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August 2013


By Anthony J. Sanders


My work on oncology and dermatology has become unluckier as I turn my attention to study the diagnosis most likely to kill an American. My solar laptop experiment seems to be a $300 failure to be returned and reinvested in a winter trailer. It doesn't charge my netbook as the directions warn occurs with some laptops although it does seem to charge my digital camera and probably cell phone. I'm not going to waste my Star Trek re-runs on alternative energy again until they develop a solar panel that charges a normal American surge protector at wattage sufficient to power a computer or two. Anyone who provides my netbook with cellular Internet access is boss.


As I bow and scrape for winter rent I have been afflicted with a worsening plague of zoonotic diseases. First, the open range cows came and contaminated the water supply I was blithely drinking as they stomped out my master forager Bama's camp, and I became intolerably sickened with the common Giardia lamblia, treated with metronidazole made effective with 15 billion probiotic organism supplementation daily, and I now subject all my boiled drinking water to the coffee filter. Second, before completely recovering, in the middle of the night, a shrew snuck into my tent and I zipped it in; it was a healthy animal, that ran at high speeds on the walls and spun around above my head, when we shared a few breaths, until I unzipped the tent and it left as unceremoniously as it arrived. As with every wild rodent invasion of the home I was stricken with what the wilderness first aid manuals call Henta virus, but in a different location, got sarcoiodosis-like scabs on my face before rat-sized arthralgias crippled me with fever; getting out of bed at night was a waking nightmare ameliorated only by Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier song and hour long dreams of beautiful people walking at night alone in the wilderness around the world. Maybe they had the muscle relaxer Soma or sat Indian style before walking to Tony's House at the end of the road. I haven't run for five days now, but walked five miles today and don't think that this minimal level of cardiorespiratory exercise will set me back to more crippling levels of back and butt pain, as shorter walks have twice this week. One more course of metronidazole, plus probiotics, and I'll just be one week out of shape. This is the first time, during these usually three day rat-borne rheumatisms, or during the course of any other illness, I recall feeling my biliary tract processing toxins to and from the liver. Butter, pronounced butt-hur(t) with a silent "t" after walking the 12th and 13th miles without a ride, has been replaced with organic coconut oil in elderberry pie.


Not bad for oncology, the study of which begins with failing levels of survival in the 1990s manual and 1980s textbook I must read at the undergraduate library and sometimes reaches 100% cure rates with current chemotherapy on the Internet, but depending on the type of cancer, the surgeon continues to baffle researchers, and only patients with advanced metastatic disease tend to get their 70 cent a week trial of methotrexate 2.5 mg or other front line oral and intravenous chemotherapy, hormone, and biologic modifying drugs. Patients have written in the cancer blogs to complain of the expense and complications of surgery 10 months after a surgery failed to completely remove the cancerous growth they still wait for chemotherapy for. A 28 year old grant writer complained her teeth fell out from radiation therapy before dying from a cancer probably originally caused by radiation emitted from a defective CD ROM drive. I for one will no longer gather with the other non-oncologists who would let a middle-aged person with so called Hodgkin's lymphoma, the lymphoma of people over 30 but under 50, who FDA approval denies affordable oral methotrexate, die untreated, although modern combination chemotherapy cures 95% of such patients. The comprehensive chemotherapy diagnostic treatment chart is a novel idea on the Internet that awaits completion in September. My medical textbook might be an even more benign social growth than the statute in the high school curriculum, when it gets done this Fall or Winter.


The Perseid meteor shower was spectacular, reported by the International Meteor Organization (IMO) as high as 120-130 an hour on August 12/13; barring debris from the extraordinary comet or asteroid encounter that is predicted for November or December probably the most prolific meteor shower of the year. Smoke from the heat lightning fires was so bad we ate a birthday dinner at my American sister's house and watched the display from the road by my camp, beyond the summit, before I counted as many as 30 or 40 over a few hours, atop a rocky crag at the crest of the meadow we dig wild carrots (yampa) and onions; with the moles.


Not to bore you with a re-run of pulmonology, I turn your contempt of Yugoslavia v. NATO countries into a malignant melanoma diagnosis, caused by over-exposure to the HA copyright of the States of the United Nations (SUN), soon to attend the World Assembly, usually hosted in New York City in September, to end the federal and international government by fugitive war criminals, not just from World War II anymore; we await the report in the news of the honorable discharge of Bradley Manning, compensation payments for the victims of the Collateral Murder video he released, Afghanistan and other wrongful death claims by civilians killed, injured or impoverished by NATO member military actions at UN Compensation Commission prices; as a new condition, fulfilled or unfilled, for international new reports of civilian casualties of military actions, the IMF loans financing the European Union (EU) bailouts and adoption of the HA US federal budget as amended by Superstorm Sandy, the true account. I may be expected to include a discrimination against naturalization claim against United States (US) Customs but don't find the multi-ID-issuing-agency respected disclaimer of USCIS naturalization papers actually has either a legal basis or any press to turn my attention from the study of oncology Stateless?


Book 5 Customs (CC)


To amend Chapter 5 Columbia Institution for the Deaf 231-250. The Millennium Development, MDGs for 1990-2015, cut in half the number of hungry people to 622 million people and percent of people in poverty to 22.75% by 2015 from 45.5% in 1990. In 2005 843 million people, 12.5% of the population, were hungry and over a billion lived on less than $1.25 a day, in 2009 after the economic crisis the number of hungry people rose to 18%, 1.2 billion people, and the number of people living on less than $1.25 a day rose from 21.5% in 2007 to 22.9% in 2009. The other goals, education, gender equality, and water and sanitation are on track and the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been reversed. Official Development Assistance (ODA) growth must be sustained to achieve the intermediate target of 0.7% of GDP on the way to a 1% social security style payroll tax for international development. Voting at the Bretton Woods institutions must be reformed from contribution based to population based, a one person one vote system. To end dependency upon the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) shall be the international reserve currency. To improve global public health, diplomacy and reputation the U.S. shall change the name of Title 6 of the US Code and CFR from Domestic Security and Homeland Security to Customs, amend Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) to Foreign Relations (FR-ee), change the name of the Court of International of the United States (COITUS) to Customs Court (CC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Customs. To terminate financing the Israeli/Egyptian US military finance race, to cease obstructing Palestinian statehood, to purchase a quota from an Afghan Opium Agency, to terminate all international offices of the DEA, to hold NATO and UN peacekeeping mission war profiteers accountable for their crimes, to terminate the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti, to expel the prosecutors from the Hague, under Monroe doctrine non-entanglement in European colonial affairs. Furthermore, it is resolved to set down the General of the United Nations (GUN), elect a Secretary of the UN (SUN), abolish the Permanent Membership to the Security Council, change ECOSOC to Socio-Economic Administration, General Assembly to Assembly, Trusteeship to Human Rights Council and establish an International Tax Administration by ratifying the Charter of the States of the United Nations (SUN); to perfect the law and Customs; Quiz671