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August 2007


Book Proposal HA-24-8-07


The HA website receives around 1,000 visits a month.  The monthly report is sent to about 100 subscribers and the quarterly is sent to around 10,000.  I would estimate that 25 people have read the HA manuscript in its entirety and 100,000 people have ever heard of the HA non-governmental organization and maybe a million have read the statute under which 10,000 patients lead 50 million veterans and mentally ill Americans by example.  The HA acronym goes much farther - the new draft insures all 6.6 billion people on the planet and 300 million Americans, in ten fields of study.  I update statistics and report breakthroughs on an annual schedule.  I am also available to answer questions by email and to publish submissions on the Internet.  All that is needed is a seasoned publicist to spread the word and we could all live in a more peaceful and prosperous world.  HA has the unique potential to be the bestselling political philosophy and law of the new millennium.  The people have a right to know about HA.  The people have a right to know who has been leading the nation while its leaders took a holiday in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The people have a right to progressively realize the improvements to the federal and international government proposed by HA.  The publishing industry and Congress have a responsibility to fulfill these rights.  Whereas most publishers take between 4 and 8 months to review a book proposal I will accept offers until April 2008 and it is hoped the book will go into print that summer. 


Race for Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution HA-27-8-07


Two amendments vie for the Twenty Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution.  A three section long Balanced Budget Amendment and nine section long Justice of the Peace Amendment.  Under Article V of the US Constitution the Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses or of the Legislatures of the States propose amendments they shall be ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the States none of which shall be deprived of their equal suffrage without their consent.  A Balanced Budget Amendment has been proposed numerous times to provide that Total outlays for any fiscal year shall not exceed total receipts for that fiscal year.  The Justice of the Peace Amendment is more complex.  It provides for five year term limits for federal judges with a two term limit to the Supreme Court.  State shall be responsible for slavery free Justices of the Peace in every jurisdiction with wills, trusts and estates, adjudication of mental disability shall be done by the board of mental health and social security administration. State shall provide for prosecutors to change their name to county or city attorney. States shall probate and parole criminal offenders to community correctional housing and equal employment opportunity programs to substantially and sustain ably reduce the prison population to meet international minimum standards of detention. Cases regarding US international affairs and ambassadors shall be adjudicated by the US International Tribunal. Federal officers convicted of crimes against humanity shall be impeached. 


Civil Rights Amendment HA-27-8-07


Two amendments to the Civil Rights Act, a Human Rights Amendment and a 10 Year Correctional Equality Plan Amendment.  Human rights are indispensable and fundamental to civil rights, democracy and the rule of law.  It is imperative that USA ratify, uphold and enforce the International Bill of Rights comprised of three treaties and optional protocols.  The death penalty was abolished by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1972 but failed to sway the legislature and the deviant practice was begun again in 1976 and must again be abolished although the juvenile death penalty was abolished in 2005.  The Human Rights Council is led by a High Commissioner of Human Rights who heads the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.  There are 7 Committees that accept reports filed by Member nations and with the ratification of the Optional Protocol, from citizens.  The United States is estimated to detain over 2.2 million prisoners.   The US has the highest density of prisoners in the world with an estimated 724 per 100,000, 0.7%. Between 1980 and 2004 the prison population of the United States of America has quadrupled from a healthy 225 per 100,000 in 1981 to 724 per 100,000 in 2004.  The United States must resolve to cut the prison in half through 60,000 community corrections shelters with 1.5 million beds over a period of ten years.  Politicians from troublesome jurisdictions shall be barred from running for high political office unless they have substantially complied.


United Nations Charter Amendments HA-29-8-07


This Treaty for the World Summit amends the UN Charter under Chapter XVIII at Art. 108 whereby two amendments shall come into force for all Members of the United Nations when they have been adopted by a vote of two thirds of the members of the General Assembly and ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional processes by two thirds of the Members of the United Nations, including all the permanent members of the Security Council.  Chapter XII International Trusteeship System Arts. 75-85 is amended as ordered in paragraph 177 of the Draft Outcome Document of 13 September 2005 of the World Summit to establish an international system of 1% social security taxation that appears on the pay-stubs of workers and beneficiaries worldwide.  Chapter XIII Trusteeship Council Art. 86-91 is amended as ordered in the Outcome Document of the 2005 World Summit of 22 September 2005 calling for the Human Rights Commission to change their name to the Human Rights Council and adopt a parliamentary function.  The Human Rights Council was established in General Assembly Resolution of 3 April 2006.  The Council shall comprise between 30 and 50 members, each serving for a period of three years, to be elected directly by the General Assembly, by a two-thirds majority. The Council will be primarily responsible for promoting universal respect for and observance and protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction of any kind and in a fair and equal manner, recognizing their indivisible, inalienable right to self determination and interrelated culture of all people.