence of the United States are defended against horrible wrongs and persecution by means of the civil tort.  To enforce this law, it should be required that all health institutions employ Ethics Committees under E 9.11 of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics comprised of liberal artists, theologians, social workers, scholars, and disability advocates who could make arrangements for people who would otherwise not be able to afford to seek medical treatment.             


Disseminating the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development HA-14-8-09


The financial crisis has spread from industrialized colonial powers to become a full blown global economic crisis that will disparately affect developing nations that were neither responsible for causing the crisis nor are capable of competing with an illegal bailout.  Global forecasts estimate that world gross product will decrease by 2.6 percent and world income per capital by 3.7 per cent in 2009. Growth forecasts for developing countries in 2009 stood at only 1.2 percent compared to 7.7 percent in 2007.  The volume of world merchandise trade could plunge by 9 to 11 per cent.  Oil prices have plummeted by more than 70 per cent from their peak levels of mid-2008, prices of metals dropped by 50 per cent, while prices of other commodities, including basic grains, also declined significantly.  Private capital inflows to developing economies declined by more than 50 per cent during 2008, from the peak of more than $1 trillion registered in 2007 to less than $500 billion, and another significant decline of 50 per cent is expected for 2009.  ODA flows to developing countries were falling measurably during 2006-2007. In 2008, aid flows from donors increased again, reaching almost $120 billion, 0.3 per cent of donor countries’ combined GNI.  Massive public funding amounting to $18 trillion or almost 30 percent of the world gross product (WGP) has been made available to recapitalize banks.  To coordinate effective counter-measures under the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countermeasures and Art. IV of the IMF Articles of Agreement the estimated benefits that would result from devaluating the dollar and Euro 30% it can be taken into consideration that the G-20 accounts for 85% of the world economy and a 30% appreciation of 15% of the $64 trillion world economy would increase the economic value of middle income and developing nations from $9.6 trillion to $12.48 trillion dollars, an increase of $3.1 trillion to counter a loss of $2 trillion for a $67 trillion GWP and 2.1% economic growth rate for 2009.


Tort Reform Act of 2009 HA-9-9-9


An Act to amend Title 18 of the US Code Chapter 113C to uphold Arts. 2, 4 & 14 of the Convention against Torture (CAT) and ratify the Optional Protocol thereto, to appoint a meaningful national penal torture investigation, to revolutionize the international understanding to of torture to be the fundamental principle of health theology, to convene a meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs to amend their Opinion on Torture, to require all health institutions to employ Ethics Committees comprised of moral professionals, social workers, scholars and disability advocates pursuant to Opinion E 9.11, to amend the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-3) for a flat 158% tax increase so as not to penalize the poor 2,653% and child proof 2,159%, to appropriate all proceeds from the Attorney General’s Master Tobacco Settlement to offset nearly all expected costs of S-CHIP, to recognize the persecution of civil hedonists by criminal torturers and begin to reverse nearly four decades of damages from degradation to food and drug statute, to secure the recall of biological products presenting imminent hazards against military, judicial, foreign service and communist loopholes, grade compliance with the CAT for the purpose of determining whether or not the health agenda and political participation is safe, and having purchased rights from the author, to consider passing an Amended Constitution of the United States.  Be the Democratic and Republican (DR) torture party Dissolved, pending achievement of an A grade or better under the criterion established in Article 7 of this Act pertaining to compliance with the torture convention and purchase of rights from the author Hospitals & Asylums, referred to the Secretary of State and AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs who do not kill their b(k)ills.


