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December 2008


Happy New Year!!!2009 is going to be a great year.Two generations solemnized Sharon and Jayís wedding during the extra second they slipped in at 4pm on New Yearís Eve.We performed the civil ceremony on Council Crest, the highest point in Portland, where they have a clever waist high stone semi-circle with a metal marker in the center from where your voice is amplified. The circle commemorates the 30 pastors who rode there in covered wagons one fine day and founded the park. It was as acoustically clever as the Mayan pyramids and the timing of this ceremony are astronomically.All future marriage certificate filing fees will be made out to a Marital Bliss Fund for the county to employ a free marriage counselor rather than a Domestic Violence Fund for Planned Parenthood and Folic Acid.It is simply not fair for people who want to live together forever, childless couples, mothers who donít get the joke about staying away from bars and parties and miscarry like the lady with an overprotective husband I met on the street, or financially interested divorce lawyers and their legislators. The obstetric laboratory is presumed to rely very heavily on Vitamin K+ 12 different kinds of liver supplements and truth pullings, thus the myth amongst Russian alcoholics that livers regenerate.


I now remember, with as much certainty as the victims of pedophilic priests making millions of dollars, that when I was born the Dutch midwife painted me yellow to justify bringing me to the hospital to prevent my Jewish mother from circumcising me.There is apparently a reduction in vulnerability to contracting the AIDS virus in circumcised Africans but the statistics might not take into consideration the power to enforce monogamy in tightly knit religious communities who wed their children young.Without religious justification and a law offering penal sentencing for female genital circumcision, circumcision is becoming less popular in the United States and there is talk of abolishing the hospital circumcision completely.It is so much easier being a Jewish girl.All Jewish girls have to do is stop making fried potato latkes for their irritable men, such as Ariel Sharon who has been in a coma since Hannukah 2006.†† The International Year of the Potato, that just past, was highlighted by a Harvard study degrading the potato to junk food status wherefore we refuse to accept potatoes as reparations in behalf of the Palestinians under Art. 26 of the Declaration on Social Progress and Development. Lord protect the International Year of Natural Fibers from the wrath of OPEC impersonating university laboratories, the cursed hippy scum from their Pampers boycott, the discount shoppers, the welfare beneficiaries, the young, the old, the authors, the artists, the liberal artists, the smokers, the liars, the petitioners, the patients, the WIC foods and the school lunches.


The Birth of Eliana Miriam Scelza HA-6-12-08


There is a new person in the world - Eliana Miriam Scelza, was born on December 6, 2008 at 8:10 pm, to Sharon and Jay Scelza, under a beautiful sunset, high above the Willamette River, in Portland, Oregon, USA in the 12th floor of the OHSU hospital complex where my sister, Sharon, is studying nursing. Eliana weighed 7lbs. 8 oz. at birth.Sharon's high tolerance for pain is so great that she was able to convince herself that it was merely 'early' or 'false' labor until arriving at the hospital around 3pm, where she was told she was already dilated to 8 cm.The delivery was all naural, no drugs, episiotomy or complications.Eliana is a healthy, lively, baby girl.She is a natural breastfeeder and frequently suckles noisily with great relish.She is a productive baby soiling nine or ten diapers a day with baby turds a consistency similar to yellow cottage cheese.Eliana is quite vocal in regards to expressing her hunger and feeds at least ten times a day.Once suckling she becomes a happy, slurpy and contended infant for ten or fifteen minutes and then usually becomes tired and goes to sleep.She is adorable when asleep and can be held and doted on for hours at a time.To provide a family environment of love, happiness and understanding the parents have asked me, Sharonís brother, to solemnize their marriage and we have decided to wait until the last day of the year, to ensure their anniversary is properly observed.††


Federal Core Curriculum? HA-15-12-08


It is important that the education system be wisely governed because 25% of the U.S. population is enrolled in school.In 2006, 79.1 million people aged 3 and older were enrolled in school.Of the total, 8.9 million were enrolled in nursery school, preschool, or kindergarten. More than one half, 49.8 million, of the enrolled population in 2006 was enrolled in grades 1 through 12. A total of 20.5 million were enrolled in college or graduate school.Congress, however, has legislated a Prohibition against Federal control of education in the General Educations Provisions Act of April 18, 1970 that was subsequently cited and reinforced.Exclusion of the federal government from either direct activity or any form of control over local educational policy was a principle established quite early in American history.Over the past five decades, conservatives in Congress softened their objections to the principle of federal aid to schools and liberals downplayed fears about the unintended consequences of increased federal involvement.Two very serious potential consequences to repealing the prohibition arise - propaganda and toxic reaction.However, in conclusion, the finding of this study is that, the Prohibition against Federal control of education is ĎA prohibition against expression of opinion, without any evidence that the rule is necessary to avoid substantial interference with school discipline or the rights of others, is not permissible under the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendmentsí and must be repealed.


Tony Sanders