Hospitals & Asylums 








December 2014


By Anthony J. Sanders


In exchange for balancing the federal budget and OASDI accounts to turn a trillion dollar surplus by 2020 I was robbed $290.41 in December, mostly in retroactive $50 payments for that GPS cell-phone wanted for Material Support of Terrorism, and my Microsoft Office, which is unable to be activated by the supporters of suppression employed by post-Creator Microsoft who has trespassed severely during the time of Windows 8 which coincides with the narcdom of the Microsoft President and Sylvia Burwell as former Bill and Melinda Gates foundation leader, OMB director and current Health and Human Services Secretary, to show you the value of the federal government, their Social Security Trustees, Microsoft and the inheritance left by anyone so stupid as to be considered ‘rich’ by the Treasury and OASDI tax evading saboteur by Hospitals & Asylums (HA). I am writing this on a library computer and do not have much time.  Let is suffice to say that Shaun Donovan, OMB Director, is liable to me for the federal insurance of these losses incurred by his superior order inherited from the death of the truth perpetuated by OMB in the Other Defense Civil Programs row, to embezzle DI beneficiaries, like myself their so highly plagiarized volunteer monopolist of truth, I like to call the retroactive debt relief tutor, via the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) under 24USC§422(d-1).   


FY 2015 Federal Budget 2000-2020 HA-19-12-14


Arabic numeral zero deficit might be achievable by a more accurate accountant this 2015 but definitely in 2016 the federal government could turn a surplus and the nation would never exceed 100% of GDP debt.  By accurate accounting and ‘will to DI’ the budget deficit can be reduced to -6.6 billion, -$176 billion on-budget deficit and $179 billion off-budget surplus and debt to $17.9 trillion, 98.4% of GDP and the Postal Service can be relieved up to $25 billion, 20,600 million and 2.5% annual growth are estimated.  It is absolutely critical that OMB realize that the Other Defense Civil Programs row is completely fictitious and the deficit could be reduced by $57.4 billion and the Debt lessened by an estimated $358 billion if this fraud which was inserted into the historical tables against offsetting receipts in 2007 and without offsetting receipts 2009-2015, were detected and abolished.  The new Allowances row is also believed to be fictitious or duplicitous, $0 FY2000, $46 billion 2015, and $1,875 million in 2014 in OMB Table 4.1 Agency Spending.  A new fictitious Allowance for Immigration Reform row in OMB Table 12.1 Receipts, by Source, also needs to be abolished. OMB needs to abolish the new Allowance rows to avoid another fraud conviction.  Everyone knows, U.S. military and medical spending have reached global limits and spending growth needs to be limited to <$500 billion military spending and <$1 trillion medical spending at least until 2020. After reviewing Agency budget requests OMB is asked to be more exact in their account of agency spending in Table 4.1. OMB must commission an annual review of agency budget requests to improve the accuracy and predictability of their accounting under Art. 2(2) of the U.S. Constitution.  There may be considerable retroactive relief due for agency budget officers who prove to OMB that their lower estimates to be more accurate than the figures in the OMB Historical Tables which are used to calculate the Deficit and Gross Federal Debt.  Accurate reporting is necessary to establish a baseline for predictable 2.5% annual rates of agency spending growth.  In 2015 it is estimated OMB could reduce the deficit by $190.6 billion if OMB would only report agency budget requests more accurately.  Provided, that OMB (1) eliminates fraud, saving $103.4 billion, by abolishing the fraudulent $57.4 billion Other Defense Civil Programs and $46 billion Allowances rows, (2) accept agency budget request figures to improve accounting accuracy and reduce the statistical deficit by $190.6 billion, (3) limits military spending to< $500 billion and medical spending to <$1 trillion without review until 2020, as the nation must reduce spending in these two departments to achieve international norms, and (4) abolishes the $60.1 billion mandatory refundable premium tax credit and cost-sharing reduction by accounting for Medicaid Basic Health Plan to collect premiums and pay benefits off-budget in a deficit-neutral account monitored in the HHS budget request and OMB; the United States can reduce the deficit by $294 billion, $354.1 billion in 2015 and more every year hereafter.  OMB is completely mistaken in their mathematics and treatment of the DI trust fund that is expected to be completely depleted in 2016 when benefits shall be reduced to 80% if the current law is not abolished.  Optimally adjusted to 2.3% DI and 10.1% OASI the DI trust fund recovers at no cost to taxpayers.  In 2018 the optimal rate changes to 2.2% DI and 10.2% OASI. More revenues are however needed to avoid a combined OASDI deficit in 2010.  The federal government is also at wits end and needs new revenues.  By eliminating the maximum taxable limit on the DI tax alone more than $50 billion in new revenues would be created without raising taxes on anyone but the rich; enough profit to share 50/50 with federal revenues to finance the United States Postal Service (USPS) this 2015.  If the rich were to pay the entire 10.6% OASDI tax on all their income the maximum allowable deficit (90% of surplus OASDI WILL profits) will be in excess of $250 billion annual support for a budget surplus 2016-2020.