Amended United States Constitution HA-26-7-09


To amend the United States Constitution.  After twelve years of independence the Constitutional Convention unanimously agreed to the original text of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence were both written by Thomas Jefferson, who later became President.  Subsequently, the Constitution has undergone a series of twenty-seven amendments beginning with the ten article long Bill of Rights in 1791.  To redress the disastrous state of the federal budget deficit and a second national crisis pertaining to a judicial slave trade, two new amendments are proposed, a Balanced Budget Amendment and a Justice of the Peace Amendment.  Several technical amendments shall be made under the Supremacy clause to both the original constitution and amendments.  First, defunct time and money specific references to the immigration, import and export laws in the original Constitution shall be repealed.  Second, in the original constitution reference to Revolutionary war debt shall be repealed to make the Supremacy clause number one.  Third, the Amendment conferring a Constitutional right to bear arms that so offends first amendment rights and freedoms and human rights shall be repealed.  Fourth, the never contested third amendment ban on quartering troops in private residences, with a loophole for the law, shall be repealed whereas it is such a frequently abused power and all such invasions of privacy under law should be overruled.  Fifth, the fourteenth amendment, that amended the original constitution, needs amendment itself, to cease prejudicing conflicts.  Not to wishing to take the time to explain all the historical and legal ramifications of these amendments, at this time, this summary shall include only the technical amendments themselves with limited explanation.  The reason for these amendments should be self evident. 


Honorable Disbarment Act HA-18-7-09


To amend Title 24 US Code Chapter 2 §41-70 Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home.  To pass a Justice of the Peace Amendment to the United States Constitution to establish 5 year terms for federal judges, with a two term limit for justices, to repeal the constitutional right to bear arms and the never contested constitutional loophole to the quartering of troops, to change the name of prosecutor to county or city attorney, to elect slavery free justices of the peace to adjudicate wills and allow social workers to adjudicate mental illness.  To honorably disbar all lawyers who are elected or appointed to public office other than judicial.  To raise the Bar Exam to BAs and law school entrance to high school graduates or GED.  To transfer the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to serve as the consumer protection arm of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  To change the name of the Court of International Trade of the United States (CoITUS) to Customs Court (CC).  To change the name of the Office of Violence Against Women to Office of Women’s Rights.  To promote the Director of the United States Citizen Immigration Service (USCIS) to Level 1 Executive.  To reduce the price of a work  visa to $500.  To transfer the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) entirely to halfway house programs.  To reduce the jail and prison population to less than the legal limit of 250 detainees per 100,000 residents.  To ratify Optional Human Rights Protocols.  To eliminate court filing fees to bias the legal system for the poor and other legal purposes such as the dissolution of the Democratic and Republican (DR) prosecution party to allow for the freedom of expression needed for multi-party democracy to flourish.


CHAPTER 5: International Development (ID)


To amend Chapter 5 Columbia Institution for the Deaf Title 24 US Code §231-250 sixth draft. Under the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, the number of hungry people living on less than $1 a day is set to decline to 10% (622 million people) by 2015.  In 2005 843 million people, 12.5% of the world population, and over a billion lived on less than a dollar a day, in 2009 after the economic crisis the number of hungry people is estimated to have risen to 18% (1.2 billion people).  To achieve the MDGs the US resolves to negotiate a 30% appreciation of most developing nation currencies and increase Official Development Assistance (ODA) in real terms and as a ratio of Gross National Income (GNI) and in the long run levy a 1% social security style payroll tax for international development.  To establish a new international economic system it is resolved to reform voting in the Bretton Woods institutions to a system based on population, a one person one vote, to use the IMF Special Drawing Right (SDR) as the international reserve currency.  To create conditions where both peace and prosperity can flourish it is resolved for the United States to amend Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) to Foreign Relations (FR-ee), to change the name of the Court of International Trade of the United States (CoITUS) to Customs Court (CC), to consider changing the name of US Agency for International Development (USAID) to US International Development and to divide the USAID Bureau for Asia and the Near East (ANE) into the Bureau for Middle East and Central Asia (MECA) including Indonesia and North Africa and the Bureau for South East Asia (SEA) including Oceania.   Although the number of casualties of war have gone down greatly under the United Nations income inequality, poverty and deaths from preventable disease have increased and it is resolved to set down the Generals of the United Nations (GUN), freely elect a Secretary of the UN (SUN), change ECOSOC to SEA, General Assembly to Parliament, Trusteeship to Human Rights Council, International Tax Administration and renumber for a legitimate civilian government by ratifying the United Nations Charter Legitimate Edition (UNCLE).


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